October 2015

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http://www.jrmatsen.com/Everyone has heard the story of the woman who sued McDonald’s because her coffee was too hot and she burned herself by spilling the cup in her lap. Although this story has been blown out of proportion and has now entered the realm of myth and legend, the premise behind the story is one that lawyers in 2015 know all too well. The woman claimed that the coffee wasn’t labeled to explain just how hot it was, and that even though it was her fault that it fell into her lap she didn’t know what kind of risk she was at by holding the coffee in her hand. The point to be gleamed from this anecdote isn’t that you should come up with some way to sue a major corporation to get a six figure payday, but rather that today’s American society is incredibly ripe with litigation. People sue one another over all kinds of things, attack businesses with litigation for a variety of things and would seem to constantly be looking for a way to take people to court. It’s a sad state of affairs that Americans are so litigation happy.

Due to this incredible level of litigation at all levels and for all things, it’s wise to protect yourself against unnecessary lawsuits. If you’re a business owner, you should think about how the set up of your business could be prejudiced towards disabled persons, or how someone could be hurt if they walk on your floor after you’ve mopped it. If you’re an employer, you should constantly be thinking about how you can ensure that none of your employees will take you to court. And if you own a great number of assets, you should be safeguarding them against the law and setting up as many protective barriers as possible.

This last example is of utmost importance. People work their entire lives to accumulate the assets they own, but many plaintiffs across the country look for ways to tax them further or claim their assets based on discrepancies. This is why that in 2015, where litigation is incredibly prominent, every person holding assets should hire an asset protection attorney. These attorneys are individuals who have trained their entire lives to recognize when a person is being unlawfully or greedily targeted because of the number of assets they own. They understand the legal system, have worked on hundreds of cases in their careers (or should have) and have a strong understanding of the tax code. They are able to go to court and fight for people who are being targeted or who are at risk of losing their assets because of litigation. The attorneys at Matsen Voorhees Mintz, for example, have seen just about every case you can imagine, and they will be able to go to court on your behalf and ensure that your assets are protected for your future generations. They know how hard you’ve worked, and they won’t let the legal climate of 2015 impact your assets. Visit their website www.jrmatsen.com to learn about how they can help you.

When was the last time you made an appointment to see the doctor?  Did you have to wait days or even weeks to get in?  When you got to the office, how long did you have to wait in the waiting room before finally being seen?  On the other hand, when was the last time you went to the emergency room?  How many hours did you spend waiting?


There is an alternative to both, and many people are taking advantage of it.  Urgent Care Clinics seemed to have popped up everywhere.  From Walmart, to CVS and many free standing facilities in between, if you need to see a doctor, there is no line, minimal wait and no appointment needed.  In addition, many of these urgent care centers are open when regular doctor’s offices are not, so you can visit them after you get off work or on the weekend.


In this world of smart phones and the ability to have the internet in our pockets, patients can go on to the urgent care center’s website or download their app in order to find out how long the wait is at the closest location to them or at a clinic of their choice.  Sometimes this app or the center’s site will allow a person to check in virtually to decrease the time he or she will have to wait to see a doctor when they arrive.  This technology is similar to call ahead seating for your favorite restaurant.  Since most places keep your records on the computer to can request that they be sent to your regular doctor or a specialist as well.

Another good thing about urgent care clinics, is that they often provide similar services to the emergency room at a fraction of the cost.  This is good for both you and your insurance company.  Often these facilities provide x rays and other tests that are not available at your primary doctor’s office.  This allows for a one stop diagnosis with a trained medical professional who will take your care seriously.  In addition, since many people go to urgent care clinics for acute care, it will not interrupt the relationship you have established with your regular doctor.


Urgent Care Clinics also help patients with little to no insurance get the medical assistance they need.  The prices, which are usually less than the regular doctor and definitely less than the emergency room, are often listed or discussed with the patient before care is decided upon.  Furthermore, many of these places will run specials several times a year.  There will be signs and commercials advertising cheap back to school and sports physicals, among others.


In 2009, there were almost 10,000 urgent care clinics in the US and the number keeps growing.  In addition there was a 10% drop in emergency room visits between 1994 and 2004.  More doctors are choosing to pursue urgent care over family medicine.  Furthermore, many hospitals have opened their own urgent care clinics to help ease the burden that the emergency room often deals with.

There are so many different LP records out there and a handful of them were not widely distributed or maybe you are the kind of LP record collector who really likes to get the collectors edition of some of your favorite records. For anyone who is not able to find the LP record that they have been looking for, some of these big LP stores like Sound Stage Direct can be a blessing and really help a lot. With the fact that you can search online any number of stores all across the city, the state, the country or the world, it is not all that difficult any more to find any one LP record that you might be looking for. Back before this was such a common thing, a person might have to look for months or years before they were able to find any particularly rare LP record that they had been looking for.

Lp RecordWhile we all love the option of being able to browse through old LP records trying to find any that pop out at us or catch our attention, it is nice to have things organized in a way now that with help from companies such as Sound Stage Direct, you can not only do this free browsing online but also find specific things quickly. A number of people even prefer searching randomly for different or new LP records online because you have a lot more choice than you would if you were to just walk into any small, local LP record store off of the street. Since a lot of the bigger LP record stores like Sound Stage Direct have pretty full sections of a number of different genres of music, if you are in the mood just to browse a little bit and see if you find anything of interest, you can just do a bit of a click around tour in any of the categories of either the major genres or you can dig down a little bit deeper into different sub-genres and hopefully find something new that you really enjoy and can really get behind.

LP record stores like Sound Stage Direct also have a wide variety of different VPI turntables, Rega turntables and a number of different brands that are coming out with some of the best turn tables and accessoriries that have come out of the market in a really long time. While you are browsing some of your favorite LP records on the Sound Stage Direct webpage, you can take a few minutes to look at all of the new options and features that the new Rega turntables and VPI turntables have come out with. You might also decide that you need a good record placer to go with all of your new records. There are so many things at Sound Stage Direct that can make your music listening experience so much more pleasurable so I am sure that you should be able to find something pretty easily that is going to be able to catch your fancy.

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