February 2015

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http://www.turner-industries.com/The fatal injury census, conducted by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), was first made in 1992.  Since the census’ inception and up to today, the number of workplace deaths each year has seen a steady decline.  In 2013, a little over 4,000 people died in workplace accidents, or roughly 12 people each day.  Considering that this is the lowest number since 1992, one can only imagine how many deaths were happening back then.  Although it is great to see that the number is shrinking each year, there are still way too many deaths occurring at workplaces across the country each year.  The saddest part about this information is that most of these deaths could be prevented if only the proper safety protocols were either followed or put in place.

Taking a moment to think about this information, it should become clear that the powers that be need to take workplace safety more seriously.  In fact, all companies involved in industries that put their employees at risk should make safety their top priority, well ahead of earning profits.  One of the industries where a large portion of these accidents can happen is industrial construction.  Thus, industrial construction companies must make safety their top priority.

There are a few simple ways that industrial construction companies can increase safety at their job sites.  The first step is simply acknowledging to all staff that safety should be considered at all times.  Often, simply putting something like safety at the forefront of employees’ minds can be enough to curb people from making poor workplace decisions.  It can also mean that people consider their actions before taking them, ensuring that they are safe.

Another great way for companies to increase workplace safety is to run consistent training.  At this trainers, managers and supervisors should go over the specific hazards at a job site.  They should describe what should be done to prevent an emergency, and how employees should behave at specific locations on the job site.  In addition to describing what can be done to prevent injury, they should also talk about what should be done in the event of one.  They should go over who should be phoned, how they should contact emergency services, etc., so that if an injury occurs they are able to get the person to a hospital as quickly as possible.

Turner Industries, a superb pipe fabrication specialist, is one of a handful of industrial construction companies that has been at the forefront of employee safety.  On their website, they clearly list that they view worker safety as the most important aspect of their business.  At all times their job sites are in compliance with both state and federal standards in terms of workplace safety.  Over the years, they have received numerous awards and certifications for workplace safety.  In fact, they have even gone over one million man-hours worked across their job sites without a recordable incident.  If more companies were to treat safety as Turner Industries does, America would be sure to see a further decrease in the number of workplace accidents each year.