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Quick Draw is an engineered-to-order metal manufacturing shop that specializes in deep draw parts from sheet metal. Their friendly and professional team has years of experience working on a variety of different projects for different industries. Their goal is to provide top quality products that are manufactured and engineered to meet the customer’s specific needs. They will work with the customer every step of the way to ensure that they are satisfied and that their product works exactly the way that it was designed to work. Quick Draw’s approach to manufacturing will help to ensure that you can meet your deadlines and respect your budget without changing the requirements and needs of your project.

deep drawingThe Quick Draw team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final results of your project. From designing and engineering your product, to assembling the pieces and making sure that everything runs smoothly, Quick Draw is there for you every step of the way. Below is a list of some of the different materials that Quick Draw commonly works with.

1. Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most common material that is used for metal fabrication and deep draw projects. Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant material that comes in many different grades to allow for optimum use. This material is used for projects in all different industries because of it’s low maintenance and visual appeal.

2. Titanium

Titanium is a very strong metal that is relatively lightweight. Titanium is popular in the medical industry because it is non-toxic for the human body. It’s lightweight strength also makes it an appealing material for the auto industry and the aerospace industry.

3. Aluminum

Like stainless steel, aluminum is both low maintenance and visually appealing. It is also resistant to corrosion, but it requires careful handling to ensure that it does not bend or become dented in the wrong places.

4. Nickel Alloys

Nickel alloys are used for projects that may experience temperature fluctuation. It’s minimal thermal expansion makes it an attractive option for projects that require dimensional stability throughout different ranges of temperatures and climates.

5. Copper alloys

Copper alloys are specialty allows that react differently to deep drawing compared to more common metals. Copper alloys can be used for a variety of different projects in a variety of different industries.

6. Exotic metals

If a more commonly used metal does not meet your needs, Quick Draw has experience working with a variety of exotic metals that might meet your needs. Their expert engineer team can use exotic metals to make just about any type of project a success.

If you are in need of deep drawing or metal fabrication services, Quick Draw is the place to go. This family owned business is committed to their customer’s satisfaction, and they will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that your project will be a success. Check out their website www.quickdraw.com for more information about the materials that they use and the services that they provide.

lds booksThe LDS community is one of the fastest growing faith communities in the world. LDS stands for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, less formally known as the Mormon church. The headquarters of the Mormon church can be found in Salt Lake City Utah, although they have many temples throughout the world. As the LDS community continues to grow rapidly, there is a high demand for information about the church and the community. If you are looking for accurate books and information about the LDS church, look no further than Books & Things. Books & Things is an online store that sells a variety of LDS books and other products. They are a proud member of the LDS Booksellers Association, and they source most of their products from the following vendors: Brigham Distributing, Candlelight Media, Cedar Fort, Chad Hawkins Art, Covenant Communications, Deseret Book, Foundation Arts, Green Jacket Books, One Moment in Time, Pillow Tie, Plain & Precious Publishing, R Legacy Entertainment, Real Hero Posters, Ringmasters, Scripture Stickers, Sounds of Zion, Treasured Souls to Keep, and many more. All of their vendors have been vetted by the LDS community leaders and provide top quality LDS books and other products. Below is a list of the products that you can find at the Books & Things store online.

1. LDS Books

Books & Things sells a great variety of different LDS books for all ages. Whether you are looking for a cookbook, lifestyle book, self-help book, or some young adult fiction, Books & Things has what you need. Any book lover is sure to find something that they will enjoy at Books & Things.

2. LDS Jewelry

Books & Things has a great selection of LDS jewelry, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets. They also have a variety of CTR rings in different styles for men, women, and children. CTR rings are a common symbol of one’s faith throughout the LDS community. They can make for a great gift for new members of the church.

3. LDS art

You can fill your home with faith and love with beautiful LDS art from Books & Things. Books & Things sells a variety of different LDS art to fit the style of any home. They also sell fun posters for your kid’s room.

4. Games and Puzzles

Books & Things has many great products for kids. You can ensure that your kid’s play time will be both fun and educational by purchasing them a game or puzzle from Books & Things.

5. Cards

If you are shopping at Books & Things for the perfect gift for your friend or loved one, don’t forget the card! Books & Things sells cards for all types of occasions, including birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. They also have a great selection of “just because” cards that can let a friend know that you are thinking of them and praying for them.

Check out Books & Things today at www.booksandthings.com. They have a great selection of LDS products that are meant to enrich the lives of families in the LDS community all over the world.

As someone who consumes information, goods, and services through the internet, you probably are aware of how overpowering and frustrating all the noise and hubbub can be. After all, there are more ways available to companies today to reach customers than ever before, and this means an overwhelming sea of information often cascades all over the internet, no matter what kinds of pages you are viewing. This means that consumers often get overwhelmed by the information and instead choose to block everything out rather than pay attention to the things that might apply to them and be helpful. As a company offering a service or a product, then, your website design and your advertising tools must be spot on in order to make the best possible impact on your customer base. But how can you do that? With the assistance of an expert digital marketing team there are a lot of ways that you can begin to reach your customer base more effectively, but you need to be aware of all the work and the tools you should use to do this powerfully and effectively over the long term. Indeed, perhaps the most important tool to bear in mind is data analysis and tracking. Through tools like Google Analytics, you can see which tools are the most effective in reaching your customers and can utilize these tools above the rest. Here are a few of the key principles to abide by when working on your responsive web design to reach your customers as powerfully as possible:

