December 2013

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Getting people back to work has become a national priority ever since the big bust in 2007 and 2008. But once people start working again, the workplace should be a safe environment in which they are able to make an honest wage without fear of health detriments. Workplace safety is an increasingly important feature of a job. I have a good friend who specializes in workplace hygiene, which may not be exactly what it sounds like. It has to do with the way that different features of the workplace (so not just something heavy falling on a person) affect workers’ health. So the example relevant to pipe fabrication is when substances from within a pipe permeate through the pipe and come into contact with someone working nearby. Fumes and chemicals do not even have to ease through the metal. Sometimes, it can just seep out through cracks or bad seals. Depending upon what the substance is, this can have serious health affects. But improvements in pipe bending fabrication techniques are rapidly improving the safety of the workplace. First, we are learning more about the ways that different chemicals can permeate out through different types of metals. At first, this may seem crazy. Metal intuitively seems like the hardest and thickest material, but metal is a general term for lots of different substances. And some interact with different substances in interesting ways. In a particular temperature, the condensation on the outside of the pipe can contain some of the substance from inside the pipe. So if you are working in a nuclear power plant, and you come into sustained contact with nuclear waste in the condensation over a long period of time, it is needless to say that this can cause some pretty serious health predicaments. The way that the pipes are being fabricated also helps create a tighter seal at the joints. The edges are becoming more and more surgically precise. They are more consistently even. This means that when the two edges come together, the seals are increasingly air-tight. This is most important for pipes that carry fumes. My friend who works in workplace hygiene regularly talks about different fumes being the hardest thing to maintain. Noxious fumes are hard to track down, and some of them create the worst health problems because workers will not even know that they are coming into contact with them. They are the silent killer, so to speak. Also with cleaner edges on the joints of the pipes, there are great improvements to bolt torquing service. This means that those joints will not come loose after a torque wrench has been used. A small leak in the joint of a pipeline can be expensive but it also means that workers are then exposed to those substances. Create a tight, torqued seal is a quick and easy way to increase workplace safety. We want people to be getting back to work and making a wage. But through different innovations and technological improvements, like those discussed about pipe fabrication, that place where they are going to work is also a safe place.

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After reading extensively about my options, and the positive and negative aspects of each of these options, regarding what kind of material to use for a new external office I want to build in my yard, I think I have finally come to a decision. For my purposes- a steel building by General Steel is the best way to go. While different buildings have different needs and therefore may need take different considerations, for me and what I need, the most important aspects are cost, durability and because I consider myself quite an environmentalist, the environmental impact is also incredibly important to my decision.

I think steel is the best decision for me for a variety of reasons. The cost and durability argument for using General Steel buildings are pretty straightforward. Steel is an incredibly durable material and won’t face the same problems over time that other materials would. Some of these problems such as rot, warping, termites and mold aren’t an issue for steel. The material isn’t porous so there is no chance of anything getting in there and messing with the structural integrity of the building.  The longevity of steel just can’t be matched by any other material. This also translates into further cost benefits since I have no chance of having to pay down the line for possibly expensive repairs and let’s face it, no matter what, cost is always a key deciding factor.

As I said before, for me even though cost and durability are important, the ecological impact is where I put a lot of my attention and concern for which kind of building to pick. There are so many good points of steel from an environmental standpoint that I don’t know where to begin. I guess the most obvious is that steel is 100% recyclable so I don’t have to use any raw materials. Then, if I want down the line to tear down the building, I can recycle the steel again and have it made into an appliance, car or kitchen sink. The going price for scrap steel is pretty decent as well which means I can actually make some money when I decide to recycle the building. Yet another way being green is also a good financial decision.

The buildings constructed by General Steel also retain temperatures really well so it doesn’t take much energy to keep them warm or cool. There are even special panels that have been developed to keep the building within a certain temperature range with minimal power. This way I can just set the thing and always have my little office be the perfect temperature. Again, this can lead back into the idea of better costs over the lifetime of my office.

