I have a friend who hates her hair. When we first met I had never seen how hairy her arms, legs or even face was because she was constantly shaving her legs, plucking the hair on botoxher face and yes she was even shaving her arms. Without really realizing it I had a lot of judgement around her shaving and plucking all of her hair but she kept adamantly saying that she was extremely hairy and I just didn’t know because she shaved and plucked so no one could tell. I felt like she needed to embrace her beauty and just go with the hairiness. There are certain quirks about myself that I really dislike that I roll with and I wished that she would do the same thing. Until one day she decided to let her hair grow out to make a point to me because she knew I secretly judged her. When she did this, I am sorry to say, that I finally understood why she shaved and plucked. It’s not fair, it’s just not fair at all that we live in a world where there are certain expectations about how we need to look because my friend is so beautiful and she shouldn’t have to worry about how hairy she is. Though my friend emphasized to me that she really loved feeling totally clean shaven and that shaving and plucking for her wasn’t about trying to look good for other people but was about feeling good about herself.

My friend made an executive decision for her body. She was going to get laser treatments to remove the excess hair from her legs, face, arm pits and arms. I felt nervous for her because I wanted her to make sure she was going to someone that she could trust to do a good job taking care of her. Then she told me about Raval MD and how professional and experienced Dr. Raval was when it came to laser hair treatments. She was so excited when she was talking to me about him and the potential there was to finally put down the razor and the tweezers. One of the things that I think was the hardest for her was that the plucking on her chin actually created ingrown hairs and she was ready to let that go.

She knew that Dr. Raval was going to do an amazing job doing laser treatments on her. She said that if she liked what he did she would go back to him to get his in office botox treatments that he is really good at offering. My friend is a little bit older than me so I wonder if she gets self conscious but than a bunch of her other friends are a lot older than her. I know that when my friend finally gets this laser treatment she is going to feel oh so much better and I can’t wait for that to happen. Though plastic surgery can get a bad rap it’s really empowering for individuals to do what they need to do to feel great about themselves and that is what happened with my friend.