March 2014

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renovation designFor most people, being a homeowner is a big step in life.  There are many reasons why this is the case.  For one thing, you have a lot of decisions to make.  For instance, you get to decide how to remodel or renovate your home.  Having your own home enables you to alter it to fit your personal taste.  Of course, unless you want to do all the work yourself, you need to hire professionals to help you with the stuff that you either cannot do or do not wish to do.  An agency that specializes in renovation design will enable you to get the most out of your home remodeling project.  That is because they employ a team of specialists who can work through the various aspects of remodeling your home or a room in your home.  The first person you should talk to is a consultant who will be able to help you with a lot of the bigger, broader decisions.  First of all, they try to figure out what your goals are, regarding remodeling your home.  Then, they help you determine your budget for this particular project.  Renovating your home is great, but you should not break your budget to do so.  That is why the consultant can help you set up a project that will meet your needs and not exceed your budget.  The second step in the process is to have a design specialist come look at your home, to see how the new materials will be utilized in that particular space.  This is one of the ways in which the designers try to envision what the room will eventually look like.  When it comes to home renovation, careful planning is of the utmost importance.  Of course, a big part of planning is being able to envision the final product.  One of the biggest challenges in any home renovation project is coordinating all the different people involved in the project and having everything work cohesively.  That is why it is typically smart to have one agency or company to handle your home revocation for you.  That way, you do not have to coordinate contractors, interior designers, and various other experts yourself.  You have one company to deal with, and they can handle everything for you.  You can just make the decision.  Plus, they all work for the same company, so they know how to operate efficiently and cohesively.  This is the most efficient way to go about things.  If you are, in fact, choosing to remodel your entire home one room at a time, there is no better place to start than your bathrooms.  People put a lot of value into their bathrooms, for good reason.  There are so many features to choose, when it comes bathroom remodeling.  The countertops, sinks, toilet, and shower are all up to you.  You can make them out of the material you like best and incorporate designs and colors that are appealing to you.  It is your space, so make it fit your personality.

Metal buildings are the sensible choice for a number of different kinds of buildings if you can afford the initial capital. In most cases, steel is often justifiable even if it means taking out loans for the initial capital. Steel buildings often pay for themselves because they are so cheap, but they are only cheap relative to their lifespans. That is to say that you have to have the steel building for a long time in order to justify them. There are some kinds of buildings that are going to be around for a long time and others that won’t. Agricultural buildings, hangars, and garages are buildings that are around for a long time. Something like an office building or a business is in an outlet mall are not around for that long. (The great things about a steel building, however, is that it is easily adjusted and changed to accommodate for those changes that come with office buildings or outlet mall businesses.) Another kind of building that is around for a long time is a warehouse. Steel is a great choice for your warehouse building project for a number of reasons, the longevity of steel’s lifespan one of them. For your warehouse, you do not have to worry about location changes. Consider building an office building. You do not know how long those offices are going to be there. Perhaps, your business changes locations because they find somewhere that helps increase revenue. They need to follow that revenue-increasing location. But the location of the warehouse is significantly less important. If you change states or countries, then you are probably not going to be able to use your old warehouses. But for small moves, your warehouses will stay the same. The warehouse is often off-site anyway, so why does it matter? So for this reason, steel is cheap for warehouses. Again, it is only cheap if you are going to have it for a long time. With warehouses, you are going to have that for a long time, so it definitely makes sense. Another reason steel is especially important for warehouses has to do with the very purpose of a warehouse. You are storing things in there that, when damaged, result in losing money. Those things need to stay secure. Your warehouse is basically an enormous safe. So would you make a safe out of wood? Of course not. Not only is it durable, it is going to keep out the elements. You do not have to worry about water damage. You do not have to worry about structural damage due to strong winds or things falling on it, like trees. Perhaps the best justification for getting steel from a supplier is that it is fireproof. While a tornado coming through your warehouse would certainly be disastrous, the odds say that this is not going to happen. Fires, on the other hand, are more probable. But they do not have to be worried about when you choose to build with steel for your warehouse.

