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With the recent ebola virus outbreaks in Western Africa, the world seems to be on an even higher alert than usual.  At least every year there is some sort of pandemic scare across the globe: avian flu, H1N1, SARS, West Nile virus, etc.  Those viruses have definitely created problems and caused a lot of deaths, but public health officials seem to be approaching this most recent outbreak with far more caution and it definitely has the rest of the world rattled. disease surveillance

There is currently no vaccine, effective treatment, or cure for the ebola virus and it can spread rapidly when undetected.  The only thing preventing such a quick spread is that the virus is not contagious through the air; it can only be transferred through bodily fluids.  Yet doctors, nurses, humanitarian workers, aides, and public health reporters are still becoming infected at rapid rates.  If you are concerned with the recent ebola outbreak but feel like you can’t get an accurate account of what’s going on, there are websites that you can view that specialize in disease and virus surveillance in real time.  Resources like Healthmap, an interactive online tool that updates disease occurrence, can give hourly updates on the situations central to outbreaks.  It is updated by a team of health researchers, epidemiologists, field supervisors, and doctors who compile statistics and associated reports from hundreds of sources.  Even on-the-ground interviews with public health officials are taken into account when publishing statistics onto Healthmap.

With disease mapping websites you can feel more informed about the many outbreak situations going on in the world right now.  You can also find information on food borne illnesses due to food contamination, water boiling notices, pine beetle infestations, animal sicknesses, and any other public health issues that could affect you.

Websites such as Healthmap are incredibly useful for travel.  If you are about to enter a country or region that you are unfamiliar with, Healthmap can be used to track local occurrences of diseases and viruses by their specific locations.  With this information you can avoid certain places if you happen to be more susceptible to illness or if you are traveling with children.  You can also use such information for school assignments, work reports, and public reporting if you happen to work at a public health department yourself. The compilation of information that is reported on Healthmap and similar websites is also used for statistical analysis and future projections.  Aside from the interactive map, you can view these reports online as well as download the mobile application that sends alerts if an outbreak is occurring in your area.

We are all concerned with the recent ebola outbreak, and the world seems to be watching while holding their breath.  Projections on treatments and immunizations at this point are at least one year away, so all we can do is protect ourselves and our loved ones with precaution.  If you like to receive hourly updates on the situation in West Africa, Healthmap is the perfect resource.

storage unit

When I first had to move out of my apartment, I was getting nervous about what I was going to do next. Unfortunately for me, my roommates all had to move out, and I couldn’t afford the place on my own. Naturally, I had to look for roommates, but I didn’t have a lot of time to find anyone, so I was in a major time squeeze. Even though I tried to get enough people to move in, I couldn’t find three extra people in time, so I had to move out of the apartment as well. Since I took so much time trying to find new roommates, I wasn’t able to find my next apartment in time! I only had a few days to move out of my current apartment, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move into a new place on such short notice! Thankfully, I had a great group of friends who were willing to let me crash at their houses for a while, and for that I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t able to store all of my stuff at their houses, so I was out of luck on that front! I had a few loveseats and a lot of dressers for my clothes, not to mention that I had a full queen size bed complete with box springs! I almost got to the point of being too stressed out to move, but my friends reminded me that I could always get a self storage rental! I almost completely forgot about these storage places, and I was very excited to know that they could help me store all of my extra stuff while I was looking for a new place to live.

Thankfully, I was able to borrow a friend’s heavy duty truck to transport all of my material goods, and I was able to safely transport each load to my self storage rental. When I first got to the self storage facility, I was greeted by a friendly customer service representative, and they let me know all of my available options. Since I had a lot of furniture to store, they let me know of all of my options as far as storage unit sizes went. Thankfully, they had some very large storage units, so I would be able to store my loveseats, dressers, and even my bed all in one unit without having things too cramped up, which could cause damage to them! I was also concerned about safety of the materials being stored in my home, but I soon found that their entire facility was proper guarded and maintained with the latest, state of the art security systems, so there was virtually no worry about the safety of my things! In the end, everything was extremely affordable, and their monthly rates didn’t put a dent on my bank account at all. Every service they offered was satisfactory, and the fact that I was able to safely store my home furnishings without any worry was just the cherry on top of the cake!