The only thing I am not sure about yet is the aesthetics of a steel building. There generally aren’t a lot of options since most of the buildings are prefabricated but I have been looking online a bit and it seems they aren’t so bad. Plus with some nice pictures, rugs and whatever else, I can make it look however I want. I guess it doesn’t really matter, either way it will be nicer to look at than having to be in an office all day. At least in my steel office I can do whatever I want to it.

Whether you are building a new house and installing new carpet or you are just sick of the old, stained carpet that you have had for years, a carpet cleaning is the first step in securing your investment in new carpet. As you tack in the last corner of that new, fresh carpet (or watch as someone else does), this could be the cleanest and nicest looking it ever is. Or it will be if you are not careful about maintaining and preserving your carpet. The same goes with rugs. If you choose to invest in a nice rug, you need to add the cost of rug cleaning to the cost of the rug, because it will require some maintenance. So we have already addressed the first of two ways that you can preserve your rugs and carpet. Get a routine cleaning of your rugs and carpets, and they will last for considerably longer than others. That is to say that they will last as a product. They will not fall apart, as some carpet is given to do. But that fresh, clean look and smell will also last. And that is what you are really after. So why not just vacuum everyday if you are so committed to making your carpet and rugs clean? You can do this, but a routine carpet cleaning will get at the dirt and grime down where the vacuum cannot reach. Especially if you have pets, the dust, dirt, and dander that gets down to the base of the carpet or rug is what generates a lot of that nasty smell. If you can get down to that level, you are going to be pleased with the effectiveness of the odor removal. And another point about the dirt and grime at the base of the carpet and rug is in order. By getting rid of all of that material, the structural integrity of the carpet and rug will last longer. Remember that your carpet is not just grass growing out of your hardwood floors. It is woven together in the base. That base can deteriorate if it is not cleaned somewhat regularly. The other thing that you can do preserve your carpet and rug is to use different products on them. There kinds are many. To focus on one, there is a spray that you can apply to your carpets, rugs, and upholstery that is a water seal. It basically coats the fibers of whatever it is. It creates a soft coating over it. This coat keeps out dirt and grime, but it also keeps our moisture. Part of the smell can be mildew. By keep moisture out of your carpet, the chances of getting mildew are significantly lower. But this is also a great product in the case of a stain. If you use the coating, a spilled glass of wine is considerably easier to remove. This will also make it easier for the carpet cleaner. By getting routine carpet cleaning and considering using different products, you can preserve the life and vibrancy of your carpet and rugs.

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There are a lot of things that steel buildings can be used for and Capital Steel is a Colorado based company that is working hard every single day to make sure that all of their client’s and customer’s needs are met when it comes to finding them the best pre manufactured steel building that is going to work for them. There is really no need to go to any other company when you are in the market for a pre engineered metal building because Capital Steel is one of the industry leaders and they are known for a lot of great and wonderful things when it comes to  steel and metal buildings. This is a company that is committed to the needs of its clients and wants to make sure that they are providing some of the best and highest quality steel buildings to these clients that need them, no matter what they need them for or where they want them to be set up. Capital Steel knows all of the benefits of owning a pre manufactured steel building and they want you to know that there are so many things that you can do when it comes to a steel building. There is not just one single option or style when it comes to a pre-manufactured building, although this is a very common misconception about steel and metal buildings. Metal buildings that are supplied by companies such as Capital Steel are very versatile in nature and are being used for a variety of different of purposes by all different types of people all over the United States. Capital Steel happens to be located in Littleton, Colorado which is located near the Denver metro area of the state but they have trusted and committed local contractors all over the United States to help their customers who are not located in the great state of Colorado with all of their pre-manufactured steel building needs. Capital Steel hires contractors that work in all parts of the country so they can better serve the needs of their clients while expanding yet remaining local at the same time. It is extremely important to Capital Steel to hire only the most professional and knowledgeable contractors to work with you on your steel building project because they know how important the job of a contractor is. Capital Steel also knows that there are a lot of contractors and companies out there that do not check out the credentials of the people that they hire and they want you to be able to trust that they are hiring only the most professional people to work with and for you. Capital Steel is one of the leaders in the steel building industry and they continue to grow and expand every single day so that they can better serve you and make sure that they are providing the people of Colorado and the United States and North America with the highest quality pre-manufactured steel buildings.