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There has been a lot of damage done to our back yard over the course of the summer, and we can’t figure out exactly what it is that is causing all the damage.  So we decided the other day to install some security cameras in our back yard to see if we can keep an eye on whatever it is that is happening back there. We each have our theories, but this system is hopefully going to put all that to shame and show us exactly what is going on back there. It has never happened when we aren’t home, but it does happen when we are gone and it is dark out.  I’m thinking that it may be raccoons that are playing back there, ripping plants out of the ground and throwing the trash from the garbage can everywhere. He thinks that it is the teen age kids who live next door, just bored and trying to have some fun at the neighbors expense.  Well, we were able to find a great deal on these security cameras, and they are really simple to install and not too noticeable.  We already have some lights back there and that hasn’t really sopped anything, which must be why it happens when we aren’t there to see it since the lights are on.  So he put up the cameras the other day just after the sun went down, trying not to draw any attention to himself so that if it were the teens next door they wouldn’t be clued in to the fact that we got ourselves security cameras to catch them. We haven’t been gone from the house at night yet this week, so we haven’t really gotten to test the theory yet, but we have tested the security cameras just on whatever happens to be out there. They easily pair with your phone and your tv, and so you can just choose when you want to turn them on and view and when you don’t. If you turn them on, you can just see whatever is streaming from the cameras on the phone screen, so you know immediately what is happening, as it is happening.  Security cameras are hopefully going to be what solves this little mystery for us, because we don’t want to leave at night without knowing what is out there, and we don’t want to fix the back yard with the clean up and replanting and such, until we can ensure that it won’t keep happening. The next step may be to install them in the house, so that we can always have a record of what happens when we are gone, and if someone ever did break in we would have the footage right away, because it goes instantly to the cloud and is saved there. It wouldn’t even matter if someone broke in and stole the cameras, we would still have the images and footage of that break in from being saved on the cloud. So that is where we will go next, after we solve this mystery.

security cameras

We have decided to try out London for our vacation this year, as we have never really spent any time in England other than to fly through the airport on our way to other locations. But this year, we are going to spend a week there, just getting to know the city and exploring and trying to discover all the fun parts about it.  We are usually much more partial to the hot locations, and we like to stay on the beach generally. But this year were were just looking for a change, and so we came up with the idea to take advantage of some points we had a book ourselves a luxury vacation apartment right in the heart of the city. We have never really done the vacation rental by owner thing, because we generally just really like to be in hotels where they have room service and we can just head down to the bar or restaurant whenever we want.  I am a sucker for pools and beaches, and those are usually found in the hotels and not in the private apartments or homes that are for rent by owner.  But, for this trip we are trying something new. Because of the exchange rate for London, looking for the types of accommodations that we usually stay in was just not as practical as it usually is. The hotels were just so expensive for the full week that we wanted to be there, and so we started looking into the luxury vacation apartments that are listed on so many different web sites, and we found that we were going to be able to stay in the same level of accommodation as we would have in a hotel, but for much cheaper. Since we are going to be there in the colder part of the year, and there is no beach near by, then the idea of a pool wasn’t as promising.  Instead, we decided that we would just enjoy being in the heart of the city. We would be able to get a really nice place to stay in that is right down town, and we could just spend our time walking around and seeing the sights and eating out in little local restaurants.  Its definitely going to be the first time we have had a vacation like this, but I think that the luxury vacation apartment is going to make it just perfect for us. No turn down service at the end of the day, but who really needs that when we are in a luxury place that is all our own and we are in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the world.  I really think that this may show us a new way to travel and a new way to vacation, and maybe we will end up just doing these types of rentals from now on. Hotels are always a good idea for shorter business trips, but for vacations we may end up liking the rentals much better.