One of the things that everyone learns while they grow up are the things that they appreciate about their parents and the things that their parents do that make you never want to be like them.  The irony is that you ultimately end up a lot like your parents and you get to empathize with them quite a bit.  This goes back to my own childhood and the computer room in which I spent many of my formative years, playing video games and being on the computer.  When you grow up in an age of AOL and all of the software that was coming out to fit the Gateway 95 computer, you tend to spend a good amount of time in that area.  Nevertheless, one of the things that could not be ignored was the fact that the chair mat was depressed into the floor.  It had sunk so far into the floor that the question around its effectiveness was impossible to not raise.  How is that plastic chair mat supposed to stop the deterioration of the carpet with those gigantic indentations in the mat?  It was a pretty ugly sight and my parents were surely aware of the situation, but probably not moved enough to do anything about it.

glass chair matAs a result, as a family, research was done to figure out better solutions.  One that appeared as the glass chair mat.  A glass chair mat differs from its plastic cousins in that as a hard surface, it does a much better job of protecting the floor underneath it.  By allowing the glass chair mat to lay against your carpet or your hard wood floor, there is a much better chance that it would do the job that is was supposed to do in the first place.

With that in mind, it is critical to protect these floors with a chair mat.  Period.  If you do not, little rocks can adhere to the rolling wheels and this would cause the chair to scratch your floor every time that you need to make a move in the chair.  People rely on being able to do this, so if that were to be changed, i.e. if you took that away as a way to say your floor, it would change the course of the future.  Probably not, but there is a good chance that not having a glass chair mat would make you and your colleagues less effective at work.  All you would have to do then is buy a glass chair mat to protect your floors and help your colleagues by suggesting that they do the same for their home offices and the work offices as well. I am sure that a number of local stores have many of these chair mats available and I would hope that more and more people focus on those instead of the cheap plastic ones, which may or may not actually have a beneficial effect.

There were just a few weeks left before the day of the baby shower and I still had so much to do.  I was throwing the shower for some friends of mine who were celebrating the arrival of their very first.  We have a pretty close group of friends so a bunch of us pitched in for the party.  There was a lot of pressure to make the whole event run smoothly because our dear friends meant so much to us.  We knew how excited they were to be welcoming a baby to the mix and we also knew they would be great parents.  It was going to be a touch road ahead once the baby comes because there would be a lot of adjusting, so before the little bundle got here we wanted to show our friends a great time.

I had a number of jobs to complete for the party plan, and one of them involved the decorations.  Our friends are pretty big comic book fans so I thought it would be fun to have some decorations that centered around that.  I didn’t want to just get some sort of childish party decorations that wouldn’t even last through the night.  They have always done so much for us so I wanted to make the decorations memorable.  Finally I decided to spend a little more than I would at the party store and get a custom banner.  With this I could put some great graphics and messages on there that would be a big hit, and they could keep the banner to remember the occasion and to use again in the future.

vinyl bannerThe options for banners were pretty impressive at so I knew I picked a good place to find what I needed.  They offer custom-made banners for specific occasions but they also have a line of premium banners for common uses, such as a grand opening or blowout sale.  The whole line of premium banners covered everything from welcome home events to anniversaries and graduations to sale advertisements.  The nice thing about premium banners is that they can be rolled up and stored away for the next sale or big event and the style will never look outdated.  As long as you keep them dry, the banners will last for years.

The vinyl banners from are versatile and lightweight so they can be mounted easily without pulling down too much.  The vinyl is weather resistant but also looks great indoors.  I got some strange questions initially when I requested a “Welcome Baby Smith” banner complete with spiderman graphics, but I still got exactly what I wanted in the end.  The sign designers wanted to make sure they understood exactly what I was going for before getting started, and I think because they spent that time to work with me the banner was finished flawlessly.  In the end the whole comic book baby shower was a success and our friends loved every piece of it.  They cherish their spiderman banner and say they will definitely use it when the next baby arrives also.

indoor play centerIt can be difficult to find new and interesting ideas for your child’s birthday party.  At times it can be easier in the summer to find places to go because there are so many outdoor activities going on.  However, during the winter months you and the kids can feel all cooped up with nowhere to go.  There are two things that I absolutely love to do with the kids in the winter time because it lifts our spirits and gets us as excited as we are in the summer every day.  The first is the indoor water park that’s just up the highway from our home.  We definitely love to slap on our bathing suits in the middle of January and ride the slides until we’re exhausted.  My second favorite thing to do in the winter time is take the family to the indoor amusement park, complete with rides, games, prizes, concessions, and more candy than anyone could ever need.  It makes me feel like a kid again and the rest of my family loves it to because we can run around and play as if it were the middle of July.

