While many of us in the developed western world do not see many first hand areas where we can help to invest in and improve the environment and the climate work that is being done in other parts of the world, we can still find organizations and opportunities to support these endeavors. There are many things that need to be considered before sending money however, so below is a compiled list of things that you should be aware of before you decide that this is the organization to support.

The first thing that you really need to look into is just what work the organization is doing around the world. For example, if I was looking into supporting Rimba Raya reserve in Indonesia, I would look to see just what they are accomplishing in that area. This particular organization is working to ensure the natural habitat for the local species of orangutan is not decimated with deforestation, and they are also providing clean water and job opportunities for the local communities. rimba rayaThey can quantify what they are providing and prove it, which is the mark of a successful organization and one that you would want to be considering for your support.

Another area that you need to look into is what their certifications are. For the same example, Rimba Raya reserve in Indonesia, the organization is certified with the REDD, VCS, and CCBA certifications. That means that there are other, outside governing bodies that have taken a thorough look at the business model and plan of the organization, and they have audited everything that they are doing and trying to do, and have found that they meet the high and strict standards that are required for those certifications. This is important, because it means that they have been vetted in the international community, and that means that they are actually doing what they have promised to do. When there are certifications or other titles attached to the organization and their work, it is a very good indicator that they can be trusted with your money and your support, and that they in fact need it to continue doing the good work they are doing around the world.

Finally, it is really important to look into what the community surrounding the reserve or organization thinks of their work in the region. For Rimba Raya, the local communities are able to enjoy a steady stream of income generating work opportunities. They now have access to clean drinking water, and clean burning efficient stoves for cooking. These two things alone have highly elevated the quality of life in the region, and enabled the people to be healthy and strong enough to continue their efforts to build a healthy economy and income generating business opportunities. The reserve has successfully planted income generating crops in a manner that does not negatively affect the local and natural plants, which has created a permanent income stream for the local community. In the end, it is this type of future that is important to support, and these types of organizations that are in a place to do the most and the best with your support.


If you are finding that your love life is in need of a little spring cleaning, it may be time to introduce some outside-the-bedroom elements in your love life. Heck, it may be time for the two of you to leave the bedroom all together. Maintaining a healthy relationship often times means keeping things interesting between the sheets. If you and your partner are having a hard time getting sparks to fly, try these tips and tricks to get the juices flowing. Being sexual doesn’t always have to happen when you are alone or in an intimate setting. By putting your conversations, actions and thoughts into a sexual frame of mind you can have an on-going foreplay that will likely lead to a hotter, steamier scene in the bedroom. Follow these steps and watch as the temperature starts to rise in your relationship.

1. Toys. It’s a pretty standard no-brainer that vibrators and sex toys are a great way to break up monotony in the bedroom. It’s easier and more widely accepted than ever for people and couples to shop for sex toys together so you need not feel embarrassed walking into our out of an adult sex shop.

2. Role playing. Again, nothing ground breaking here but don’t underestimate the power that role playing can have in a relationship. The ability to step outside one’s self and take on a new persona for a few minutes has the potential to be a major turn on for either party.

3. Be sexual. This doesn’t necessarily mean learning to do a strip tease or changing your entire wardrobe around. Sexuality can be achieved through doing extra curricular activities like hosting sex toy parties. Get the conversation going about sex and you’ll notice that you are in the mood for it more.

4. Wardrobe changes! To really get things heated up in the bedroom try wearing something fun. Ladies may want their men to wear something special and guys can surprise their women by getting them some lingerie to compliment their figure.

5. Candles, candles and more candles. This one’s self explanatory but mood lighting is important when being intimate.

6. Music. Everyone has an artist or album that gets them in the mood. Find out what “does it” for your partner and pair that album up with some candles.

7. Be spontaneous. Don’t plan for intimate nights and try not to have expectations when intimacy occurs. Those of you with children will have to take what you can get, when you can get it.