luxury vacation apartments

advertisement agencyStarting a business can be extremely lucrative, but it can also end in failure.  You have to always be aware of the risks involved before you go into business.  There is always going to be risk involved in any sort of business you open.  Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the risk involved.  Obviously, first of all, you need to make sure you have an excellent product, excellent service, and an excellent business plan.  This will help you greatly.  This is not all that you will need, though.  You also need to consider how you are going to market your product.  Obviously, you need to get an advertisement agency to advertise your business for you.  The reason you need outside help to advertise your business is the fact that you are not necessarily an advertising expert.  Believe it or not, advertising is a very precise skill that takes time and dedication to develop.  Advertisers have spent years researching people and figuring out how to market to them.  That is why you cannot afford to be negligent of your advertising.  Advertising is the way you will inform people about your products and services.  Advertising needs to be effective, though.  In fact a very off-putting advertisement may be worse than no advertisement at all.  You need to devote the necessary time and effort into putting together the best advertisements imaginable.  Of course, there is really no way to do this yourself.  You really need to get help from a professional ad agency.  The professionals they employ have the expertise and experience to know how to appeal to consumers these days.  One thing that is true of marketing and dealing with consumers is that attitudes shift very quickly.  An advertisement that is good one year might be terrible the next.  It is of the utmost importance to be aware of what consumers want right at that moment.  This is why ad agencies spend so much time researching consumers.  The key to advertising success is knowing the consumer.  Consumers these days tend to want information about businesses to be available on the internet.  Logically, since so many consumers want to be able to access companies online, you need to make your business easily accessible online.  The more accessible your company is to the online consumer, the greater your chances of success will be.  Some companies offer good products but have very hard to use websites.  Nothing off-puts consumers like a hard to use website.  To avoid this, you need to spend some time and money developing your website.  This is yet another area in which you need help from an outside agency.  Your website needs to be straightforward, engaging, and easy to find.  Plus, it needs to be appealing to consumers, in a general sense.  Investing in a very good web development agency can be the best way to ensure that your site will turn out well.  You cannot risk having a bad website, and web design is fairly complex and competitive.

This was a lot harder than I anticipated, I don’t know why I didn’t think that this would be a problem for me but it has quickly become painfully apparent that it indeed is. I played field hockey and volleyball in high school so I had some athletic ability and I wasn’t a stranger to physical activity but that was over 20 years ago. I went to college, majored in business, got married and have been hard at work ever since, I even found time to squeeze a couple kids out of me during the first five years of my marriage. There was never enough time in the day and how any working woman with a family at home ever found the time to get to the gym so that they could stay in shape, was beyond me. I hired a personal trainer at a local gym so I could get some help with the machines and developing a workout a plan, I also wanted help with getting on a diet. I scheduled my fist two sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday night and when Tuesday came along after a long day of work, the last thing I felt like doing was going to the gym and taking instruction from a stranger. I already paid for the sessions though, so I wasn’t going to waste my hard-earned money by not showing up just because I was tired. I thought about just taking the easy way out and looking into getting some liposuctionliposuction but I’d never taken a short-cut in my life and I didn’t feel that now would be a good time to start by getting some cosmetic surgery. I don’t imagine that my husband would be too thrilled about the idea either so I was going to have to give it the old “college try” and do this the old-fashioned way.

My husband knew that I had a personal trainer appointment after work so he was going to take care of dinner for himself and the kids. I left him a note that informed him that there was a package of ground beef in the fridge with a box of hamburger helper in the pantry that he could fix up, but I was pretty sure that he’d just order pizza. I drove to the gym, went inside and found my way to the women’s locker room, where I changed into my workout clothes. I hadn’t met my personal trainer yet so I was interested to see what he was like, I thought about plastic surgery in that moment and wondered if this was even worth trying but I re-decided that I was going to give it a try. I came out of the locker room and saw a woman standing next to the entrance, wearing a t shirt with the gym logo on it. I looked at her and she looked at me and asked if I had a personal training appointment that night, I told her that I did and she smiled and said that she was my personal trainer.

Dr. Zemora

3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 140

Denver, Colorado 80209

[P] 303.780.7377

Urgent Care

Urgent Care


Are you looking for the best urgent care facility in Phoenix? You might realize that you have a wide array of options and that choosing the “best one” really varies according to your needs. You might have different requirements in your health care facility than another person. Like so many other things in life, your healthcare provider is your choice and everyone’s choice varies.