An indoor children’s amusement park is certainly something that I am glad exists.  When my kids have been pretty good and deserve a reward but the weather outside is forcing us to stay in, we put on our snow boots and brave the winter to get to the place that feels like summer all year long.  You can definitely walk in if you’d like without making a reservation, or you can plan a party months in advance if you know it’s coming.  But indoor amusement parks are not just for birthdays, it’s a perfect spot for a family of four that just wants to have a little bit of fun some evening.  If you do want to book a reservation for a birthday ahead of time, you can usually do that online to make things easier.

The rides that are typically available in most of the indoor amusements that I have seen include carousels, air bounce houses, train rides, swing rides, ferris wheels, fun mirrors, teacup rides, whip rides, and more.  There are also tons of games and prizes to check out.  The whole experience can include food if you want it to, or it can just be a place to ride a few rides after dinner at home.

One perk that I loved about the indoor amusement park closest to us was that they provided free invitations that can be downloaded from their website.  This way you don’t have to worry about writing out your own directions or explaining the details of the party because the park has already done it for you.  They also had printable thank you cards for after the party.

So the next time you’re feeling cramped up and depressed in the middle of winter, take my advice and join our family in an evening or day or fun that makes it feel like summer.

Lollipop Park

6901 South Peoria Street

Centennial, CO 80112

(303) 761-8700

With the recent legislation legalizing marijuana in Colorado, you would be excused for thinking that they had gone back to high school with the amount of talk this subject is getting.  Nevertheless, as it seems, many of the people talking about the subject are industry focused and the noise is probably just because it is new and novel.  Since the legalization occurred, most of the talk around town has not been about the pot tourists or anything having to do with the bud itself.  In fact, most of the talk is around people buying the stuff and benefitting schools.  One of the big pieces of leverage for the backers of the legislation was the fact that taxes on the sale of weed would go to a fund that allows for schools to apply for capital cost improvements and new school construction.  Nevertheless, below all of this talk are actually a lot of people that are benefitting from the sale of weed.  These are the secondary industries that have popped up in the state.

vape pensOne of these industries is the manufacturing of blown glass pipes. As a secondary industry, it has obviously benefited well from being able to align itself with an industry that has been so successful over the previous eight months.  People are constantly looking to buy weed and occasionally they drop their piece because they are high and this means that they will soon need to buy another one.  That is where the glass blowing industry comes into play.  They are able to a great job of accommodating individuals’ needs and identifying high quality animals and mythical creatures that they can make the pipes into.  It really is a cool industry in that respect.  That is not the only secondary industry to benefit.  The other is a much newer industry that surrounds the vape pens that are now on the market.  Vape pens are a newer technology that heats an oil that can deliver doses of THC instead of making people smoke to get the chemical compound.  As a result, many people, and of course the industry, claim that it is much safer to do that than it would be to smoke.

Many people are still wary of this because it has not be evaluated by many scientific communities and the FDA has not commented on it either.  That means that it is not regulated, so anyone could really put anything into the compounds that people are smoking.  Nevertheless, they have been extremely popular and have been flying off the shelves of Blown Glass Gifts. As one can easily see, the marijuana industry has the ability to strengthen a number of other secondary industries around the state and this is going to be a very good thing for all of the people involved in the industries and for the taxpayers of the state.  It is going to make a lot of money for the state and that means that more and more people are going to be able to get the services that they need to be successful.

Universities are normally some of the best places for medical research since universities usually get an immensely larger amount of funding than most hospitals or any other medical institution. For decades now it has been universities more than anyone else who is at the forefront of finding new ways to help people feel better for people who are suffering from neurological problems from disorders such as epilepsy, movement disorders, neurosurgery, hearing disorders, multiple sclerosis, headaches or strokes.

Since 1988 when the Colorado Neurological Institute first opened, they have been giving research support to medical professionals involved in and interested in the field of neuroscience.

neurological therapyColorado Neurological Institute is one of those university programs who is able to do a lot more to help people because of the resources that they are given. The neurological program helps patients every day who suffer from neurological conditions who would probably not have comprehensive medical care without the university, which provides the patients with drugs, surgical treatments, devices and therapies. Many of these benefits that are offered by the Colorado Neurological Institute are not even offered at many other medical facilities.

When people do not have insurance or even the money to cover the co-pay of any neurological work, which, let’s face it, almost none of us do, they go to places like the Colorado Neurological Institute. This is usually the best option for people because even if they are a part of clinical research trials at Colorado Neurological Institute, it is probably the only way that they are going to be able to get any sort of comprehensive care and support.