8. Go shopping together. Take your loved one shopping for adult novelty gifts to lighten the mood. Get the conversation going and see where things lead.

9. Take your time. Show your partner that the journey of being intimate is as rewarding as the goal. Don’t race for the finish line and watch as those efforts are reciprocated.

10. Be present. Try to remain present when you are with your partner. Vibrators and sex toys can spice things up but there’s nothing sexier than being locked in with another person.


I have a friend who hates her hair. When we first met I had never seen how hairy her arms, legs or even face was because she was constantly shaving her legs, plucking the hair on botoxher face and yes she was even shaving her arms. Without really realizing it I had a lot of judgement around her shaving and plucking all of her hair but she kept adamantly saying that she was extremely hairy and I just didn’t know because she shaved and plucked so no one could tell. I felt like she needed to embrace her beauty and just go with the hairiness. There are certain quirks about myself that I really dislike that I roll with and I wished that she would do the same thing. Until one day she decided to let her hair grow out to make a point to me because she knew I secretly judged her. When she did this, I am sorry to say, that I finally understood why she shaved and plucked. It’s not fair, it’s just not fair at all that we live in a world where there are certain expectations about how we need to look because my friend is so beautiful and she shouldn’t have to worry about how hairy she is. Though my friend emphasized to me that she really loved feeling totally clean shaven and that shaving and plucking for her wasn’t about trying to look good for other people but was about feeling good about herself.

My friend made an executive decision for her body. She was going to get laser treatments to remove the excess hair from her legs, face, arm pits and arms. I felt nervous for her because I wanted her to make sure she was going to someone that she could trust to do a good job taking care of her. Then she told me about Raval MD and how professional and experienced Dr. Raval was when it came to laser hair treatments. She was so excited when she was talking to me about him and the potential there was to finally put down the razor and the tweezers. One of the things that I think was the hardest for her was that the plucking on her chin actually created ingrown hairs and she was ready to let that go.

She knew that Dr. Raval was going to do an amazing job doing laser treatments on her. She said that if she liked what he did she would go back to him to get his in office botox treatments that he is really good at offering. My friend is a little bit older than me so I wonder if she gets self conscious but than a bunch of her other friends are a lot older than her. I know that when my friend finally gets this laser treatment she is going to feel oh so much better and I can’t wait for that to happen. Though plastic surgery can get a bad rap it’s really empowering for individuals to do what they need to do to feel great about themselves and that is what happened with my friend.

I work at a small company and the owner likes to do trade shows. I on the other hand do not like it so much. He is very personable and outgoing. He can talk to everyone and could talk for weeks on end about the business, which is a good thing because you should be passionate about what you do. The first time I attended a trade show with them I was new to the company and didn’t have a whole lot knowledge about what we were promoting. I mostly stood back and watched as my boss and co-worker worked the floor and probably engaged with every single person who attended the trade show. It wasn’t my best but it was a learning experience.

The next trade show I attended went much better but I still felt a little uneasy talking to people about what we were promoting. I was involved with the planning of the trade show booth design and I was really able to contribute. We wanted to show how our LED lights could save people a lot of money on power bills while simultaneously brightening stores and offices. I had the idea to bring in some of the old style lights and the new lights to show people the difference. My co-worker then had the idea to build a structure that we could take with us and mount the lights how you would see them in a ceiling.

We ended up having the best trade show booth design there. It was bright and inviting and people would come over just to see what all of the lights were about. We did really well at that show and generated a lot of leads.

The next trade show we made even more improvements. We brought in a big fan coil unit which is found in freezers of convenience stores. On one side was the original motor and on the other side was the new motor we would use. We ran the fan all day and it brought us a lot of customers. Not only did we have interesting lights but now we had a fan. People would even come walk by just to stand in front of it to cool off. This show was a huge success and our trade show booth was the coolest at the show. Both literally and figuratively.