Imagine looking for the most advisable services when it comes to your urgent care needs. You need to write down a list of possible requirements that you might have for yourself. Do you need a company that will promise you the most reassuring healthcare services or do you need a company that is more affordable than anything? Now while your choice will vary, a little of both is desired by most. So how can you find the best urgent care in Las Vegas based on your personal needs?

The solution is easy. You need to invest in some research. Looking for all prospective urgent care facilities will be necessary. Knowing which companies are out there is the first step to success. List all of the facilities you find online and through other directories both offline and online. Upon compiling a list, you need to make sure that you are looking thoroughly through the list. Truncating the list will be a necessity for you.

In order to truncate the list, you need to make a list of criteria the urgent care facility will need to meet in order for you to be fully satisfied with the services being provide to you. The first method to truncate the list is through mileage. If you require your urgent care facility to be a certain distance, you can swiftly remove those that are too far from you off the list.

Afterward, you will want to go into more specifics. If you have an insurance agency that is not accepted by a majority of facilities, you will need to make sure that you check into each urgent cares’ insurance plan. Calling them or visiting their website will promise to give you the best results with this information. If calling, simply ask if they accept your insurance and if they say yes, you know they are a prospective healthcare provider for you. In the event an urgent care facility says no, you know to cross them off your list.

Upon this, your list should be significantly lower than it was before. You will then need to look online for reviews by other healthcare patients from each facility. See how each person rated the services given to him or her by the facility. In the event that a facility has low ratings that seem to dictate a lower standard, you need to cross them off your list and continue down the list.

It will be difficult to find the “perfect” person for you, but you can do is with the proper precautions and information. Give yourself the best healthcare provider through the use of research. For additional information, visit the web to get insight on different companies in your area.

I took her home after dinner, walked her to her door, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, then returned to my car. I really wanted to give her a kiss on the lips but it was all too nerve wracking, getting back into the dating scene after being married for 15 years was like welcoming anxiety attacks into my life. I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life though but it was really hard opening up and trying to get to know people on a personal level. I really didn’t feel all that good about my teeth either so that definitely didn’t help matters either because I rarely smiled and, I was pretty sure that women liked men who smiled. I never had braces growing up like my older brother and sister did, they got good grades and I didn’t so my parents making me feel self-conscience for the rest of my life was my punishment. I was finally making good money, I got a big promotion after my divorce was final and things were working out pretty well for me in a professional sense, so if I could just get my personal life in order, life would be grand.braces

I really wanted to get my teeth fixed and I had recently heard about an alternative to braces called invisalign so I started to look into it. It was basically a series of slightly adjusted, clear forms that you wear on your teeth almost all the time, they were designed to gradually straighten out your teeth over time as you progressed through the forms. This was a popular choice among adults because they often consider braces to be cumbersome and too costly in comparison. Nothing was capable of getting your teeth straighter than braces though so invisalign could only do so much. I felt that my teeth were pretty crooked and that I’d maybe need braces to ultimately get the result I was looking for, plus, I already felt self-conscience about my smile so how much worse could that feeling get if I happened to have braces. Either way, I figured that I needed to schedule an appointment with a dentist or an orthodontist in order to find out exactly what I was looking for.

It wasn’t common for someone my age to get braces but then again, there were a lot of things about me and my life that weren’t common. My boss says that I’m different, I don’t know what that means exactly but if he’s going to pay me more money because I am then he’s not going to hear any arguments from me. As long as he doesn’t change the dental plan on me then he’s definitely not going to hear any guff coming from my direction. I did most of my work with our clients over the phone or email so getting braces wouldn’t negatively impact my ability to deal with anyone, and I already felt comfortable with everyone around the office so I wasn’t worried about how they would react or treat me.