  • Create awareness: Before a customer acknowledges or understands the need for your business, they must become aware of the work that you do. This step often includes a kind of branding http://www.nico.associatesand brand management and awareness that can be achieved online and digitally through a few different avenues. Search Engine Optimization, for example, is a good way to build awareness of your brand by moving your company’s website higher up on a search engine search list. Paid advertisements on search engines that bring your company higher up on a search list can also be good for this first stage of awareness building
  • Consideration: Once a customer is aware that they have a need that needs to be fulfilled, they will often begin to brainstorm a list of businesses and companies that do this kind of work. Now that you have effectively managed your brand, your company will be on that list that comes to mind. Now that they are considering you, your next job is to help them see why you are the correct choice. Using social media and other tools can really help you communicate with this potential customer while they are considering this decision.
  • Decision: In finalizing their decision, a potential customer will look extensively at your website, hence why website development is so important to making good connections with your potential customer base and existing customer base. Each page of your website should have a clear goal, and utilize a “call to action” design theme to encourage your potential customers to become customers!

christian drug rehabDealing with an out of control teenager is never fun. Every parent who has dealt with the teenage years can tell you that it is a very challenging time. Teens these days are facing challenges that their parents never had to deal with when they were young. In fact, more teens these days are dealing with drug and alcohol addictions than any generation before them. If you think that your teen may be dealing with a drug or alcohol problem it is important that you seek help as soon as possible. The best thing that you can do for your child if they are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction is to get them to a teen rehab center. There are many teen drug rehab centers out there these days because they are in such high demand. It is important to know that if you have a child dealing with addiction, you are not alone. If you are considering enrolling your child in a treatment facility it is important that you do your research beforehand.

C.A.R.E.S is one of the top rated teen drug rehab centers in the country. They are a fifth based facility and their treatment program is rooted in the philosophy that filling one’s heart with God will take up the space that drugs and alcohol are currently consuming. This faith based treatment program believes that teens are led to drugs and alcohol because they are trying to fill a space that was left empty due to their lack of a relationship with God. By finding and nurturing their relationship with God they can fill that empty space, which will leave no room in their life for drugs or alcohol. C.A.R.E.S Heart Transformation Program focuses on fostering a relationship with God, while also providing your teen with the skills that they need to build healthy relationships all throughout their life.

The C.A.R.E.S Heart Transformation Program believes that parental involvement is vital to your teen’s success. They encourage parents to be as involved as possible during their child’s treatment process, and they also provide parents with the skills that they will need to help their child maintain recovery after they graduate from the facility. If you think that the C.A.R.E.S Heart Transformation Program may be right for your teen, the first step is to set up a conference call with one of their friendly and professional parent life coaches.

The parent life coaches at C.A.R.E.S are available seven days a week to talk with you about the program and whether or not it is right for your child. During the initial phone call the parent life coach is able to answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have. This phone call is your opportunity to learn more about their program so that you can make an informed decision about how to best help your child who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Check out the C.A.R.E.S website today for more information.

If you or someone you know owns a home, chances are there is at least one or two areas inside of the house that are covered with carpet. Carpet is beautiful and can be purchased in a variety of different styles colors and textures to meet the individual style of each home owner. Carpet can add flair and texture to your home and often warms up a pet odor removalroom and makes the entire area feel more comfortable. All of these factors and more combine to make carpet an excellent addition to any home. The only problem with carpet is that it requires a fairly regular and thorough cleaning in order to maintain its color, feel and appearance. Whereas hard wood floors can simply be sprayed down and wiped, mopped, or scrubbed, carpets often require a little more work. Sure you could always just get out your old vacuum and suck up all of the obvious dirt and hair laying on the surface of your carpet, but what about the deep down gunk and grime. What about if you have pet urine stains, spilt red wine stains or any other type of more difficult stain? Again, you could go the easy route and head down to your local hardware store, rent a carpet shampoo machine or steam cleaner and hope for the best. These do not truly remove the stain though, they just clean the top part of the carpet so most people will not notice the stain any longer. For a more thorough, deep down complete removal of a stain on your carpets, you need to hire a professional group of carpet cleaning experts to come to your home and work their magic. The best choice for these types of carpet cleaning companies is for you and your family to find a carpet cleaning company that uses the chem dry techniques. Chem dry rug and upholstery cleaning is the top of the line style for getting a very thorough clean in your home.

This is where Larson’s Chem Dry carpet cleaning company comes in. For thirty years, Chem-Dry has been at the forefront of the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry with innovative equipment and powerful cleaning solutions. Chem dry carpet cleaning helps to prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery with routine cleaning. Chem-Dry professional technicians are trained to deliver top-quality service at an excellent value. So take the advice of this article and get on the phone with Larson’s Chem Dry carpet cleaning. You will not regret taking this step. Perhaps this is not enough information to convince you that Larson’s Chem Dry is the choice for you and your family. That is fine, you are just being a critical consumer and that is good. So take the next step. Get out your laptop or sit down at your desktop computer and start reading reviews for Larson’s Chem Dry carpet cleaning. See what all of their previous clients have to say about their experience with Larson’s Chem Dry carpet cleaning.