The final touch that we added was a spinning wheel. We had a form that people would fill out and answer a question. If they listened to our 2 minute pitch they would know the answer to the question. If they got the question correct then they got to spin the wheel and whatever they landed on they won. We had Chipotle gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, highlighters, and a tool set. This was enough to get many people to listen to our promotion. At the same time people were really having fun and enjoyed our booth. We left a lasting impression on everyone with our uniquely designed trade show booth.

trade show booth

I recently hired a lawyer to represent me in a case against the landlord that I used to rent an apartment from. When I first moved in to this apartment I absolutely loved it. The apartment was in a historic neighborhood which meant that my place had a ton of charm and character. The landlord seemed really cool at first, as they tend to do, but a months or so after I moved in she started to act very strangely. She would send me strange e-mails at odd hours of the night making crazy demands and assumptions. My guard immediately went up and I started to save all of our e-mail correspondences in case I would ever need them. I am glad that I did because those e-mails came in handy during my case against her. As time went on the apartment I was living in started to fall apart. A hail storm broke the ceiling windows in the bathroom and when I requested that they be repaired, my landlord ignored my calls and e-mails. About a month later the washing machine in my unit broke causing the entire back room to flood. I called my landlord as it was happening and didn’t hear a word from her until a week later after leaving multiple angry messages on her voicemail and e-mails in her inbox.

attorney website designThe pinnacle of my frustration with my landlord came when I was moving out. I was obviously not planning on signing another lease with this landlord and gave her very early notice that I would not be resigning my lease. After very little communication on her part I moved out knowing that I had covered myself legally throughout the move out process. Three months later my landlord subpoenaed me for two thousand dollars in damages to the apartment. Obviously this was ludicrous and I knew that if she took me to court that I would win without a doubt. I got online to search for a lawyer and was immediately overwhelmed by all of my options. In looking through all of the various law firm websites I was surprised to notice how much the attorney website design weighed on my decision to hire them or not. I quickly realized that if an attorney had a poorly designed website that I would immediately dismiss them as an option and move on to a different firm’s site. Little things like font choice or ease of navigation seemed to greatly impact my judgement of the law firm. It was clear to me that marketing is a very important aspect of a lawyer’s business. I realized how true it really is that a website is today’s most common first impression. I passed judgement very quickly after seeing an attorney’s website design.

Eventually I found a lawyer to represent my case and just as I thought it was over very quickly and ended up in my favor. In the end my landlord owed me money to cover my legal fees.

When we met back in the university I had so much respect for you. I thought you were the most amazing person I had ever met and before I even knew what had happened, I was falling in love. I fell in love with a man who was an amazing polo player and a great dancer. I will never forget when we went to the big school dance one summer and all the people stopped to watch you do your Waltz. You just had that special affect on a person that is so rare. Above all; when I first met you, you were going to be a Neurosurgeon and not just a cardiologist.

It is unbelievable how you have changed over the years. You used to be a man of principals who believed in something. You used to talk about your greatest passion; brain surgery, and how one day you would be the best brain surgeon in the country. Look at you now; you are just a sad cardiologist who spends all his time tinkering with people hearts when you should be inside their heads tinkering with their brains. Don’t you still have any moral fiber holding you to your past ambitions? How sis you fall so far, when you were always so driven and determined, two of the qualities that made me fall in love with you.

I remember when we got engaged and I called all my friends to tell them I was going to be the wife of a neurosurgeon, and I can never forget the shame when years later, I had to introduce you as a cardiologist. It was hurtful for me to have to always be the one to announce to the world that you had given up. My mother was especially let down by the news. She had always dreamed of having a brain surgeon for a son-in-law and it was an awful let down for her to learn that you were going to end up as nothing more than a heart doctor.

I have a friend whose husband is a back surgeon, he does spine surgery. At least they can hold their heads up high when they are at the country club. I feel as if I constantly have to excuse you to the world for your choice to give up your study of the human brain. You used to have a giant cartoon drawing of a brain above your bed and from its mouth there was a caption that read “I am the most important organ in your body, so don’t lose your head now.” I never got tired of seeing that poster when I would come visit you but did it mean anything or did you know even then, that you were going to give it all up just a few years later.