Miller Orthodontics

361 Walker Drive

Warrenton, VA 20186


Best LocksmithKeeping your business protected from outside intruders who enjoy after hours visits is a critical aspect of running a functional business.  If you cannot protect your assets from intruders, anyone can simply come by and rip you off.  You might be asking yourself how one should go about avoiding being burglarized, and the best theft deterrent is great security.  A strong door and an even stronger lock are the best things between your intruders and your assets.  Cameras are nice to, but who cares about cameras if they cannot break down the door without attracting massive attention?

Hiring a commercial locksmith to evaluate your business and determine the best security for your doors and windows is a great way to keep burglars out of your business and keep your assets safe.  If a burglar cannot easily get into your establishment, that alone could be enough deterrent to avoid serious losses.  However, if the door is able to be kicked down, or is not strong enough to withstand a crowbar, your troubles could multiply significantly and quickly.

What is the best way to find a commercial locksmith? You have many options.  Traditionally, most people would reach for the phone book when trying to find a locksmith to help them.  Thanks to the internet, you can educate yourself more thoroughly and look at reviews, websites and other resources to help you determine which locksmiths are reliable long before you start making phone calls.

Once you have a good preliminary list of commercial locksmith services that you believe may be suitable for the tasks you need completed, the phone calls are up to you.  Making phone calls is not fun, but being robbed is certainly worse.  When you are calling commercial locksmith offices to determine whether or not they are any good, you should make sure you have some questions you need answered, otherwise you can’t really determine anything about them on the phone.

Ask each commercial locksmith you talk to about their past work experience, their feelings about locksmithing, maybe even ask what got them into locksmithing in the first place.  Get a sense of their character while you are asking them about their skills, experience and history.  Do they have former clients you could talk to?  That might not hurt either. This is your business we are talking about after all. If you are having a conversation with someone who is supposed to be a commercial locksmith and they are unable to refer you to any of their past happy clients, it should be a glaring red flag for you as a potential customer.  Why would you hire someone who cannot show any track record of their past successes? Any good business celebrates their successes and should be overjoyed to share client testimonials with their potential customers, as those previous clients are the only proof of their ability outside of their own word.

Do not stress yourself when you are searching for a locksmith. There are plenty to choose from, and more than one excellent one to hire.

When it comes to my home, I try to do as much of the work to keep it up and running properly as possible. If things are broken, I usually try to fix it before I bother calling a professional; I am just that kind of person. It not only keeps my costs down for home repair, but I get to learn a lot in the process about things that I would have never learned about otherwise. Some things I of course keep for the professionals and won’t bother doing myself, usually the kind of things people go to school for a number of years for. The only thing that I don’t do myself (but I know that I should) is cleaning the gutters. I used to do it myself but every time I climb up on that roof I freak out. When I was younger I could kind of handle the freaking out but now that I am older, the memory of when my leg went numb for a minute and I fell down keeps replaying in my mind like it was on a loop. Overall I am pretty healthy and I trust my legs to get me around but the idea that the one time my legs decide to give out that I could be on the top of my house just terrifies me. It is just way too dangerous. At first I was just able to come have my brother or a boyfriend if I had one at the time to come over and do it for me and afterwards I would shower them with thanks and free beer and pizza. My brother eventually moved away though and it has been awhile since I have had a boyfriend who I could make clean things for me. I skipped having anyone clean my gutters for the first year or so and when my friend found out he informed me that while my roof would probably survive one year, to push it any further would probably be a bad and possibly decision. Denver roofing companySo that is why for the past few years every spring and fall when I am supposed to go up there and clean out my gutters myself, I sit back and call a Denver roofing company and have them come do it. I found a roof repair company I have been using for a while now and I like them quite a bit. Every time I decide that it is that time of year to have the gutters cleaned again, I call them up and later that week they send out a team to quickly do it for me. I would have never thought that roofing repair companies would also clean gutters but a friend told me that a few do so I guess I got lucky. If I didn’t have them to do it I don’t know who I would be able to call. Honestly, I would probably just let the leaves rot up there and hope for the best.

