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http://www.libertyautocenters.com/Cars have become popular across the world for a number of reasons.  Primarily, they provide an easy way for people to get from point A to point B.   Can you imagine walking or biking the distances that you can cover in a car?  As a mode of transportation, cars are hard to beat.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of owning a car is the freedom it provides to its owner.  This is why so many teenagers across the country are incredibly excited to get their own car.  Owning a car means being able to go where you want when you want to.  However, there is one thing that will take that freedom away from car owners all across the country: the dreaded vehicle inspection.

What a vehicle inspection entails varies from country to country and state to state.  In some states in the U.S., vehicle inspections are done primarily to ensure the safety of the vehicle, i.e. to make sure the air bags are functioning and that the car is equipped with seat belts.   In other states, vehicle inspections also include emissions tests.  This is primarily done in states that have high environmental standards or large quantities of smog.  For example, in Los Angeles, where smog is a huge issue and concern, all cars are mandated to go through emissions tests.  These tests are incredibly difficult, and their main goal is to take old cars off the road so that the smog goes down over time.

If the time has come for you to get a vehicle inspection, it’s best to turn to auto repair shop with highly trained professionals to help you through the process.  Mechanics at auto repair shops will know exactly what vehicle inspections are like in your city and state and they are capable of getting your vehicle up to standard.  They’ll check the exhaust to make sure the pollution coming out is below the threshold, they’ll check your seat belts to make sure that they are functioning, they’ll check the air bags, and they’ll check other parts of your engine for problems.  If they are able to identify any problems with your car, they’ll help you get them fixed before your inspection is completed.  In fact, many auto repair shops across the country are certified to perform the inspections themselves.  Thus, they’ll check the car to see if it passes, and if it doesn’t they’ll help you make the necessary repairs and changes.

There are few things that are more stressful than being told that you won’t be able to drive your vehicle any longer.  This can disrupt a person’s life to a great degree, making it impossible for them to get to and from work each day or to get to the grocery store.  It is essential that all drivers make sure their vehicles will pass their vehicle emissions tests.  Thus, turn to the trained professionals to help you make sure your car is up to standard and keep your car on the road.  Your way of life depends on it.

Precision Machining can help you to make your word and a breeze. They’re able to make your project something much simpler and doable with their key craftsmanship and innovative ways to say have of machining your items. If there is something that you can think of or imagine chances are they can build it for you. Whatever the work that you have  for your next project precision machining know the best way to be able to make it a possibility. Precision Machine ShopNo need to worry that what you have me not be able to be created. Nagging able to have a machine shop that has the expert behind it to be able to have the right machine equipment to be able to do the Precision machine shop cutting that you need you’ll be old to have all of this possible having the right machine shop do your work. With a shop and has wire EDM and that is ISO certified help you to know that you’re going to get what you are looking for out of your machine shop. Sometimes there are projects that can be very difficult to accomplish. You may not even be a little bit how did possible but to a trained eye they can see how their projects can be done and come about by being able to know the different types of ways that these items can be created for and put together.

A change in jobs there are numerous amount of precision machining that can be done. Adding extra being able to have the knowledge to know how behind it help you to get a project that can be completed in a satisfactory amount of time. Be able to get your work done on time with the professional to know how to do it right. Knowing that you can have your project completed in a timely manner and a professional skilled matter help you to stand behind the work that will be created. Whatever your next project is for a repair or whatever the matter is with professionals who know how to make the parts and pieces for everything that you need. The right product and parts help you to make your project with excess. You’ll be able to stand behind the quality and professionalism that is involved. Every project has it detailed outline specifics. You need to be able to know the parameters and what you need to be able to for a budget.

By being able to set up the parameters for your job you’ll be able to work with expert derided grandmothers that you said to be able to make your project successful one and one that you benefit from. Whatever type of cut and precision machining if you need you will be able to see a difference with a precision machining shop that has The expert equipment with expert Cutter Innovations. Get all your work done in a breeze when you have the right precision machine shop on your side.


Being able to have a personal injury lawyer can be very important for anybody. No matter what the situation if you’ve been involved in a crash many people wait too long before they make the right call to be able to have a personal injury lawyer helps them. Personal Injury LawyerAnd injury attorney can help you from step one. They work with the insurance companies for you and help you to be able to get the right process is put in place that protect you not themselves. You are the one that it was involved in the incident in making sure that you were taking care of his top priority. Working with a lawyer who has the background to these types of situations and knows how to handle them properly can help you from step one.