I have always loved being outside, it’s been something super important to me for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I lived in a city in the middle of the plains in a humid and environment conservationhot home town where it was in your best interest to not be outside during the summer days. The good thing is I was exposed to the outdoors as a young girl through my mother’s brother. He is an environmental engineer and has spent a lot of time being outside and offering his family the opportunity to do so as well in a way that is respectful of our environment. You see he believes in environment preservation and was constantly educating us on different issues while he exposed us to nature.

I owe him a great deal because being outside and in nature has absolutely made me come alive. I in fact live near the mountains right now and would live even closer if I could and I will some day. I believe nature is great for the soul and that we must take good care of mother earth while we have the opportunity to do so so the generations to come can play in her majesty in the ways that we have been able to. I remember growing up and spending time in Ruidoso, New Mexico where my uncle had a cabin. We got to see so many black and brown bears that were just breath taking in strength and wild nature. My uncle talked to be about habitat preservation and how important it is for us to make sure that bears have places to live which means we can over develop residential and commercial areas. I took in every word he said, more than I am sure he knew at the time or even knows now.

My uncle actually lived in Montana when I was younger and I looked forward to visiting him more than anything. I remember him taking us down the Big Hole River in a raft and some oars. I know he didn’t have a raft guide license but I trusted him implicitly though he did flip the raft on my cousins a few times. I am just glad I wasn’t there for that. While he took us down the river he talked to us about the places where he was doing his land preservation with his company and how important it was to reclaim some of the lands we had polluted to make them feel as much like their natural state as possible.

They eventually moved him up to Alaska and as soon as I could I moved up there to be with him and his family. He had influenced me so much and I had the mountains in my soul  then and there was no way anyone could keep me from there. I learned so much while I was up there and quickly applied to college in Colorado and was able to really apply my knowledge about environmental protection in an academic context. If each of us does our part then our earth will be beautiful for generations to come.

lead generation

Next week is an office party in my honor for having the best sales record this quarter. We’ll have a pizza party and I get a plaque with my picture taken and I think there is even a company parking spot close to the front door that I get. It’s a lot of celebrating for an accomplishment that I don’t really feel that I am deserving of. Yes, I work hard and I try my best to hit my margins every month but without the help of Live Contact Leads, our life transfer leads company I would do no better than the average person.

If you are unaware of what a company like Live Contact Leads does I will explain it for you so you can see just how easy they make my line of work. First off, I should explain that I am in the business of selling home security two people over the phone. If that sounds like a daunting task, it is. Before we started using this live lead generation company I would literally tremble whenever the phone was ringing and the other line was picked up. I know just how annoying it can be to be hassled at your own home and I didn’t like having the shoe on the other foot. However, the transfer leads that are generated by Live Contact Leads are people who are actively seeking my service. We may differ on price or the range of services offered but in general we are in the same ballpark and can at least have a conversation about it. It is this personalized touch that is kept our company in concert with live contact leads for so many years. They work side-by-side with us and are always trying to improve their matches. The more they know about what we are looking for in customers, the better they can go and find them. In many areas of marketing it is all about finding your demographic and putting the right sales pitch out there. With live leads that have been painstakingly sought out and sorted I know that every time I pick up the phone there is a friendly voice on the other end. It is a far cry from the dark days when I would get hung up on four times out of five.

It’s also great that the live lead generation we get our never what are called cold leads. These are obviously leads that have been called upon by other associates, primarily by our own competition. This is an uphill battle to try and keep these customers on the line and usually they end up being short conversation. However, live contact leads promises that we will never find old leads in our system. Sure, someone might have been interested in what I am selling two years ago but that does little help for me or my company today. That’s why Live Contact Leads ensures that every lead they pass on to us is not only willing and wanting to hear about our product, but they want that product now.