Today, I don’t even recognize the man I married. I hope it is not too late for you and you will see that you must return to your studies and finish becoming a neurosurgeon. If you won’t do it for yourself or for me then please do it for our children.

moversMovers are going to be careful with different pieces of equipment when they are paying attention. The different business owners out there that care deeply about the different pieces of IT equipment that can be a part of a company. Printers can be extremely expensive, especially when you are talking about toner and ink. A business owner wants to protect their budget and save money where they can, they can’t continue to correct issues that were caused by bad movers. You have to be able to vet moving organizations before you select one. Look at some of the best review sites out there, try to get actual customer testimonials as well. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the local level.


Antiques are definitely something that people need to be careful with. You want to make sure that people know which boxes are marked as antiques when they are being moved. It does not make sense to just throw antique plates around, like those plates don’t matter. The plates will break if they are not managed properly by different movers. You want to make sure that movers know how to properly pack antiques. A bad packing job can ruin a very valuable asset, many experienced movers should know that. 


Some movers are asked to organize an office or a commercial building. You want to make sure that any blueprint associated with the organization of an office is easy to understand. If a mover organizes a home or commercial office in the wrong fashion, then that sort of issue can take months to correct. The best people to organize a home office may be people that have run their own home business. If someone’s resume includes running their own business, then they may be a good candidate to help you move your items.

Storage Units

A good moving company can work on different storage units. Once the moving company has moved items to a storage unit, they should take the time to check on the storage unit. A storage unit is something that can be a part of an auction in the future, this means that the mover definitely has to take care of the items inside of the storage unit. A well organized storage unit is going to appeal to buyers during an auction. 


An agreement has to be worked out with the movers about how much they get paid for their travel. A question about mileage is definitely going to pop up. Once an agreement is worked out about the mileage, then a project can be completely. Many people have a deadline to be moved into a given area. A deadline may be set, but the movers should not move at a fast pace where their job is done in a careless fashion. The cost of gas is something that needs to be factored in when you are coming to terms with the moving company. If a company is simply asking for too much gas money, then you can always hire a different moving firm.

Today is Father’s Day and I made the drive up from Denver to Fort Collins.  I have been making the drive at least once every two weeks as of late and I have begun to enjoy my time in the car.  It is the opportunity for me to either zone out and listen to music, listen to This American Life, an NPR podcast, or just think about everything that is going on in life.  I realize that everyone has their own problems and I try to think about mine and sort mine out when I am in the car driving up to Fort Collins. The reason for this is that I rarely get the opportunity to be alone without having to be on the computer or something like that.  For example, I am currently alone, but I am writing, so right now would not be the best time for me to try and think about all of my problems.  Nevertheless, I hope to reach a point in time when I can be more intentional with all of my thoughts and trying to develop a way to cope with my problems.

colorado ranches for saleThe drive from Denver to Fort Collins is a very pretty one.  You are surrounded by farmland on either side and it is a great opportunity to view some of the rural areas in the state of Colorado.  Today, one of the things that I noticed was that many of the ranches were for sale. I thought that this was interesting, especially around the Greeley area because they have such a long history of ranching in that part of the state.  I guess that the ranches may be for sale because many of the youth in the area are looking to move to one of the larger cities in Colorado rather than continuing the family trade of ranching. I think that this makes a lot of sense because it shows that the families are cognizant of a wider movement in professions in the country.

During the last census in 2010, it marked the first time that farming and ranching were no longer listed as professions.  That means that there are less than one percent of the people in the nation doing those jobs.  My hope is that with the number of families that are leaving the profession that our food will start to come from smaller companies that are more focused on organic meats and produce.  I can totally see something like that happen to some of the ranches that are for sale in Greeley, Colorado. My thought there is that because there is such a long history of ranching in that city that there could be a new version of a produce renaissance, if you will.  Many of the new farmers to the area could be looking to the profitability of organic ranching and saying to themselves that they can make a decent living if they start to farm organically instead of trying to change the system of things later on in the process.