Many people make a few critical wrong decisions off the top by talking with the wrong people first. You should always keep your personal injury lawyer information handy so that they can be the first ones you call after he situation has occurred. Of course it’s important to call authorities first but calling your lawyer second is the best thing to do. Calling the insurance next may not always be the best choice for you and you may end up with some of the wrong results from the accident that you may not have been looking for. He can be so important to be able to make sure that you have somebody that’s working for you and not for themselves when anything occurs. This is why having a lawyer present and called right away I can help you to be able to make the right choices after the incident has occurred. In any type of situation you’re involved in working with an injury attorney or even a criminal defense lawyer can be vital to making sure that you have somebody on your side is early on as possible.

If there has been a situation that you may be involved in having somebody that’s working for you rather than working to protect themselves will help you to protect yourself better in whatever that incident may have involved. Have the right protection for you and make sure that you work with professionals like those at eCon – Sweeney Hayes PC to be able to have the protection that you were looking for yourself. Because they are the ones working to protect you it’s important that they get the first call. Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer a labor attorney or personal injury lawyer the sooner you have one involve the better off you are no matter what the situation may be. Remember that no matter the accident or the situation be sure to call them before working with others. Protect yourself in the situations that may even seem harmless. Sometimes these situations come back to bite and you will wish that you had called your lawyer sooner to provide you the protection that you need. Don’t let chance get its way be safe and lawyer up.


The flooring in your home is, perhaps, one of its most important attributes. after all, your floors should look and feel like the kind of flooring that makes the most sense for your style, tastes, and your realistic living habits. It will not do, for example, to invest in expensive hardwood flooring if you have pets whose nails will just dig up the floor and leave you wondering how to keep them in good shape. Considering the kind of flooring to get is one piece of the puzzle, and settling on a great company to help provide that flooring is another big decision entirely! There are just so many details to work out, and knowing what your tastes and style need in addition to what kind of quality craftsmanship to look for can really make a big difference in your long term satisfaction with the products that you buy and sell. Keep the following traits and qualities in mind as you settle on the right flooring company for your needs. Consider Armstrong Carpet & Linoleum, as this flooring team knows flooring and interior design inside and out and have been doing this kind of work in the Bay Area for the last sixty plus years. You cannot go wrong with that kind of experience!

  • Length of time in the business: While it is a challenge for small businesses to http://www.armstrongcarpet.com/get off the ground, it is a testament to their skill and acumen when you see a small business that has been in business for a long time. Armstrong Linoleum and Carpet has been in their industry in the San Francisco Bay Area for over sixty years. That kind of length of time in business clearly demonstrates their work ethic as well as their commitment to excellence in their industry. That’s the kind of flooring and blinds team you want to be working with!
  • Provides lots of services: When you find a great carpet and flooring company, you need to be able to rely on them for more than just providing you with a good floor. They need to offer high quality installation services as well as serve in an advisory capacity to truly help you determine the kind of flooring that will be best for your wants and needs. That’s why Armstrong Carpet & Linoleum provides both of those services! They truly do care about how your flooring turns out in your home and work hard to see you through to those final steps.
  • Window treatments too: Armstrong Carpet & Linoleum doesn’t just stop at flooring. Their selection of window treatments and blinds really sets them apart from the rest. Matching your window treatments to your flooring can be a real challenge, so providing all of those services under one roof is another quality of Armstrong Carpet & Linoleum that really sets them apart. They make it easy to decorate your home in the style and fashion that you have always dreamed of!

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Visit Armstrong Carpet & Linoleum for your custom flooring and window treatments!

Let us help guide you to the perfect new window treatments for your home. This simple guide, informed by the experts at Direct Buy Blinds, will help you in your search.

1) Blinds: blinds are horizontal pieces of material, which are often held together by string or other materials. Blinds are a great way to control the amount of light let into a room. Blinds can sometimes be not as attractive as other window treatments, so you can incorporate some curtains along with them to cover up the unattractive elements. One great application for Blinds is on a sliding glass door. Blinds are an easy way to cover a larger surface like a sliding door. This can also work well in rooms where you want to have drapes, but also retain privacy. Having shades beneath drapes gives you the best of both worlds: the elegance of the drapes coupled with the privacy and the light control of the shades.

2) Shutters: Shutters can add elegance and a modern look to your home. Often made of wood, shutters are large coverings that are mounted on the wall to cover up a window. Shutters work wonderfully on windows with an arched top: They will cover the part of the window that you need to create a sense of privacy, but allow the light to shine through the arched shape above. Shutters themselves also let in light, but not as much as shades or blinds or shades do. Shutters can be used in a home along with shads and/or blinds, but should be used on windows that you are not depending on quite as much for light. They are best for windows where you are trying to achieve a sense of privacy from the outside world.