The twelve-person team at the Colorado Neurological Institute pairs up with distinguished doctors and medical professionals all around Colorado to provide all level of research and practice including research coordination, grant writing and administration, statistical analysis and regulatory compliance. The tools and methods that are found to be particularly useful are then passed on to the corresponding neurological doctors to help them be at the forefront of the best possible medical care that they can give to their patients.

If you are in the Colorado area and have suffered any kind of neurological damage from a stroke, neurointerventional radiology, neurosurgery, a brain or spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Hunting’s Disease, hearing, head pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Humanitarian Us Devices or any other movement disorders or restrictions, you can also be a part of the research and treatment programs at the Colorado Neurological Institute. You can find information online or try to sign up by going and talking to any of the staff at the center. They can talk to you about what kind of trials they have going on at the moment and how any of them might be able to help you get back to your normal self again. They have trails going all of the time and so you should be able to find something fairly quickly and easily that will work to fit your needs and get you back to your old self.

Traditional masonry construction has been a popular option for residential and commercial construction since the time it was invented. There are many benefits to traditional masonry construction, including great durability and low maintenance requirements when properly installed. Some people say that properly constructed masonry work can make a building last upwards of five hundred years. Talk about return on investment. Additionally, traditional masonry work is typically designed to eliminate the need for frequent maintenance by eliminating the need for painting, staining, or waterproofing, depending on the materials used. The most common materials used for traditional masonry construction these days are brick and concrete. Their has been a recent spike in the demand for traditional masonry work as the preferred style for homes has shifted back to authentic old world craftsmanship. Unfortunately, traditional masonry work is very expensive and does not fit in to the budget of every home and family. The cost of the materials required for traditional masonry work in addition to the cost of labor can be very overwhelming. Not to mention that if you want the project completed correctly, it is going to require a lot of time. If you are attracted to the look and feel of traditional masonry work but have been scared off by the high expense, not to worry. Fortunately there are companies out there who provide faux stone panels as a more budget friendly alternative to masonry construction.

There are many companies out there these days who produce faux stone panels as an alternative to traditional masonry work. One of the leading companies is Genstone. Genstone’s products allow you to incorporate the look and feel of natural stone siding in a way that is cost effective, time efficient, and environmentally friendly. Using molds cast from actual stone or brick, their products are designed and engineered to give the most authentic natural stone look possible using man made materials. Their products come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures in order to meet the style demands of nearly any home or building. Their faux brick veneer and faux stone veneer products not only provide an authentic look, but also exemplify the great durability of traditional masonry work. In addition to being incredible durable, Genstone’s products also require very little maintenance over the years. All of their products are produced with UV-durability so that they will not fade or warp under the pressure of the elements. This means no painting, no staining, and no waterproofing. Genstone is so confident in their products that they offer a twenty five year warranty.

If you still are not convinced about how great Genstone’s products are, check out their website for more information. There you can find pricing information as well as a catalog of all of their products. My personal favorite is the American Brick, which comes in a variety of natural earth tones. On their website you can also find information about installation, shipping, and a photo gallery of successful installations from their past clients.

GenStone Products

1075 South Yukon Street

Lakewood, CO

(720) 962-6655


I love what I do for a living, and I try not to take it for granted. I know there are a lot of people out there who hate their jobs, despise going into work everyday and lose sleep over dreading another day in the futile, rat race of life. I think that’s a terrible way to live, I think that everyone needs to follow their passion and do something that makes them happy, whether it’s profitable or not. Stress is the biggest killer in the world and working jobs that suck, can literally suck the life out of you over the course of a long, boring career. But, you don’t have to let that happen, I personally found at a young age that I loved motorcycles, but it took me a while to learn that I could make a living selling and servicing them instead of the dead-end stuff I’d eventually grown accustomed to. I think about the days I wasted away in a call center, regurgitating the same, disingenuous, stupid apologies to customers on behalf of a company that didn’t care about me. Now, regardless I was  learning valuable skills and I was able to make some commission on an occasional sale or two. My father-in-law actually hooked me up with this job, I told him I was handy with a wrench and I had a serious interest in Harley Davidson and Honda motorcycles, the next thing I knew I was telling my boss I was through and was working on and selling bikes the next day.Honda motorcycle