What could be more fun than having a photo booth at your next party? Everyone loves doing a photo booth photo shoot. You can rent a photo booth and it will be the hit of the party. It will include props that you can use to wear or use to dress up your photos. It will take four pictures of each setting and will count down so that you know when the next photo will be taken. You will have time to change poses for the each photo. It’s a touch screen and it will guide you each step of the way. Then after the photos are taken, it will print them out within a few seconds. What a fun time for guests at your party and they can leave with a memory of the fun time that they had. Some guests will use it over and over and say that it was the hit of the party. If you put on the invitations that there will be a photo booth at the party, you will probably get lots of RSVP’s with a positive response. It’s just a fun way to engage people in an activity that everyone will enjoy. If you have never experienced a photo booth at an affair, you will want to have it again and again.

Another way to use a photo booth is for a wedding. Attending a wedding with a photo booth will really be a fun experience and will be a way to remember everyone that came to the affair. Photo Booth RentalSince the print out will be in duplicate, you can ask you guests to keep one for themselves and you can have them leave the other one for you. You could have a book set up with a way for them to put the pictures in the book and sign their name. Memories are always best with pictures. Photo booth rentals are a great way to ensure that your affair or party, will be a big hit. They are very easy to use and those guests will be able to choose black or white pictures. This is a great idea for weddings since it gives both the attendees and the bride and groom a picture of the guests that were there. Pictures are always nice to have to go with the name so that for years to come, you have this information at your fingertips.

Double Exposure Photo Booth is Colorado’s premiere photo booth company. You will always be happy that you had them at your special event or party.  The booth is 5’ by 6’ and will fit up to 10 adults. It will also accommodate handicap people as there is no step and you can get a wheelchair or walker into the booth. The film is 18 MP high resolution which comes in black and white or color. You simply indicate your preference on the screen before the booth begins taking your pictures. The pictures will come out of the slot in about 10 seconds.

People are starting to lean more and more on the essential oil trend as a way to utilize holistic medicine to solve some of their most pressing problems.  The great thing is that there are so many different oils out there that they have one for pretty much every ailment that comes along.  The only question that remains for a lot of people is what works to get the oil into the air.  That is where the oil diffusers come into place. Oil diffusers help to emit the oil, in particle form, into the air so that people can breath in the oil and experience the desired effects.

oil diffuserThere are many different oil diffusers on the market. There are the diffusers that are cheaper and those that are more expensive.  On the cheaper side of things, there is the SpaScenter Aromatherapy diffuser.  According to the Plant Therapy website, “SpaScenter will please even the most demanding aromatherapists. It has been specifically designed to provide the most efficient diffusion of essential oils in their purest form through cold evaporation. 10 to 15 drops of essential oil are applied to the reusable aroma pad. The desired intensity of essential oil diffusion is adjustable by choosing the appropriate fan speed. This professional aromatherapy diffuser delivers instant effectiveness, exceptional efficiency and fully adjustable essential oil diffusion. It is an essential model in any Aromatherapy products range. SpaScenter is already exported to 30 countries and is appreciated by clinicians, specialists and consumers. Includes: Diffuser, adapter and 5 reusable aroma pads.”

This can be compared to a more expensive unit that is available on the same website. On the Plant Therapy website, you can also find one that is called the “Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser.”  Here is the description of that unit:

“The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser (aka Aroma-Ace) is a powerful, compact, and easy to use essential oil diffuser system for Aromatherapy. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser has built in on/off timers and output volume control for easy adjustment. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is Made in the USA. Each Unit includes 2 (TWO) Quick Change Atomizer Attachments! This makes changing essential oils a breeze. No pouring, no mess, just put your bottle directly on the Atomizer, then with a flick of the wrist… presto!

The wonderful aroma of your favorite essential oil will permeate the air. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is a new, state of the art essential oil diffuser for Aromatherapy. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is designed to easily and conveniently bring spa quality therapeutic Aromatherapy to your home, office, hotel room, or anywhere that you wish. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is the first of a new generation of essential oil diffusers that will lead in innovation and design for years to come.

This is the same diffuser that is sold by both Young Living and doTERRA. It comes from the same factory, they just add their brand to it. It is the absolute highest quality diffuser on the market.”

As you can see there is a wide margin between the two products, so find something that works well for you and stick to it!

http://www.turner-industries.com/The fatal injury census, conducted by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), was first made in 1992.  Since the census’ inception and up to today, the number of workplace deaths each year has seen a steady decline.  In 2013, a little over 4,000 people died in workplace accidents, or roughly 12 people each day.  Considering that this is the lowest number since 1992, one can only imagine how many deaths were happening back then.  Although it is great to see that the number is shrinking each year, there are still way too many deaths occurring at workplaces across the country each year.  The saddest part about this information is that most of these deaths could be prevented if only the proper safety protocols were either followed or put in place.

Taking a moment to think about this information, it should become clear that the powers that be need to take workplace safety more seriously.  In fact, all companies involved in industries that put their employees at risk should make safety their top priority, well ahead of earning profits.  One of the industries where a large portion of these accidents can happen is industrial construction.  Thus, industrial construction companies must make safety their top priority.

There are a few simple ways that industrial construction companies can increase safety at their job sites.  The first step is simply acknowledging to all staff that safety should be considered at all times.  Often, simply putting something like safety at the forefront of employees’ minds can be enough to curb people from making poor workplace decisions.  It can also mean that people consider their actions before taking them, ensuring that they are safe.