3) Standard shades: Shades come in a variety of colors and materials and are the best choice for people who want to have more creativity and options available in their selection of window treatments. Shades are usually one solid piece of materials that pulls down from the top of the window. Shades come in many styles, here are a few of the more popular styles of shades.

  • Pleated shades: Pleated shades are made with some type of material that is pleated. When you pull them up, they become more pleated and bunch up, when you let them down, they stretch themselves out.
  • Rolling shades: Rolling shades add a neat effect to any room. When opened, they are rolled up and sit rolled at the top of your window. When you pull them down, they unroll in order to cover the entire window.

5) Drapes: For people who simply want to add artistic flair to a room, consider adding drapes. Drapes are pieces of fabric, which hang from a bar and come in any range of color, patters, or material. Drapes can also add privacy, as they can be opened or closed. Many people like to incorporate drapes alongside another window treatment option for extra privacy and extra insulation. An example of this is having a set of pleated shades, and then having a bar with curtains. The shades can remain open until you need them.

A survival kit can mean something different depending on the reason for its use. This article will explore some of the different types of survival kits, which are used for different reasons.

1) Home survival kit: A survival kit in ones home should be stocked with the things you need to keep your family safe during a disaster. You will want to plan out your survival kit according to the size of your family. Often, home survival kits are put in place to prepare for some type of natural disaster. This can include a large storm, an earthquake, a flood, or a tornado. In a natural disaster, things like electricity and water can be shut off, infrastructure can be damaged, and it may be unsafe or not possible to leave your home for a period of time. A home survival kit is meant to supply you with things that you will need in order to survive until the disaster has passed. You can have a designated survival kit, but if you are keeping it in your home, you can also have larger items stored with it including large water containers, dried foods, sleeping bags, games to keep you occupied, and other items. Store these things in a section of your home where it will be safe in the case of a disaster.

2) Outdoor survival kits: For the outdoor enthusiast, a outdoor survival kit is something that should always be part of your packing and kept with you in your backpack. Some of the survival tools will be things that a backpacker uses on a daily basis (shelter, ways to keep warm, a multipurpose tool), but there are other precautions to take in case you get lost or injured including extra food, first aid supplies, a compass in case you get lost, and means for water purification.

3) Survival kits for your vehicle: A survival kit for your vehicle will help if you ever get stranded due to a broken down car or some type of adverse weather. If you are stranded with your car, it is usually not for very long, so this can be a small survival kit, but should have some essentials in case you need them.

4) Military survival kits: Military survival kits are designed for military personnel who put themselves in dangerous situations or harsh weather. These kits are designed to keep military personnel safe in instances where they are in a dessert, in a tropical location, or other remote location.

5) Lifeboat survival kits: Lifeboats are stocked with survival kits to keep passengers safe in case of evacuation from a boat. A lifeboat survival kit will have unique items needed for survival at sea. These kits will include things such as sunscreen to protect people from the sun and Dramamine to help with sea sickness.

6) Bug out bag: A bug out bag is a type of survival kit that is mean to help people survive extreme conditions for a short time. They often have supplies that will last for up to 72 hours (food, water, and other supplies).

Art Deco, similar to the previous era’s style, Art Nouveau, featured eclectic styles and was inspired by many other styles. The designers wanted to create a new modernized style along with a newly inspired decorating basis by trying to incorporate old traditions with the new era’s technology. In doing this, they took elements from old styles in Europe, aspects in avant garde art, the color schemes and unique styles of the Ballets Russes, and mixed these with the modern look of the mechanical period.

Some of the features that can be easily distinguished are its simplicity, and clean geometric shaping that are usually accompanied by a streamlined image.

Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco Art

Art Nouveau – This was the style of the era before Art Deco came along. It started to decrease in popularity in the years of World War 1. At the time, many people viewed the style as being too elaborate and decadent which could not keep up with the growing modern style.

There were experts of Art Nouveau in France that sought to take style to a modernized era and to make it in line with the booming industry during that time. Practices in Austria were limited to crafts done purely by hand, but over time, this idea was abandoned to make room for new ideas  such as better decorating style that could be based on materials that were easy to work with and readily available in mass production.

May of the features in Art Nouveau, such as its appeal visually, became an inspiration for many styles. It was adapted into the decorative elementals in the Atelier Martine. Its geometric elements were also being further developed by artist to create modernized art forms and new decorative ideas.