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of the funk that we’re in, it’s obviously nice to have a helping hand. For me, loading up the dirt bike onto the trailer and hitching it to my truck and going to the mountains is the easiest way for me to snap out of it. It’s hard finding friends at this age who like to ride, maybe it’s a young man’s game but I love hitting the jumps. I’ve stayed in pretty good shape so I’m able to keep up with the youngsters pretty well. We all look the same when we have our helmets on anyway so I don’t think anyone’s taking it too easy on me either way. I knew I had to work tomorrow but I didn’t feel upset about it, I’d honestly rather be out here, but I at least got to deal with motorcycles if I wasn’t able to be out riding them. I wound around the track for the last time as the sun set and took a moment to appreciate my new, happy and inspired direction in life. I wouldn’t ever again allow myself to live life feeling anything other than the way I feel when I’m on my Harley, cruising at 60 miles an hour down the highway on a hot, summer night, loving every breath I take. I wake up everyday feeling good, and not because I know I have Lucky Charms and a fresh gallon of milk in the fridge, but because I have a job that I love and a rewarding career.

Taking on any construction project, big or small, can seem stressful and overwhelming. I am sure that we have all heard those nightmare stories about contractors going way over budget and way over schedule. When working on a tight budget and or schedule, you can not be dealing with lazy or untrustworthy contractors. That is why it is so important to do your research before embarking on a big construction project. When it comes to steel and metal buildings, look no further than Capital Steel. Capital Steel is one of the leading steel and metal building contractors in the country. They have earned a great reputation for professional quality and service all across the country. The greatest thing about Capital Steel is that they give you options to choose how you want to complete your construction project. You have the choice to work directly with Capital Steel Corporate, or you can deal locally with one of their many authorized contractors across the country. Capital Steel sets the standard for the rest of the steel and metal industry and they guarantee satisfaction for all of their clients. They want to work with you to make all of your steel and metal building projects a great success. There are many benefits to choosing Capital Steel for your building needs, whether you choose to go corporate or work with one of over one thousand local authorized contractors across the country.

There are many different types of steel and metal buildings that are provided by Capital Steel. Below is a list of some of the main types of buildings that they produce, although it is no where near comprehensive. If you have a special project or custom building that you have been dreaming of, Capital Steel can work with you to meet your specific needs.

Common Steel Buildings from Capital Steel

1. Aircraft Hangars

Protect your aircraft with one of Capital Steels pre-engineered steel aircraft hangars.

2. Commercial buildings

Capital steel can provide you with a structure for any of your business’ needs. From self-storage to manufacturing to office space, Capital Steel has what your business needs.

3. Government buildings

Capital Steel has been a trusted contractor for government buildings such as firehouses, police stations, and libraries, for many years.

4. Schools

As student populations continue to grow with each passing year, school buildings must be able to accommodate the influx of people. Capital Steel can help with all of your school expansion needs.

Common Metal Buildings from Capital Steel

1. Farming and Agricultural buildings

Capital Steel is a great option for many farming and agricultural needs, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and storage facilities.

2. Gymnasium buildings

Get a sturdy and durable structure with lots of space and room for expansion.

3. Strip-mall

Capital Steel provides excellent products and services for all of your strip-mall needs.

4. Warehouse

There are many different applications and options for warehouse use. Whatever it is that you need, Capital Steel can meet your standards.

For any of your metal and steel building needs, call Capital Steel today.


If you have been lacking in getting patients or clients for your business then being able to have a better comprehensive plan for your Healthcare marketing may be your problem.  healthcare website designBut being able to have a good marketing presence on the web today’s important part of any business. If you were looking to be able to have good web presence you need to be able to work with healthcare marketing gurus who are experts in being able to provide the right kind of marketing for your business. Being able to have a healthcare website designed it is going to be one that can answer peoples questions when they click on it makes it possible for you to be able to also generate leads for your healthcare industry. For you to be able to be successful today having a good web presence is necessary. Having a comprehensive healthcare website designed it was one the people can go to and answer questions that they may have can be very important for you to be able to have them and upcoming to the doors.

I need to know about your industry and what kind of healthcare needs you can help them with. I’m out of the type of healthcare and by being able to generate more healthcare leads to you will help you to be successful. There are many great ways online in which you can generate leads for your business. But being able to use advertising dollars towards advertising online can be a great way to dedicate dollars for specifying your industry. But being able to use healthcare PPC which is a paper click service plus people to find you and only you pay the amount of money that is needed for people who are looking for you. This way you dedicate your advertising dollars to be able to have people that are looking for you. But being able to use healthcare marketing gurus they can help you with all different sides of your healthcare marketing.