Another great way for companies to increase workplace safety is to run consistent training.  At this trainers, managers and supervisors should go over the specific hazards at a job site.  They should describe what should be done to prevent an emergency, and how employees should behave at specific locations on the job site.  In addition to describing what can be done to prevent injury, they should also talk about what should be done in the event of one.  They should go over who should be phoned, how they should contact emergency services, etc., so that if an injury occurs they are able to get the person to a hospital as quickly as possible.

Turner Industries, a superb pipe fabrication specialist, is one of a handful of industrial construction companies that has been at the forefront of employee safety.  On their website, they clearly list that they view worker safety as the most important aspect of their business.  At all times their job sites are in compliance with both state and federal standards in terms of workplace safety.  Over the years, they have received numerous awards and certifications for workplace safety.  In fact, they have even gone over one million man-hours worked across their job sites without a recordable incident.  If more companies were to treat safety as Turner Industries does, America would be sure to see a further decrease in the number of workplace accidents each year.

Being able to make the most of your self storage rental has a lot to do with how you organize it. Being able to take full potential of your storage unit depends on also what you are planning to use it for. If it is going to be a short term deal for you or a long-term deal may depend on how you choose to organize your storage unit today. storageWhen looking for a storage unit you need to consider the amount of space that comes in the storage unit to see if it is going to be the right size for you. Storage units are all about size and depending on the size depends on how much you paid. There’s no need to pay for extra space that you may not need so making sure that you have the right space will save you money. A self storage unit can help you to keep the item safe and protected from outside elements and from harm coming to your items. They can be a great way to keep your items protected more so than even your home.

A storage unit has the ability to keep your items in a safe place while keeping them under lock and key and security. When it comes to your self storage unit and make sure that you have one that is comfortable that you trust to keep your item secured. Once you have figured out the size and where you want to store your items organizing your items then become very important. Whenever you put items into a storage unit you want to be. Sure that you label everything you can. You may even want to consider drawing at a map of where you’re putting each item so that when time comes you need to ask is been you know where to look. This is especially important if you’re deciding to be a very crowded storage person. You can choose to be able to put a lot of items in because a lot of times you can stack up to the ceiling with a storage unit. If you use proper organization you can use a method like this to get the most out of your space and pay the least amount you can per month.

In order to do this organization is a key factor. Being able for you to have the most space usable organization with even a map and properly late going all your items will help you distort right. Another thing you need to consider is that the items that you were using to stack with are able to stack when you feel boxes and packaging make sure you feel the box is completely full so that when you stack up on them they don’t crunch down. Having empty boxes can be unsafe; you need to be able to stack the best you can when you want to really take advantage of your storage unit. By being able to have full boxes allows you to stacks to your fullest and stack your items to the top. Using larger and heavier items on the bottom and going up to the most lightest in the smallest on the top will help you to get it in there just ride. Be sure that you are stacking it so you do not have to worry about it falling over and being a hazardous way to stack your items. This kid leave you damaging your items or even hurting somebody. This is not your back yard shed it’s a professional storage unit like Storage Direct. Take advantage of your best options with your self storage unit and you will be able to make it uniquely yours. While taking advantage of money saving options to using the least amount of square face and the most amount of the upper space.

Nowadays, self storage business is very popular among the people living in small houses and face difficulty in saving their important products. These services are not only provided to the households, but a number of people belonging to the business sector also go for the self storage services. So in such the market requirements, if you want to build a self-storage in to do a business, then it will give you a huge profit. The management of the self storage house should be kept strict so that you can get positive reviews from the customers and enhance your business.

In order to start the business of self storage, it is very important to get the land and finalize the build of the storage. Due to the limited resources available in the market, it is very important to have your own land for the business; otherwise the rent of the storage will be so high to disturb your budget. Once you own your land, now it is the time to build your storage. Here are some important points that should be kept in mind by the storage providers:

  • Decide the squares and the area of the storage after decides the type of storage you want to have. If your land is located in the form of slope then it will be the best thing for you. You can build the basement of the storage purpose.
  • It is very important that your storage units should be accessed by the public easily. It will minimize the expenses to market the project.
  • Make multiple stories of the building but be careful that they storey should be enough strong. In order to save the storage units from the temperature, it is very important to make the storey less than four. It will avoid the risk.
  • In order to build the storage unit, it is very important that your building should have parking facility for the people.

The owners of the storage units usually prefer single story buildings because of multiple reasons. These reasons involve the low cost of the construction, the visibility of the customers, the strength of the company and many others. But now, the owners of the construction buildings have decided to change their single story storage units into multiple storage rental units. There are also several reasons behind that.

  • The multiple storey buildings allow you to save more goods and products as compared to the single story building. Thus you can earn more revenue and ultimately more profit.
  • The multiple storey building satisfies your customers because of providing authentic and accurate services.
  • The rates and the standards can be maintained with the help of multiple story storage units.
  • You can get more space to store the product and ultimately you can easily locate that product too.

At the end, no matter single storey or multiple story building you build for your storage units the important thing is that you get your business going successfully and get a much higher revenue as a result.

The use of the record as an analogue music holding device has been around since the early 20th century. Indeed, the 1920s and 1930s saw and uptick in the use of records for recording music and record players for playing that music back, and though the technology was really quite remarkable at the time, there are of course always advancements to be made to make a process and a concept better for the world. This is what vinyl did for the record business: it made the entire production and sound processes easier, more efficient, and frankly just better. The improvement that the industry witnessed with the advent of the vinyl album cannot be understated, and it is important to grasp the history of the record before vinyl came into play in order to understand just how big an accomplishment this alteration was.

