6 different types of survival kits

A survival kit is a kit of essential items to help you survive in an emergency situation, but there is not just one type of survival kit. There are many different types that are designed to help you out in differing types of emergencies.

1) A home survival kit: A home survival kit is meant to ensure the safety of you and your family if you are stuck inside your home during an emergency situation. A few examples of a time when you would need a home survival kit include during a large storm, in the aftermath of an earthquake, or if there is a high risk of dangerous flooding. During this type of emergency, it is best to stay inside where it is safe. This home survival kit should be stocked with basic survival gear including clean water and a first aid kit.

2) A first aid survival kit: Some survival kits are designed to help out in an emergency medical situation. This type of survival kit will be stocked with everything you need to help out in a minor medical emergency. This kit will come in handy during any type of disaster, but can also be useful when out hiking in the wilderness or camping. It is always a safe idea to have a well stocked first aid survival kit if you are going to be out in the wilderness.

3) A car survival kit:You never know where you are going to be when something happens. For this reason, having a basic survival kit in your car is a great idea. People spend a lot of time in their cars commuting and running errands. What if you got stranded in your car during an emergency? A small survival kit for one person can go a long way.

4) A animal survival kit: Our four legged friends also need to be protected! Consider putting together an animal survival kit for your pets as well, as they will also need supplies during an emergency. This can include canned foods, clean water, and pet first aid supplies.

5) Survival food kits: Survival food kits are stocked with foods that are non-perishable and are filling. While you hope to never have to eat the food in your survival food kit, it can’t hurt to be prepared. This food will last when other food has gone bad and is designed to be easy to eat and prepare.

6) Survival water kits: Water is one of the most precious resources and it can become compromised during an emergency. Water lines can break, or the water source can become contaminated. You will want to plan ahead and have plenty of drinking water, along with a means to clean water coming through any pipes. This can be achieved simply with water purification tablets.

These are just some of the types of survival kits that one can purchase or put together themselves. There are many online retailers, including www.smartsurvivalkit.com that sell survival kits and survival gear, or you can choose to put together your own survival kit based on the suggested survival gear from experts.