As a child, Anna had always loved to read and write. She dreamed of writing a novel one day, and spent much time in high school focusing on her writing and literature classes. They were her absolute favorite. When she went to college, she found the top journalism program in the country and decided what she truly wanted to do was write for magazines. She picked a magazine journalism focus, and worked extremely hard to excel in her program. Anna did internships for a variety of magazines, as well as radio, and wrote for her college newspaper as well. The summer following her senior year of college in 2011, she landed an internship at a fitness magazine in New York City.

She was thrilled to get the position, but it quickly became clear that her new role was going to involve a heavy social media strategy for the magazine’s website. She was an active user of social media in her personal life, but had to learn quickly how to incorporate it successfully into her professional work. Anna spent the first year at her position learning the details, and was becoming quite good at it. She was also realizing that the future she had always dreamed of in magazine writing was quickly become obsolete. She could still write, and she would always write, but print magazines – print anything, almost – were on the decline. More and more, news and other types of communication were being translated into websites, social media, and other electronic platforms. Society was growing accustomed to wanting their news and information at the touch of a button, and her magazine was struggling to match their demand.

Anna suggested to her boss that they consider hiring an online marketing firm, who would be able to both increase their online and social media presence as well as help the magazine develop a strategy to move more and more of their content to digital formats for their users going forward as well as retroactively moving content. This would make it so that their magazine, while still in print circulation minimally, was essentially conducting all of its business online. Anna had been nervous as she started to see this trend, but she realized she was going to have to keep up with social media strategies and continue her work that way if she wanted to stay employed.

She wanted to still be able to write, but she knew she would have to stay relevant, as would her magazine. So she followed suit, and developed her own website and social media profiles to be sure she had enough of an online presence and portfolio if she ever were looking for a new job. Her magazine has stayed prolific, and she continues to work happily for them, doing what she loves to do: writing. But it has taken on an electronic form, and she rarely sees her work in hard copy outside of the office’s editorial boards. Anna thinks one day she might still write that book, but even that might end up in an electronic format.

social media strategy

As a company, we have been trying to incorporate a GPS asset tracking system across out fleet for several years now. It has been slow work, as there are several different departments that are involved in making the decision and in determining where the money will come from and how we will manage the change. Going from a great idea to actually seeing it implemented is often very long and time consuming, but in the end we were finally able to push through all the steps and phases and get the new system installed and up and running.  These GPS asset tracking systems can be somewhat expensive if you have a very large fleet of resources that you are needing to track, like we are. And so in the beginning, after having the idea that a GPS asset tracking system would really help us to cut down on costs and replacements, we had to start with gathering current information.  So we began to gather data and make it readable for all the upper level administrators and executives who make the decisions.  This process took nearly a year as we had to install a system of reporting and accountability that was not previously there. We had to request and then teach all the drivers and operators to keep better track of when their machines were in use or their vehicles on the road. And then we had to gather and compile all the data that they would submit until we had enough to show leadership.  After that annual meeting, it was agreed by them all that there were several areas of waste that we costing the company a lot of money, and they could be managed and eliminated with the purchase and installation of a GPS asset tracking system.  So then the process began of doing the research on these types of systems and then gathering all of our internal requirements for such a system. With this large of a purchase, it had to go out for bid and vendors had to submit their proposals. So we needed to know exactly what we wanted. After the requirements were gathered and vetted, and we had written the request for proposal, we were ready to release it and it had been another year. After the vendors put in their bids, we assembled a committee to read the proposals and pick the best one for our needs and our price range.  Then after that contract was signed, we actually started the project of installing the system on all of our assets, getting the data base and website that runs and manages all the data up and running, hiring and training employees who would run and manage the system, and then training and changing the values and perceptions of our assets and resources to change their way of operating to save the company money. IN the end, the GPS asset tracking system is going to save us a lot of money, but it was a very long and complicated process to get it up and running.