Early disc recording speeds were all dictated by the materials that the records were http://www.soundstagedirect.commade out of. Indeed, because the materials dictated the recording speeds, the music that was created for the album was in turn dictated. This meant that the songs you heard were a direct result of the format’s advantages and disadvantages, as musicians knew that the songs they wrote would have to fit on one side of a record. The earliest records to become popular were the 78 rpm records, which were made from a variety of materials, though the primary material was a hard rubber. In the late 1890s a shellac-based compound was first introduced into the production process and soon became the material of choice. While there are certainly differences in the base materials used and other components, the combination was usually a third shellac, two thirds “mineral filler”, some fibers to add strength, carbon for the black coloring, and a little bit of lubricant to keep the album running. While “flexible” or “unbreakable” albums were introduced around 1904, the issue with these 78 rpm records was still that they could play no more than three minutes per side of recorded music. This was a significant drawback to the material, though at the time it was the only thing available so folks hardly knew what they were missing out on. The 78 was 12 inches in diameter, so when artists and symphonies recorded their music, they were usually sold in sets in order to accommodate the length of the music as well as the capacity of the record.

The big changes came with the availability of new materials to make the LP records we know and love today. Indeed, it is sometimes referred to as the microgroove era, but there were two things that changed the way records were released and paved the way for the record album to come into existence. First, records could be made out of vinyl rather than shellac. This made it easier to cut smaller grooves in the material, thus giving more space and more time for music per side. These two interacting features truly changed the arc of the record business, and vinyl albums changed the way popular artists made music.

It can be easy, after a long day of packing up boxes and loading them into a moving truck and putting them into a storage unit, to take the easy way out. Perhaps you start off well when packing up your boxes, but eventually you get to a point and you just do not want to be bothered anymore. It can be so tempting in these moments to just toss things into boxes rather than methodically set them up in the best ways possible. Instead of allowing yourself to give in to that temptation, always consider the high road in self storage packing and pack your storage unit thoughtfully, no matter how exhausted you might be! indeed, the key to an effective self storage unit packing and moving experience all lies in how you first begin to pack up your boxes. If you make it easy on you future self by being thoughtful and careful from the outset, you will find that it is much easier to get through the packing experience because everything will be ordered. Here are a few tips for taking the high road when packing up your storage units in order to yield the best long term results:

  • Start with making a list of packing supplies and box types that you will need. This should happen very early on in the process, perhaps as soon as you decide to rent a self storage unit. Having plenty of packing materials and many boxes will help you pack your things in a way that protects them in the long http://www.aamericanselfstorage.com/hemet_state.phpterm rather than causes them to get damaged. We all have that tendency to make things work in smaller spaces than we should just because we don’t want to go out to get more boxes, but this will end up causing you headaches in the long run.
  • Always have plenty of bubble tape, furniture covers, pallets, and wrapping paper to begin with. Again, this will ensure that your packing process is a good one and will keep you from just packing things without considering the damage that might be done to these items.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes. While you might be tempted to pack a big box of books, this simply will not do as it will end up leaving you with very heavy boxes full of items that you can barely carry. Instead, pack heavy items in small boxes, such as books and dishes. Try not to pack anything to amount to more than twenty pounds within the box.
  • Clean all your clothing, drapes, and bedding before packing them into a wardrobe box or a large box for clothes and materials. Cleaning them ahead of time will keep them in better shape over the long haul, as they won’t have dust and grime eating away at them during their time in the mini self storage rental unit.
  • Always keep this mindset in mind when packing your unit: the goal is to keep things fresh and in good condition until you unpack the unit. All your packing decisions should be thus motivated!

Did you know that essential oils can help you manage various ailments that women experience? They can even help with pregnancy and labor pains! They help with PMS, cramps, and endometriosis.

How can essential oils help you combat PMS? 

oil diffuserAs many women know, there are many different effects that come from pre-menstrual syndrome. On one hand it happens 12 times a year so we should be prepared for the symptoms and yet for some reason, we see to have the same struggle every single month! Fortunately for us, we can use essential oils as a way to lesson some of the symptoms that come from our natural cycles. Essential oils can actually help combat even mood swings, bloating (thank goodness!), fatigue and even your change in appetite. Here are a few ideas that Plant Therapy have conjured up for you. For those of you who don’t know, Plant Therapy is an on-line essential oils store as well as an incredible resource for anything you need to know about essential oils. Here are some of their concoctions:

  • “Calm” – this blend is intended to be used as an inhaler. (You can purchase inhaler tubes from Plant Therapy.) All you need is 2 drops of neroli, 4 drops of orange and 2 drops of vanilla. Voila! You will get your mind relaxed in no time.
  • “Energize Me” – this is a blend that you will actually put in the oil diffuser of your choosing. You can buy one on-line at Plant Therapy. Add 4 drops of lemon, 2 drops of basil and 1 drop of spearmint. This will give you a boost of energy!
  • “Ban the Bloat” – this blend is intended to be used for massage purposes. All you need is 2 ounces of a carrier oil then add 4 drops of geranium, 6 drops of juniper berry (my personal favorite) and massage them into the abdomen. This blend will help reduce bloating by reliving water retention.
  • You can also sniff some grapefruit essential oil to help get rid of those pesky cravings.