National Traditions – Folk art, which became a key in the style of Art Nouveau, also had its features incorporated in Art Deco. It inspired both styles equally. During the time when nationalism was popular, this style reflected an indigenous element, where its features of being simple, and stylized, along with its patterns became modernized to be used in Art Deco art.

The Avant Garde – This 20th century art had a great influence on Art Deco, inspiring the style with its modern visual appeal, striking colors, and its overall popularity. Other kinds of ideas like Fauvism, Suprematism, Cubism, Futurism, and Constructivism were usually group together and simply just known as Cubism that had a great influence in Art Deco especially in Art Deco furniture and revolutionized decorative artistry. The designers of Art Deco made sure to incorporate the geometric, fragmented, and abstract features in order to reflect modern culture’s dynamics.

There were several Avant Garde experts that made their designs on the same basis. Sonia Delaunay, from France tried to incorporate bright coloring into geometric shapes in her design for textiles, graphics, and fashion. Czech artists, designers, and even architects made use of the principles of Cubism to their designs, from buildings, to the objects we use every day, while ceramics and textiles were further developed by Kasimir Malevich and Nikolai Suetin in Russia.

When you need to be able to find what you were looking for approaching a directory can always be your best way to find it.  When you need to find marijuana dispensaries then you want to be able to go to a place where you can find where the closest place to you is going to be. You may also be looking for certain features are certain ways in which obtaining the marijuana work best for you. But being able to go to a headshot directory that can show you all the places in which you can go you’ll be able to maximize the potential do you have of getting me out of that you want. Being able to do this can be a simple way by going to weed skunk.com to be able to find what you’re looking for and find the directory that’s going to point you in the right direction. Grow StoreBut being able to have a one stop shop you’re able to go and find what you need as simple as a click of a button. You’ll be able to find the girl store that is going to work best for you whether it’s the closest one to you or whether you want to be able to weigh out some options of being able to obtain the items you’re looking for. If you are looking for a marijuana directory of places that you can go being able to go to the one place where it shows the mall helps you to determine the closest option for you as well is the best one. Making life simple is what life is all about.

Over complicating and making it hard to find out if you want to be too difficult to deal with. When you go to weed skunk you simplify the process your able to get the items you want simplified and put into place easily. You’ll be able to make your attaining your materials much easier by being able to go to one place to find it. Simplify and know more about where you can go by being able to go to the directory that’s going to give you the most options and the most information. Find the headshot directory that you need and you will be able to simplify the way and the time it takes for you to be able to get the products that you are looking for.

Simplify the process by being able to go to one place to do it. You will be glad that you are able to minimize the amount of searching that you need to do by being able to go to just one place to be able to find all the information that you need. It’s as easy as a few clicks to make sure that you know all the locations in which you can find the marijuana products places and features that you were looking for all in one spot to be able to know all your resources, exactly what you’re looking for by simplifying it. Go to one spot click and done.


Being able take your car tonight to body hop can restore it back to new. If you find yourself in a situation which you’ve gotten a few cars damaged then it may be a good time to go in and have them picked up by an auto body shop. Being able to stay up on East into beings can help you out help you to be able to retain the value of your vehicle. It’s always important to be able to retain their value for you losing value from your vehicle due to a dent can be more that’s worth when you have your cars repaired especially due to an accident insurance covers the cost and you’re able to have your repairs done with ease. It’s important that you do it at the time so that it will be covered under your insurance policy as well.

Being able to have it done right away helps you to be able to be back to new and fully enjoying it at it best look for you. A vehicle in good condition always looks the best and you don’t have to worry about any car dance causing you to take away from what you have. It’s up to you to always have the greatest in full detail of your cars value and if you happen to have your car total during this time it keeps its full value. collision repairsKnow your full potential of you always having repairs done on it right away. Being able to have car didn’t repairs done helps you to have your car looking its best. Have your car always done by professionals who know how to do it the right way and can always maximize the value by restoring it back to new. Dad were can lead to losing driving your vehicle and you never want to risk that when having an auto body shop repair your vehicle. Being able to have auto collision repair done correctly will help you to have the full realized potential of your vehicle at your hands. Auto body shops are important way for you to be able to have this full potential restore to itself.