If it is a healthcare website design that you are lacking than being able to use them for this type of service congruent prove your website and how it looks and appears to others. They can also help you with the best ways for you to spend your advertising dollars and being able to use healthcare SEO to be able to have your website being found properly on the web. This in turn will help you to generate many healthcare leads which will allow you to make a turnaround if you are lacking in finding the right meta-patients coming to your doors. But being able to adjust the way that you spend your advertising dollars to make a big difference to your bottom line. But being able to get the right amount of healthcare leads help to generate the right kind of business for you. You can greatly increase the amount of patients that are being seen her clients coming to you but being able to have a good web presence today.

storageOne of the largest and fastest growing industries in the United States is the self storage industry.  It has become such a widely utilized service because space, particularly storage space, is becoming an increasingly valuable and sought-after commodity.  Clients rent storage units, usually for a month, at a time, in order to store anything that they do not have the space for, at the moment.  It goes without saying that there are a lot of different situations that could lead to your needing this service, but regardless of the reason, it is vital that you find a good company, to store your property.  The variation among different companies involved is incredible, and you do not want to get trapped in an unfavorable contract with a bad self storage company.  For anyone in the Los Angeles area, A-American Self Storage is the clear choice for storage.

The top priority of any storage company should be security, as it is an industry that revolves around storing other people’s possessions, so there are bound to be interested criminal parties.  Because of the high risk of crime, good self storage companies, like A-American Self Storage, have adopted highly sophisticated and effective security measures.  In addition to having the grounds patrolled by security personnel during all business hours, they also have an extremely high-tech, comprehensive, and useful surveillance system.  This enables them to be able to know what is going on, on their grounds, at all times.  Not only that, it can even be a preventative measure, as long as some of the cameras are visible, since criminals are less likely to attempt anything, where there are cameras present.  Perhaps the simplest yet most critical security measure are the key-codes and other protective systems that safeguard all of their self storage units, including the mini self storage units.

Though security is the top priority, as a consumer of anything, price is always of paramount importance, especially when the prices are raised, unfairly.  Unfortunately, some storage companies to have a habit of overcharging their clients for a bunch of small aspects of their service that should probably have been included in the rental price.  With A-American Self Storage, this is not the case, though.  Instead of requiring long-term contracts, they rent their self storage units and mini self storage units for a clearly outlined monthly fee, which corresponds to the value of the unit.  Larger units and temperature-controlled units tend to be more expensive.

Mini self storage is a service offered by A-American storage that is becoming increasingly poplar for the niche that it fulfills.  After all, there are times when you may need a bit of extra storage space, but a full-sized unit would be far too large.  Mini self storage rental is a great option if you only have a few items that need to be stored.  You can think of it as having an extra closet that you pay a little bit of money for each month.  This is still more economical than renting a larger space, in which to live.

tablet repairThere are a lot of new industries that have sprung up, as a direct result of the portable technology boom that has occurred, in the last few years.  One of those industries is the portable electronic repair industry, which was once only an overpriced service offered by the major retail chains.  Nowadays, though, it is an industry, in its own right, and the stores that specifically focus on repairs and refurbishment have far better prices for cell phone and tablet repair than the major retailers do.  So, for the first time, it is actually a lot easier and more economical to have these companies repair your device than to get a new one.  This is partly due to the increase in electronic repairs stores and partly due to the fact that devices are getting progressively more expensive and complicated.  So, they are more worth the repairs that it takes to get them back to their original condition.

Though they are exceedingly complicated and consist of many different components, there are a few key components that are especially prone to damage.  For that reason, repair stores must specialize in these repairs, as they make up the majority of their business.  When it comes to most portable devices, one of the most common types of damage is screen damage.  That being said, screen damage can mean a couple of different things, and your device must be inspected, in order to determine the exact problem.  The first type of screen damage is damage that directly involves the touchscreen, itself.  This is the glass portion that serves as the outermost layer of your screen.  In order to remedy physical damage to your touchscreen, all that must be done is replacing the glass screen.  This sort of tablet screen repair does not take a long time, and it should not cost an absurd amount of money.  As a matter of fact, some phone and tablet repair companies can have a screen replaced, in a couple of hours or less.

The other type of screen repairs that may be necessary are repairs that are related to the LCD component of the screen.  This is the panel that exists underneath the touchscreen and is the actual mechanism that is responsible for displaying text and images.  Instead of appearing as cracks on your screen, this sort of damage often results in either a portion or all of your screen not working properly.  This can be a dismaying problem to have, but it is not usually very problematic to correct.  Plus, like its counterpart, the touchscreen, replacing an LCD screen is a simple procedure, which can be done in the same day you bring your phone or tablet into the store.  At the end of the day, it is wasteful, both of resources and of your money, to purchase a new tablet or other device, when tablet repair would be just as effective of a solution.  Plus, it will cost you a tiny fraction of the price of a new device.