I feel like I am one of the few people in my friend group that was born and grew up in Colorado.  Actually that is not entirely true because so many of my current friends are people that I have grown up with, but nevertheless my point is that many of the people with which I talk with every day are not from here.  That means that they still have a lot to learn about the weather in the state.  It changes all of the time and while it was hot today, you are going to need a jacket if you are going to go to a concert at red rocks tonight.

ac repairFor this reason, I think that it is necessary to have heating and cooling in your home in Colorado. Obviously, it is not always necessary through all parts of the year, it is in the middle of July and my roommate and I did not turn on the AC today, but nevertheless, I think that it is important to have that stuff available.  I just got a dog and I love her dearly.  The great thing about her is that she is just a lover.  She wants to be with you and a part of you and that is exactly the thing that I am looking for in a dog.  The great thing about having her around is the company, but it also means that I am going to want to keep her comfortable.  I have been keeping the AC on for her and I hope that it does not break this summer. I do not have a ton of excess money and that is especially the case after this weekend.  I just hope to be able to get all of the cooking taken care of sooner rather than later.

Still, I am thankful that there are businesses like AC Specialists because they have air conditioning repair services for people like me that need to keep the extra money that I have in my bank account. I appreciate being able to do that and I hope that it is a service that I never have to use.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I will have to do is figure out just what extent of money that I need to keep in my bank account.  Right now, I do not have enough, but it is difficult for me to think about all of the factors that come into place with that sir tot thought process.

One thing that I will be saving for, just in case it happens, is heating repair.  I only have a single heating unit in my apartment, so if that were to break, I would not be able to heat my apartment.  If I am able to save up some of the money that I would otherwise spend on booze, I can make sure that I have the ability to respond should something negative happen to my heater.  That is something I want to avoid.


Have you been looking for the best way to make some improvements to your home?  Many people make it a point to plant new plants on their front porch, if only to make their home look much more appealing and friendly.  Others think that a new set of paint on the exterior of their home can radically change the feeling of their home, and others believe that a new coat of paint in the interior walls can make a significant difference as well.  While many of these choices are perfectly good and capable of changing the look and feel of a home, they still come with the fact that they take lots of time and energy to complete.  While many people might have the ample amount of time and energy required to complete these tasks, others simply do not have the time in their busy schedules to make sure they are done to proper completion.  With this in mind, many people are looking for a quick and easy adjustment that will make their home look just as good.  If you’re looking for such a way to make both the interior and exterior of your home look a little spruced up, make it a point to get a new set of blinds or shutters at House of Blinds!


When you first think of a room’s interior, not many people think about the shutters on windows.  However, if you were to take these window coverings away, people would start to notice that something is amiss!  While they might not be at the forefront of home decoration, these custom window coverings make a significant impact on any interior decoration, and they are certainly able to make your home look like new!  With that in mind, the people at House of Blinds always know what they are doing, as they have been responsible for over 48,000 new installations of blinds and shutters in homes and businesses across the Laguna Hills area in California!  One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to find the most ideal set of window coverings.  Simply bring in a photo of your living space to the kind and knowledgeable associates at House of Blinds and they will be able to make a perfect match for you!
Once you have installed the new set of shutters or blinds in all of the windows in your home, you will certainly begin to notice and appreciate the difference!  A fresh set of bamboo shutters will definitely add that air of cool style and elegance to your home.  Not only will this dramatically change the tone and mood of the interior of your home, but it will also readily show itself when others are looking at your home from the outside!  With this in mind, it is not only an extremely simple way to make your home look newer and fresher, but it is also a very affordable way to do so!  There is virtually no reason to make the upgrade today, especially if you are craving a new look for your home.