They will be able to help you and work with you if an accident has occurred they can help you work with your insurance to ensure that you were going to have full value restored to your vehicle. You do not want to lose anything when it does it damage when an accident has occurred. As long as the insurance is there you can have your full value restored to the vehicle. Don’t take a loss on it make sure that you can have the vehicle restored to the where you wanted to be by being able to have its full potential realized. This helps you to be able to enjoy your vehicle as you should be fully repaired and free of any damage. Even when small dance occur it’s important to always see the auto body shop to have your dance replaced even in minor collisions be sure that you do the insurance exchange and have your car restored. Don’t get taken advantage of by losing value on your vehicle from an accident. Have the auto body shop like Auto Sports, take care of you in your vehicle by having it restored you’ll be glad you didn’t glad that you have your vehicle in good health and good condition and looking great.

The material that some individuals would like the custom t-shirt to be made out of, as well as the size of the custom t-shirt are things that will really take an effect on the things that would make them happy customers. Once the custom screen printing company is provided with this type of information they will be able to design the customized t-shirt for that individual. The most important thing that you will want to do is to make sure that the customized t-shirt has been thoroughly thought out. Rushing into a screen printer and wanting a quick simple t-shirt will not be a good idea. The workers specialize in designing custom t-shirts so it would not be a good idea to show them that you do not have any care in the world about the ending results. You will want to take your time to think about what you would like your customized t-shirt to have written on it.

There are some people who would rather have a picture on your custom t-shirt then you will not have to come up with the text because you will only have a picture that will be displayed on the custom t-shirt. During any point in the process of finding a screen printing company you will want to thoroughly think about what you would like the custom screen printing company to put on your items before you have them begin on it. The custom screen printing company will be available to you to help guide you in the right direction about the type of custom designs that may fit your particular personality the best. The different products that are available may require slightly different things to be put on it in order to make it look good. An example would be that a custom t-shirt would not fit the same design on a sock. The items are two very different shapes and sizes. Therefore the custom screen printing job will need to be slightly different on the two different items.

There are always going to be things that a custom screen printing company will make sure that they are appropriate. T-shirts for a bachelorette party may not be the t-shirts that would be appropriate for a high school volleyball team. The custom screen printing companies use their professional knowledge in combination with the ideas of each of their customers in order to come up with the most unique designs for their customers. They strive to make sure that each custom t-shirt has the exact style that the customer is looking for in the t-shirt. Friends in school may want to get every custom t-shirt that you could get. These t-shirts were sometimes designed by a committee who was dedicated to making the design for the customized t-shirts. They were also teamed up with the custom screen printers to make sure that they were appropriate. They could pick out one of the couple of general types of customized t-shirts for the individuals who were associated with that school.

Being a leader in the Industrial Construction Business is a great achievement for Turner Industries. They have achieved a standard of excellence that puts them above a lot of businesses like themselves. They have achieved the standard of excellence by being concerned about all the right things that make them very attractive to other businesses that have need of their services. Their main achievement is their standard to which they hold safety. They hold safety above all else and their goal is to have ZERO accidents. This is the standard to which they hold themselves responsible. They teach safety in all of their training from the lowest level employee to the top executives. They teach and train their leaders with the same set of standards of excellence to which they hold everyone else. To have zero accidents, they are doing something right. They work with high tech and dangerous equipment and machinery.pipe bending fabrication The chance of having accidents is high, but because of their standard of excellence in achieving and teaching safety, they are one of the most accident free companies out there. They require a high standard of all of their employees and hold them to task with their various responsibilities and positions in the company.

This company is 15,000 employees strong and all of those employees have feeling and concerns about their jobs. They seem to have few turnover and very few accidents. Their employees are all loyal and seem to stay with their jobs for years and years and many stay until retirement. Turner Industries provide their employees with opportunities for growth within the company and they provide good benefits. There are others who are wanting to get employed with them as they know of the good reputation that they have with their employees. Working for a good company that cares about their employees is always a good idea. If you have skills in any of the fields that they provide workers for, you can apply for a position and wait for a field representative to get ahold of you. They have won awards in their training program as it is exceptional. They take very seriously the training of their employees. They believe in completing jobs on time and with precision and accuracy. They train their employees to act in this manner and they don’t consider them fully trained until they can do their part to assure that the end result will be achieved. Of course, safety procedures have got to be followed and the new worker has to demonstrate that they can work and follow ALL safety rules.

Since pipe bending fabrication is part of their business, they employee many people that can work with the pipe bending machines. They are the state of the art machines and they work with precision and accuracy. These machines can also do tube beading, expanding, reducing, flaring and threading. If you are interested in part of this business or have experience working with these machines, you have a good chance of getting employment.