Have you ever wondered how the pharmaceutical industry works? How do they determine if a drug is safe? How do they know the side effects? In order to understand it a little better you can look at some of the terms and definitions used.

Area Under the Curve (AUC)

The area under the curve of a plot of drug concentration in plasma against time. AUC has units of concentration * time (for example ng.h/ml). The AUC taken to infinity can be used to determine the bioavailability of a drug product.

Bioavailability (BA)

A measure of the fraction of a drug that enters the systemic blood circulation after oral administration. The usual measure is the ratio of the AUC of two different formulations of the same drug, corrected for dose. If an intravenous injection of 1 mg of a drug gives an AUC of, say, 1000 ng.h/ml, and a 5mg tablet gives an AUC of, say, 3000 ng.h/ml, then the oral bioavailability of the tablet is said to be 60% (=3000/5*1/1000*100) of the injection.

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)

The section of an ANDA or NDA where all the data on synthetic chemistry, impurities, formulation, manufacturing, packaging, specifications, analytical methods and stability are submitted.


A component of a tablet or capsule, usually present to add bulk to the dosage form. The most commonly used diluents include lactose, microcrystalline cellulose and native or pregelatinised starches. Dibasic calcium phosphate and mannitol are also used.

Endotoxin A term for lipopolysaccharides deriving from the cell wall of gram negative bacteria. For excipients to be used in inhalation or injectable dosage forms it is important to control the level of endotoxin to a low level of typically not more than 5 EU per gram.

Ok, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at this point and that is ok. There is a lot of chemistry going on and unless you are a chemist you may have to read through some of these things once or twice. Remember that the point of reading through these terms is to get an idea of what the pharmaceutical industry does. Understanding some of these terms should help you understand how drugs are evaluated and administrated. There is so much going on with just one drug. Add that to the amount of people that take that drug and you have a lot of different reactions and side effects. No wonder there seems to be such controversy in this industry. Let’s try a few more definitions.

FDA Form 483 (483) A form of observations usually produced after an FDA inspection of a drug development or drug manufacturing facility. Only significant deviations from cGMP are listed and thus 483 observations are only negative.


A measure of the resistance to abrasion and breakage of tablets during a standardised test involving tumbling tablets in a rotating drum. Details of the equipment and test protocol are found in all main pharmacopoeia. A limit of not more than 1% weight loss is generally taken to be a satisfactory measure of friability.

All of these words don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the pharmaceutical industry. You can imagine all the difficulties that can arise even with all of the controls in the place. People will always have side effects to drugs and there is no way to eliminate that.


drug tracking

A teen having physical augmentation surgery is not an uncommon occurrence in today’s world. There is a large market for cosmetic operation for people between the ages of 13 and 19. The fact is that a lot of young people, especially girls, suffer from low self-esteem and they look to plastic surgery to help them overcome their problems with self-worth. The reasons why young people have plastic surgery are usually different from those of adults but the main idea of creating a better self image remains the same. People under 18 need to have special permission to have an operation and there are some different guidelines for children in each state but the main base is the same throughout the country.

Young people under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parent or guardian in order to be applicable for any operation. More often than not, the doctor will do a consultation with the child and their guardian so that they can all talk over the pros and cons of the operation and cover any areas that may be of concern for the parent or child. Many times, a parent can be reluctant to let their child undergo an operation, but if they feel that it is something suited for their children, they can sign an agreement form and if the doctor consents, the minor is eligible for plastic surgery.

Not all operations are suited for young people. For instance, a facelift is something that is not generally performed on teenagers both because their faces are still maturing and because there is usually no need for it. The more common cosmetic operations that people under 18 seek are operations like; breast reduction, breast implants (when one breast is larger than the next), ear repair operations, laser eye surgery and skin repair for acne scars. Some of the issues that young people face with their bodies can be helped with cosmetic surgeries and some of the problems cannot be helped until the person’s body is fully developed. In the end, the doctor will always have the last say as to weither or not the operation is safe for the person and if the timing is appropriate.

Many states will require people under 18 to have a psychological examine before they can be eligible for a cosmetic operation. The reason why the state asks that minors undergo a psychological test is so they can be sure that the youths mind is mature enough to make the choice to have an operation done. This step is also useful to make sure that the minor is not experiencing any underlining problems with mental health which may need to be taken care of before they can have any kind of procedure done. Even in states that do not require this step by law, many doctors ask the parents of teens who want to have plastic surgery, to go ahead and get the test done anyway, to give both doctors and parents some kind of assurance of the child’s mental soundness.