11th Street

Denver, CO

F. (303) 531-7668

gps asset tracking

I have written before about how my mother used to work in a dental office and as a result, I was able to get braces for free, yes for free.  It was one of those things that really helped out my family.  Coming from a solidly middle class family, we did not have a ton of extra money, but were still able to go out and enjoy some of the things in the community.  We occasionally took trips, and that is something that I look fondly on now, but for the most part we were pretty frugal with our money.  This is the part where my mother comes in.  She worked as a dental hygienist at a dentists’ office, there were two of them and that is not a grammatical error, and had a good relationship with people in the office.  When it came time for me to look at different options to put on my teeth, one of the things that they first wanted to check out was if I did in fact need braces.  As it turns out, I was pretty lucky.  I grew up having to watch as my younger cousin suffered through rounds and rounds of braces.  His teeth were in such shambles that he had to wear headgear when he went to bed at night.  I was fortunately not in that place at all and was able to get away with being able to wear braces for only around nine months.  Anyway, when they started to look at my teeth, they quickly realized that the big issue was that I had a single tooth that was rotated about ninety degrees.  How that came in like that I do not know, but that was really the big issue with my teeth.  I guess that I did have a small overbite, but aside from that I was in pretty good shape.  With that in mind, I guess that my orthodontist and my mother had a conversation which allowed for me to get braces and treatment for free. They did not charge us a cent and for a middle class family that meant a lot.  The great thing about getting braces is that it allows you quite a bit of freedom.  One of the first things that someone notices about a stranger is the quality of their teeth.  If they do not have good teeth, then the stranger will recognize this and probably not be friends or hire the person.  I guess that I am being pretty out there with that statement, but for the most part I see the validity.  Nevertheless, after going through the treatment with the braces, we realized that I see needed a bit more of treatment with a retainer.  This was to make sure that my teeth did not move from the positions they were set in with the braces.  Instead of going the traditional route with a retainer, the orthodontist gave me a pack of Invisalign braces that allowed for me to go about my daily routine without much of a change.


Car accidents are never fun. From fender benders to ones where everyone leaves in a air life chopper, car accidents can be devastating, and stressful. Usually they are time consuming when dealing with the police and heart wrenching if anyone is seriously injured. Car accidents do not only affect the people involved, they ripple and can hurt loved ones of the ones involved in the accident. Auto accidents often cause heavy traffic delays and are just stressful for everyone on the road. Hopefully, if you are involved in a car accident, it was not serious enough to need to pursue a personal injury attorney or auto accident lawyer. But if you are unsure if you should pursue a court case, how do you decide? Here are some useful tips to help you choose whether or not you should take your case higher up or should just accept your loses and move on.Auto Accident Attorneys

What most people to not realize is that when filing for a personal injury case, you can often end up losing money and find yourself in a much more stressful situation than before the case. First you should take into consideration how badly injured whoever is wanting to file the claim is. If the accident (be it work, car accident, or other) is minor there is not point in filing the claim. However if it is major, resulting in the need for expensive surgery and on going care that requires a heavy medical bill to be associated- that is when one should consider seeking a personal injury lawyer. Also if it is an auto accident case, and the other person is not insured, this is often an appropriate time to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Still though, proceed with caution. Cases like this are not quick to turnover and there for will not result with a check quickly sent your way. Instead it will more than likely result in you dealing with the court and legal system for up to years at a time. If you live in a densely populated area where the courts are dealing with a lot of cases, it can very likely take years to be resolved. Each case is different, but this time line is a practical expectation depending on where you live. On top of these you also have to factor in that you are responsible for all court related fees even down to the copying expenses and filing costs! As if these was all not stressful enough you also have to fret about paying a contingency fee to the attorney which means if you win the case you could end up paying the personal injury attorney up to 40% of what you won in the case, on top of the usual attorney fees.

In short the legal costs, not to mention the stress, of hiring a personal injury lawyer and taking your case to court is often not worth it if your injuries are relatively minor. It is only in a situation where you are facing unrealistic medical bills, are severely injured, or feel exceedingly strongly about the injustice of your case that you will want to make a claim against the insurance companies and take some one to court.