In my last article, I discussed how if you desire to become a cattle rancher, you can make your dream a reality by following three steps: gain experience, buy land, and buy cattle. I pointed out that many farms and ranches offer internship experiences that can teach you everything there is to know about raising cattle. After you have gained a solid knowledge of the ins and outs of ranching, you need to buy ranch land for sale as you cannot raise cattle on anything except wide open spaces, to quote a Dixie Chicks song.

When it comes to the land you will purchase, the sky’s the limit, referring specifically to location. You can find ranch land for sale in Texas, Colorado, and Oregon. Or, you can drift farther afield by looking for land in British Columbia or Alberta or in the South American countries of Brazil, Uruguay, or Argentina. No matter where you choose to buy your ranch land, make sure you do all necessary research before–and only before–you buy. You need to gain intimate knowledge of the land’s soils, topography, climates, and native vegetation. If you’ve been dreaming for a while about the ranching life, you might have a definite idea of what you’re looking for. That’s a good thing.

Once you’ve chosen the land you want to buy and have purchased it, you already have an idea what kind of cattle you will then purchase. What do I mean? Well, certain types of cattle thrive in certain regions of the country: some cattle thrive in warmer climates, and others  thrive in cooler climates. The latter include Saler, Angus, Shorthorn, Hereford, Simmental, Limousin, Galloway, and others.  The former include Beefmaster, Brangus, Senepol, Australian Braford, Santa Gertrudis; their loose skin, short hair, large ears, and body-covering sweat glands make them ideal for the warmer, more humid, weather.

If you’ve analyzed your chosen climate in order to select the breed of cattle that will most clearly thrive, you are ready to make your purchase. It is a good idea to start small with your cattle purchase, though “start small” can be relative to your needs and expectations and also dictated by any relevant space and staffing limitations. Do your best to choose cows that are healthy; be leery of huge markdowns on animals as this low low price can indicate a cow with significant health problems. My sister and her husband bought a milk cow at a steal only to find out the reason for the cow’s low price: infected mammary glands, a condition near impossible to cure. Learn from her mistake and avoid someone else’s problem animals. Look for dispersal sales where the rancher is reducing his herds or perhaps going out of business and selling his best cows. Avoid auctions as they can be places where rancher dump their problems. After you’ve purchased your cows, you need to buy a bull. You’ll only need one bull to service every 25 of your cows. Be very careful when choosing a bull; he can make or break your operation.

With these tips, you are on your way toward building a satisfying life as a rancher.





drug addiction rehabRaising kids these days can be really difficult. It seems that kids grow up faster than every before, and they are dealing with things that their parents never had to deal with when they were young. More and more teens these days are dealing with drug and alcohol addictions than ever before. If you have come to the realization that your teen may be struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to get them help as soon as possible. The best way to help them is to admit them to a teen drug rehab center. Teen drug rehab centers have the experience that you are looking for when it comes to helping your teen. The sooner that you can get them help at an addiction rehab center the sooner they can start to recover and get on with their life and leave their addiction behind them. Below are five signs that can be red flags to tell you that your teen may be struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

1. Skipping school or falling behind in school

If your teen has started to skip classes, that could be a sign that they are up to no good. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are addicted to drugs, but skipping school is a big red flag. If your teen has started to fall behind in school or their grades have started to suffer, that can also be a sign that something is going on. If you have noticed that your kid is falling behind in school or skipping class, it is important to bring it up to them and talk to them about it. This can open up a door so that they can tell you about their problems and what is going on.

2. Feeling sick a lot

If your child has started to frequently complain about not feeling well it could be because they are dealing with physical withdrawal symptoms. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol and then they do not have the drug or alcohol for a period of time, their body starts to go in to withdraw. If your teen has been complaining often about not feeling well it could be the sign of an addiction.

3. Feeling helpless or depressed

Drugs and alcohol can make someone feel good while they are high or drunk, but as soon as the drugs wear off they may start to feel really depressed. If your teen has started to experience severe mood swings, that can be a red flag that they are using drugs.

4. Losing touch with old friends

If your kid has started hanging out with new friends that you don’t like and they are leaving their childhood friends behind, that could be because they are falling in with a bad crowd. Trust your gut when it comes to character judgements of your kid’s friends. If you have a bad feeling about a group of friends, you are probably right.

5. Losing interest in activities

If your kid has always loved sports, or has always loved reading, and all of a sudden they give up on that hobby out of the blue, that can be a red flag that something is going on. It could be that drugs or alcohol have become the most important thing in their life.