While many of us in the developed western world do not see many first hand areas where we can help to invest in and improve the environment and the climate work that is being done in other parts of the world, we can still find organizations and opportunities to support these endeavors. There are many things that need to be considered before sending money however, so below is a compiled list of things that you should be aware of before you decide that this is the organization to support.

The first thing that you really need to look into is just what work the organization is doing around the world. For example, if I was looking into supporting Rimba Raya reserve in Indonesia, I would look to see just what they are accomplishing in that area. This particular organization is working to ensure the natural habitat for the local species of orangutan is not decimated with deforestation, and they are also providing clean water and job opportunities for the local communities. rimba rayaThey can quantify what they are providing and prove it, which is the mark of a successful organization and one that you would want to be considering for your support.

Another area that you need to look into is what their certifications are. For the same example, Rimba Raya reserve in Indonesia, the organization is certified with the REDD, VCS, and CCBA certifications. That means that there are other, outside governing bodies that have taken a thorough look at the business model and plan of the organization, and they have audited everything that they are doing and trying to do, and have found that they meet the high and strict standards that are required for those certifications. This is important, because it means that they have been vetted in the international community, and that means that they are actually doing what they have promised to do. When there are certifications or other titles attached to the organization and their work, it is a very good indicator that they can be trusted with your money and your support, and that they in fact need it to continue doing the good work they are doing around the world.

Finally, it is really important to look into what the community surrounding the reserve or organization thinks of their work in the region. For Rimba Raya, the local communities are able to enjoy a steady stream of income generating work opportunities. They now have access to clean drinking water, and clean burning efficient stoves for cooking. These two things alone have highly elevated the quality of life in the region, and enabled the people to be healthy and strong enough to continue their efforts to build a healthy economy and income generating business opportunities. The reserve has successfully planted income generating crops in a manner that does not negatively affect the local and natural plants, which has created a permanent income stream for the local community. In the end, it is this type of future that is important to support, and these types of organizations that are in a place to do the most and the best with your support.


If you are finding that your love life is in need of a little spring cleaning, it may be time to introduce some outside-the-bedroom elements in your love life. Heck, it may be time for the two of you to leave the bedroom all together. Maintaining a healthy relationship often times means keeping things interesting between the sheets. If you and your partner are having a hard time getting sparks to fly, try these tips and tricks to get the juices flowing. Being sexual doesn’t always have to happen when you are alone or in an intimate setting. By putting your conversations, actions and thoughts into a sexual frame of mind you can have an on-going foreplay that will likely lead to a hotter, steamier scene in the bedroom. Follow these steps and watch as the temperature starts to rise in your relationship.

1. Toys. It’s a pretty standard no-brainer that vibrators and sex toys are a great way to break up monotony in the bedroom. It’s easier and more widely accepted than ever for people and couples to shop for sex toys together so you need not feel embarrassed walking into our out of an adult sex shop.

2. Role playing. Again, nothing ground breaking here but don’t underestimate the power that role playing can have in a relationship. The ability to step outside one’s self and take on a new persona for a few minutes has the potential to be a major turn on for either party.

3. Be sexual. This doesn’t necessarily mean learning to do a strip tease or changing your entire wardrobe around. Sexuality can be achieved through doing extra curricular activities like hosting sex toy parties. Get the conversation going about sex and you’ll notice that you are in the mood for it more.

4. Wardrobe changes! To really get things heated up in the bedroom try wearing something fun. Ladies may want their men to wear something special and guys can surprise their women by getting them some lingerie to compliment their figure.

5. Candles, candles and more candles. This one’s self explanatory but mood lighting is important when being intimate.

6. Music. Everyone has an artist or album that gets them in the mood. Find out what “does it” for your partner and pair that album up with some candles.

7. Be spontaneous. Don’t plan for intimate nights and try not to have expectations when intimacy occurs. Those of you with children will have to take what you can get, when you can get it.

8. Go shopping together. Take your loved one shopping for adult novelty gifts to lighten the mood. Get the conversation going and see where things lead.

9. Take your time. Show your partner that the journey of being intimate is as rewarding as the goal. Don’t race for the finish line and watch as those efforts are reciprocated.

10. Be present. Try to remain present when you are with your partner. Vibrators and sex toys can spice things up but there’s nothing sexier than being locked in with another person.