November 2014

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The need for an extra storage space for your belongings is a very common problem for every American family.  The need to move old furniture or house ware to make space for newer ones is an inescapable fact in the conquest for a more comfortable living condition.  The increasing demand for this extra space has propelled the self storage industry to great heights in the last 40 years.  In the US alone, there are around 59 500 storage facilities which accounts to almost 70 percent of all storage facilities in the whole world.  Additionally, almost 4,000 facilities is being put up every year in order to cope with the increasing demands for newer self storage units.

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However, the increase in the usage of self storage rental services also increases the opportunity for unscrupulous facility owners to advance their crooked ideas and take advantage of their renters.  The experts in the A-American Self Storage Company advise renters to be very careful in choosing a self storage facility for their valuables.  They presented these 4 most common storage rental scams that you should watch out for when dealing with self storage facilities.

Hidden Charges on Fine Prints.  One of the most important things when doing business with self storage facilities is to check thoroughly the contract.  Contract disagreement comprises 65%-70% of reported scams in the self storage industry. The most common scenario in a contract scam is the inclusion of hidden charges. The charges can range from lock rentals, late fees, utility surcharges, additional security, and many more.  These charges maybe valid but the facility never made it known to renters at the time of contract agreement.

Experts in the A-American Self Storage Company urge every renter to scrutinize every detail in the contract and ask for clarifications to the facility operators if there are vague inclusions on the contract.

Security and Cleanliness Lapses.  All storage businesses feature the safety and cleanliness of their storage facilities as their main strong point apart from other businesses within the industry.  However, there have been a lot of reports concerning the lapses in the security protocols and the cleanliness of some self storage facilities.

There have been a lot of incidents where small animals such as rats and rodents are able to find their way to storage units and led to infestation.  Damage furniture and appliances due to leaking roofs is also a very common complaint in the storage industry sector. Lastly, unguarded buildings and broken surveillance systems have been a very common issue in the management of self storage facilities.

Theft Cases.  There have been claims that self storage operators, either through direct involvement or negligence, have been associated with theft of contents of a storage unit.  This is likely to happen since storage operators hold the master keys for all the padlocks of the storage units in the facility.  This is why it is very important for renters to use their own padlocks in order to secure their storage unit. A regular visit on the storage unit is also recommended to make sure that the unit is not compromised and to check for the condition of your belongings.

Selling Stuff to Auction Buyers.   Last but not the least, is the forceful default of a renter leading to storage operators opening the rented storage unit and auctioning the contents to auction buyers. A default is covered in the contract and is valid if certain conditions are met. However, there are a number of reports on storage operators making them inaccessible to receive payment leading to the default in the rented storage unit of a customer.  To avoid this type of problem, renters should make sure that payment is made regularly on the rented storage unit.