How can essential oils help you relieve menstrual cramps? 

No matter how often we feel cramps, we never like it very much. Here are some great ways to help alleviate some of the traditional and uncomfortable cramps we get every single month.

  • For pain relief: use Plant Therapy’s syngery “Pain-Aid” (which contains peppermint, clove bud, laurel leaf, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, Roman chamomile, juniper and thyme) in one ounce of a carrier oil and apply to abdomen.
  • For abdominal massage: use 6 drops of lavender and 6 drops of rose absolute to 1 ounce of a carrier lotion and massage into abdomen to reduce pressure, cramping and pain.

Can essential oils really help me with my endometriosis?

Absolutely it can. Without going into great detail about what endometriosis does to your body, note that it causes great pain in the uterus. You can reduce the pain in the following way:

  • Hip massage or warm bath: in 3 ounces of carrier lotion add 20 drops of clary sage, 10 drops of rose, 4 drops of Roman Chamomile, 20 drops of geranium and 16 drops of lavender.
  • Massage your hips and lower back with this lotion.

There are many other ways the essential oils can help relieve pain and discomfort from PMS.

One of the most difficult aspects of climbing the corporate ladder is determining when and if you’re ready to move up the next rung.  It can be hard to know which types of jobs you’re qualified for and which you aren’t.  This is perhaps the most important aspect of climbing the corporate ladder: knowing the exact time when you are ready so you can make the jump as quickly as possible.  The downside of just applying for every job that comes up is failing over and over and losing your confidence.  To be fair, there are many life lessons and character that can be gained from failing at things consistently, but for many people it simply destroys their confidence and makes it difficult for them to get jobs that they should get easily.  With this all in mind, would you know when you are ready to start applying for CEO jobs?  Would you know when you’re qualified and have a substantial chance at nailing one of these highly coveted positions?  As you can see, it can be incredibly difficult to know whether or not you are ready for such a position.  To help you determine, here are five signs that should indicate that you are indeed ready.

http://www.coloradocareers.com1.  Constant promotion.  If you have been promoted at every job you have ever held, it’s probably a sign that you are an incredible asset.  If you have been promoted from one position to another that is several higher, it is a great sign that you are capable of being the head of a business.

2.  Positive reviews consistently.  For most jobs, employees go through a series of reviews once or more a year.  At these review sessions, people hear about things that they are doing well and things that they should change for the coming year.  If you already hold a fairly high position, and all you are hearing are positive things, you might want to consider beginning a corporate careers search tailored to CEO positions around the country.

3.  You never feel challenged.  This is a constant complaint from people that are very talented.  They feel like nothing they do is really challenging them; rather, they feel like they are simply going through the motions each day.  While it is certainly a great feeling to be completely competent at your job, the feelings that come with being challenged are far greater.  If this is how you feel, even while doing a high-powered job, then becoming a CEO might be just the challenge you are looking for.

4.  Recommended.  This is fairly obvious, but if other people around the company are telling you about CEO opportunities within the industry and saying that you should apply, then go for it.  At the end of the day, you really have nothing to lose.  You might as well give it a shot.

5.  You’re qualified.  This is the most important piece.  Read through some job postings for CEO positions.  If you have the necessary education, years of experience, training, certifications, etc. for a majority of the positions, then it is time to start applying and see what you get.


The need for an extra storage space for your belongings is a very common problem for every American family.  The need to move old furniture or house ware to make space for newer ones is an inescapable fact in the conquest for a more comfortable living condition.  The increasing demand for this extra space has propelled the self storage industry to great heights in the last 40 years.  In the US alone, there are around 59 500 storage facilities which accounts to almost 70 percent of all storage facilities in the whole world.  Additionally, almost 4,000 facilities is being put up every year in order to cope with the increasing demands for newer self storage units.

self storage

Rental units

However, the increase in the usage of self storage rental services also increases the opportunity for unscrupulous facility owners to advance their crooked ideas and take advantage of their renters.  The experts in the A-American Self Storage Company advise renters to be very careful in choosing a self storage facility for their valuables.  They presented these 4 most common storage rental scams that you should watch out for when dealing with self storage facilities.

Hidden Charges on Fine Prints.  One of the most important things when doing business with self storage facilities is to check thoroughly the contract.  Contract disagreement comprises 65%-70% of reported scams in the self storage industry. The most common scenario in a contract scam is the inclusion of hidden charges. The charges can range from lock rentals, late fees, utility surcharges, additional security, and many more.  These charges maybe valid but the facility never made it known to renters at the time of contract agreement.

Experts in the A-American Self Storage Company urge every renter to scrutinize every detail in the contract and ask for clarifications to the facility operators if there are vague inclusions on the contract.

Security and Cleanliness Lapses.  All storage businesses feature the safety and cleanliness of their storage facilities as their main strong point apart from other businesses within the industry.  However, there have been a lot of reports concerning the lapses in the security protocols and the cleanliness of some self storage facilities.

There have been a lot of incidents where small animals such as rats and rodents are able to find their way to storage units and led to infestation.  Damage furniture and appliances due to leaking roofs is also a very common complaint in the storage industry sector. Lastly, unguarded buildings and broken surveillance systems have been a very common issue in the management of self storage facilities.