MRI review If you have had an MRI and are in need of an MRI review by an expert medical professional who can help to diagnose, and hopefully begin to treat you, then you may want to look into visiting a doctor at the Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates located in Boulder, Colorado. This is a place that offers a free MRI review for new patients who are in need of a consult by a professional who can help them. There are many neurosurgeons and doctors at the BNASURG who will be able to assist you when it comes to getting a proper diagnosis regarding your symptoms and pain. It is so important that you get a correct diagnosis when it comes to your health. If you have already had an MRI then most likely you have already been dealing with problems and issues related to your health for awhile and are now looking for the proper diagnosis so that you can be on your way to getting treated. There are a lot of issues and side effects that can stem from certain spine and neurological medical problems. One of the most common issues that the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates see is spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is a serious medical condition that effects the spine, back, and brain as well as other areas of the body. Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spine that causes pain and discomfort, and often times delayed or impacted motor skills. It is a condition that effects a lot of people and is often times misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. For this reason it is important to seek out the advice and consult of a neurosurgeon or spine surgeon who can help you determine whether or not you are dealing with spinal stenosis so that you can be on your way to better health sooner rather than later. There is no need to continue to suffer with spine pain and discomfort any longer when there are people like the ones at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates to help you out. These are dedicated medical professionals who are going to be there for you no matter what and it all starts with your free MRI review. To get started with requesting a a free MRI review from a doctor at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates in Boulder, Colorado you must first visit their website to learn more and submit your information. The website is easy to navigate and understand so that you can start the process to getting your free MRI Review today.You do not have to suffer with spinal stenosis or any other spine or neurological issue anymore because the people at the BNASURG are willing and able to help you. Do not hesitate to contact this medical office, located in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado if you are in need of a consultation or MRI review by a trusted and dedicated spine surgeon or neurosurgeon so that you can be on your way to a pain free life.

Your relationship with medical care providers is an important one. You want to have a good working relationship with your doctor, dentist, and orthodontist. If you are able to, it is even nice to occasionally break the boundary into the personal considering that you share intimate and detailed information with these people. Letting them have all of the information that they need is an important way to keep clear lines of communication. These clear lines of communication enable the medical professional to detect when there may be a health concern and offer you the best possible medical care. As mentioned above, your orthodontist is no different. Like many other medical professionals, you expect to stick with the same one for a while. This is definitely the case with orthodontics. Your or your kids’ braces are going to be on for a long time. It is an extremely burdensome process to just pack up and change orthodontists halfway through the period of time of wearing them. So before you sign the check for your first orthodontics appointment, make sure that you have shopped around a bit and determined which orthodontist is the best for you. There are a number of factors to consider. First and foremost, find an orthodontist that you feel comfortable with. You want to feel like you can trust this person that is going to be ultimately responsible for the long-term health of your teeth. Braces can be a huge advantage to your long-term dental and oral health. For this reason, the job needs to be done with care and confidence. So you want confidence in your orthodontist. You can determine if you have a good feeling about the orthodontist by meeting with him or her. Many even offer a free consultation. Second, you want to make sure that he or she has the proper credentials. By this, I do not mean to ensure that he or she is approved to practice dental medicine. Of course, this needs to be the case. But if an orthodontist is practicing dentistry without a license, there is a bigger (and criminal) issue at hand. I am talking about checking the doctor’s tract record. Have you heard good things? What are the reviews like? Has the orthodontist been recognized by different boards or award committees? These things are not huge deals. Someone can go unrecognized but still does excellent work. And someone can get by with schmoozing and glad-handing but is an average orthodontist. But on the whole, this is often a pretty good indication of a quality orthodontist. The last thing to look for is exclusive to those with child patients. A kid-friendly orthodontist can really shape a child’s experience with dental health. A positive experience can direct a child to a future of responsible and diligent dental care. A negative experience can sour the future of their dental hygiene. Braces may just look like metal wires and brackets, but it is a big enough deal that you want to ensure that you have the right orthodontist for the job.