Theft Cases.  There have been claims that self storage operators, either through direct involvement or negligence, have been associated with theft of contents of a storage unit.  This is likely to happen since storage operators hold the master keys for all the padlocks of the storage units in the facility.  This is why it is very important for renters to use their own padlocks in order to secure their storage unit. A regular visit on the storage unit is also recommended to make sure that the unit is not compromised and to check for the condition of your belongings.

Selling Stuff to Auction Buyers.   Last but not the least, is the forceful default of a renter leading to storage operators opening the rented storage unit and auctioning the contents to auction buyers. A default is covered in the contract and is valid if certain conditions are met. However, there are a number of reports on storage operators making them inaccessible to receive payment leading to the default in the rented storage unit of a customer.  To avoid this type of problem, renters should make sure that payment is made regularly on the rented storage unit.

Does your home feel too dark and need a serious kick of light or are you more concerned about the huge glare on your television every time you want to watch day time television? The amount of light that comes into your home is something that can be relatively important depending on your daily habits and needs but when it comes to choosing what kind of window coverings will best suit your needs, many people end up not giving it enough thought and consideration. In hopes to help change that even just a little bit, here are the two most important questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine the perfect window coverings for every room of your home.

window coveringsFirst of all, you need to decide on what level of light control you want. Generally the two main options are either black out window treatments or light filtering window treatment. The two are fairly self explanatory I think. Black out window treatments are used in order to completely block out any light that might enter your home. This is particularly useful in the bedroom or any room where you might want to watch a movie in complete darkness. The best kinds of window coverings to obtain this goal is either thick blinds or specifically blackout shades that are both thick and do not have any gaps that would let light in.

If you would rather have the possibility for some light to get in the room you might be happier with light filtering shades. These kinds of window coverings still allow for some natural light but still protect your privacy by making it so that people can not look into your windows. This kind of window covering is best fitted for something like a kitchen or dining room. The kinds of window coverings that are generally used for light filtering are light, thinner blinds that are possibly opaque or transparent or blinds that have thicker gaps between the panels.

The second big question that you can ask yourself to figure out what kind of window coverings will work best for your needs is to figure out if you want operable slats in your window coverings or not. This is really something that most people never consider but it is in fact one of the more important deciding factors in the right choice for window coverings. It is important because if you have something like cellar shades, it allows a full view inside your home while the window covering is raised. If you live on a busy street or are particularly concerned with your privacy this might be something that does not work well for you. While it does not bother a lot of people if someone can see inside their house from the street, other people will feel a lot better with something like wooden blinds that still allow some light in but obstruct the view inside the house. Depending on how much privacy you want there are loads of options along the scale so you can find something that works best for you.


electricalIt may seem like there is an endless list of contractors and other specialist that you need to keep track of, when you own a home or any other building.  Still, you have no choice but to keep up with everything, in terms of maintenance, and there are other times, when you just plain want to change something.  For that reason, it is highly important that you are aware of the right people to call, for each specific type of work you need done.  In the case of electrical work, needless to say, you would need to hire an electrician.  That being said, all electrical service companies are not the same, and you need to be sure you are dealing with one that is reliable.  For residents of Orange County, Mahaffey Electrical Services is the best company to call for electrical help.  They are located in Newport Beach, but they offer service throughout Orange County.

Needless to say, almost everything that goes on in your home, requires electricity, in some way.  For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that you properly maintain all of the electrical equipment in your home or other building.  That being said, there is little you can do yourself, so you need to mainly be vigilant about calling an electrician, when there is a problem.  In fact, even if you suspect that your old wiring or some other electrical component of your home is not functioning quite properly, you should consider replacing or repairing it.  By getting this sort of maintenance out of the way early, you are less likely to have a more serious problem, down the line.  So, whether it is a residential electrician or a commercial one, that you need, you should call them before the problem becomes more serious.

Sometimes electrical service is a necessity, while other times people call them just to have some renovations done.  In either case, Mahaffey Electrical Services truly is the right company to call.  They employ only the most qualified and skilled electricians, and all of their service personnel know what they are doing, when it comes to electrical services.  So, whether you need to install recessed lighting or you need to completely rewire your home, Mahaffey can help.  In terms of aesthetics, their services are unbeatable.  They are especially adept at concealing wires, using a technique called, as you could guess, concealed wiring.

Because of the nature of electricity, insofar as it is both necessary for basic functions and highly dangerous, in some ways, there are times when emergency electrical service is necessary.  If electricity is causing serious issues or there is some other severe problem that is directly related to your electrical wiring or some other electrical aspect of your home, you need to call an emergency electrician, as soon as possible.  They are amiable twenty-four hours a day, and they are trained to respond, in a timely manner.  Hopefully, you will not need the services of an emergency electrician, but it is vital that you know the right number to call.

With the recent ebola virus outbreaks in Western Africa, the world seems to be on an even higher alert than usual.  At least every year there is some sort of pandemic scare across the globe: avian flu, H1N1, SARS, West Nile virus, etc.  Those viruses have definitely created problems and caused a lot of deaths, but public health officials seem to be approaching this most recent outbreak with far more caution and it definitely has the rest of the world rattled. disease surveillance

There is currently no vaccine, effective treatment, or cure for the ebola virus and it can spread rapidly when undetected.  The only thing preventing such a quick spread is that the virus is not contagious through the air; it can only be transferred through bodily fluids.  Yet doctors, nurses, humanitarian workers, aides, and public health reporters are still becoming infected at rapid rates.  If you are concerned with the recent ebola outbreak but feel like you can’t get an accurate account of what’s going on, there are websites that you can view that specialize in disease and virus surveillance in real time.  Resources like Healthmap, an interactive online tool that updates disease occurrence, can give hourly updates on the situations central to outbreaks.  It is updated by a team of health researchers, epidemiologists, field supervisors, and doctors who compile statistics and associated reports from hundreds of sources.  Even on-the-ground interviews with public health officials are taken into account when publishing statistics onto Healthmap.

With disease mapping websites you can feel more informed about the many outbreak situations going on in the world right now.  You can also find information on food borne illnesses due to food contamination, water boiling notices, pine beetle infestations, animal sicknesses, and any other public health issues that could affect you.

Websites such as Healthmap are incredibly useful for travel.  If you are about to enter a country or region that you are unfamiliar with, Healthmap can be used to track local occurrences of diseases and viruses by their specific locations.  With this information you can avoid certain places if you happen to be more susceptible to illness or if you are traveling with children.  You can also use such information for school assignments, work reports, and public reporting if you happen to work at a public health department yourself. The compilation of information that is reported on Healthmap and similar websites is also used for statistical analysis and future projections.  Aside from the interactive map, you can view these reports online as well as download the mobile application that sends alerts if an outbreak is occurring in your area.

We are all concerned with the recent ebola outbreak, and the world seems to be watching while holding their breath.  Projections on treatments and immunizations at this point are at least one year away, so all we can do is protect ourselves and our loved ones with precaution.  If you like to receive hourly updates on the situation in West Africa, Healthmap is the perfect resource.

storage unit

When I first had to move out of my apartment, I was getting nervous about what I was going to do next. Unfortunately for me, my roommates all had to move out, and I couldn’t afford the place on my own. Naturally, I had to look for roommates, but I didn’t have a lot of time to find anyone, so I was in a major time squeeze. Even though I tried to get enough people to move in, I couldn’t find three extra people in time, so I had to move out of the apartment as well. Since I took so much time trying to find new roommates, I wasn’t able to find my next apartment in time! I only had a few days to move out of my current apartment, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move into a new place on such short notice! Thankfully, I had a great group of friends who were willing to let me crash at their houses for a while, and for that I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t able to store all of my stuff at their houses, so I was out of luck on that front! I had a few loveseats and a lot of dressers for my clothes, not to mention that I had a full queen size bed complete with box springs! I almost got to the point of being too stressed out to move, but my friends reminded me that I could always get a self storage rental! I almost completely forgot about these storage places, and I was very excited to know that they could help me store all of my extra stuff while I was looking for a new place to live.

Thankfully, I was able to borrow a friend’s heavy duty truck to transport all of my material goods, and I was able to safely transport each load to my self storage rental. When I first got to the self storage facility, I was greeted by a friendly customer service representative, and they let me know all of my available options. Since I had a lot of furniture to store, they let me know of all of my options as far as storage unit sizes went. Thankfully, they had some very large storage units, so I would be able to store my loveseats, dressers, and even my bed all in one unit without having things too cramped up, which could cause damage to them! I was also concerned about safety of the materials being stored in my home, but I soon found that their entire facility was proper guarded and maintained with the latest, state of the art security systems, so there was virtually no worry about the safety of my things! In the end, everything was extremely affordable, and their monthly rates didn’t put a dent on my bank account at all. Every service they offered was satisfactory, and the fact that I was able to safely store my home furnishings without any worry was just the cherry on top of the cake!

One of the things that everyone learns while they grow up are the things that they appreciate about their parents and the things that their parents do that make you never want to be like them.  The irony is that you ultimately end up a lot like your parents and you get to empathize with them quite a bit.  This goes back to my own childhood and the computer room in which I spent many of my formative years, playing video games and being on the computer.  When you grow up in an age of AOL and all of the software that was coming out to fit the Gateway 95 computer, you tend to spend a good amount of time in that area.  Nevertheless, one of the things that could not be ignored was the fact that the chair mat was depressed into the floor.  It had sunk so far into the floor that the question around its effectiveness was impossible to not raise.  How is that plastic chair mat supposed to stop the deterioration of the carpet with those gigantic indentations in the mat?  It was a pretty ugly sight and my parents were surely aware of the situation, but probably not moved enough to do anything about it.

glass chair matAs a result, as a family, research was done to figure out better solutions.  One that appeared as the glass chair mat.  A glass chair mat differs from its plastic cousins in that as a hard surface, it does a much better job of protecting the floor underneath it.  By allowing the glass chair mat to lay against your carpet or your hard wood floor, there is a much better chance that it would do the job that is was supposed to do in the first place.

With that in mind, it is critical to protect these floors with a chair mat.  Period.  If you do not, little rocks can adhere to the rolling wheels and this would cause the chair to scratch your floor every time that you need to make a move in the chair.  People rely on being able to do this, so if that were to be changed, i.e. if you took that away as a way to say your floor, it would change the course of the future.  Probably not, but there is a good chance that not having a glass chair mat would make you and your colleagues less effective at work.  All you would have to do then is buy a glass chair mat to protect your floors and help your colleagues by suggesting that they do the same for their home offices and the work offices as well. I am sure that a number of local stores have many of these chair mats available and I would hope that more and more people focus on those instead of the cheap plastic ones, which may or may not actually have a beneficial effect.

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