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loose diamonds

Diamonds are a rare resource that must be mined to discover. Diamonds are naturally occurring and are generally found in one of two bands of land surrounding the earth, a northern band and a southern band. Though diamonds can be found and mined outside of these bands, they are almost always smaller and of lower quality overall. Because diamonds are in such high demand around the world, particularly in western culture where the diamond engagement ring is considered a status symbol and a part of nearly every engagement that occurs, diamond mining companies must always be looking to find a new stockpile of diamonds or places to mine. Some countries around the world seem to have much better diamond resources than others, making them especially poised to stay on top of the worldwide loose diamond industry. These are the top five countries around the world based on the volume of diamonds they mine.

  1. Russia- Russia is considered by all to have the best and largest diamond resources in the world. In one year, they can mine nearly 40 million carats worth of diamonds in all different types and colors. Part of the diamond rich northern band, Russia has long been a top producer of diamonds, with its famous mine, ALROSA, responsible for more than three quarters of their overall production.
  2. Botswana- The discovery place of the Lesedi la Rona, the second largest diamond to ever be found worldwide, Botswana is a country in the southern band with rich diamond resources. Though Botswana is in second place by volume of diamonds mined (nearly 24 million carats in comparison to Russia’s 40 million) Botswana’s diamond value outpaces Russia by about 500 million dollars.
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo- Despite a decline in production over the last few years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains one of the largest diamond producers in Africa, and the third largest worldwide. Experts say that much of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has yet to be explored in regards to diamond mining because of the many small scale, independent diamond operations with few resources.
  4. Australia- Solidly positioned in the southern band, Australia is famous for its production of colored diamonds, particularly pink, red, yellow and purple. It’s famous and biggest mine, Argyle is the the second highest producing mine in the world, estimated to bring in more than eleven million carats per year.
  5. Canada- Perhaps the newest addition to the list, Canada did not really become part of the diamond industry until the early 1990’s but it entered the industry with a strong showing. Producing more than 10 million carats per year, Canadian diamonds have a particularly high value as they are from the northern band, like the diamonds found in world diamond leader, Russia.

With so many countries producing beautiful, quality diamonds, custom jewelers all over the world are able to produce amazing custom pieces with some of the most sought after diamonds around. This is what keeps the diamond industry flourishing and the people of the world adorned with gorgeous jewelery.

buy business

So, you have decided that you want to buy a business. This is an exciting time in your career but can also be stressful, daunting and overwhelming. These feelings, and any combination of them, is completely normal. Some potential business buyers already have funds to buy business and those funds can come from many different sources such as an inheritance, stock market earnings, a line of credit, a loan, a trust fund, or additional prior savings. For many people, however, the decision to buy a business may come when the buyer does not necessarily have all the funds to do so readily available. If this sounds like you, the below tips will help get your finances in order as you look into buying your new business.

  1. Consider working with a business broker: It is true that a business broker will charge you fees for their services, and that might seem counterintuitive to saving money and managing finances before making a big purchase, but that is not the case. In fact, a business broker will save you money in the long run because they will ensure you get a business at the best price. In addition, they do a lot of the middle man work that would eat up time and money for you to do without experience.
  2. Pay off your high interest debt- If you are still paying off other loans like student loans, bank loans or credit cards, examine which ones have the highest interest rates and work to pay them off. This will free up some of your monthly budget so you can have a bit of extra money for business related expenses.
  3. Enlist friends and family- If you have family and friends that will help you do prep work for free, this will save you a considerable amount of money. This could include doing repairs once you have found a business, doing research and making appropriate calls.
  4. Take a break on eating out- Except for special occasions, save some extra money by eating at home. If you have business partners or family involved, you can even host potlucks or group dinners so you can all share in the preparation and then use the time to have a meeting about your business.
  5. Talk to someone who has sold their business- If you know someone who has advice on selling business, it can help you understand what sellers want, making you a better candidate as a buyer. This way, you are more likely to narrow in on the types of businesses that would be a good fit for you as well as how you should interact with the sellers and business brokers. They also might be able to tell you what questions to ask that would show a seller that a potential buyer is appropriately invested in the business and would be a good fit.

Buying a business can be a financial strain, but with a little attention paid in the months leading up to the purchase,you can ensure you are in a better financial position and a better emotional position as well.


cornea surgery

It is a cringeworthy thing to imagine: injury to the eyeball. In fact, when people see this type of special effect in a movie or on television, it prompts a visceral reaction or fear or shock. The human brain and body know that the eyes are sensitive and precious parts of the body and therefore should be treated with care. Sometimes, however, an injury occurs that cannot be prevented. Eye trauma is a difficult and dangerous thing that most people hope they never have to experience in their lifetime. It is important to know, however, that there are options for those who are victims of eye trauma, to help gain their sight and normal use of their eye back. The most common way to provide this is through cornea surgery.

Also referred to by it’s medical name, keratoplasy, cornea surgery removes damaged corneal tissue from the patient and transplants it with donor corneal tissue, usually from an eye bank. This may sound a little frightening or like it is a story out of a science fiction novel, but it is actually a fairly common and usually very successful procedure.

A cornea is the part of the eye that lets light in so that the brain can process images. If the cornea no longer lets light in, it will greatly reduce vision. In general, cornea treatment via a cornea transplant is safe and easy to heal from because of the fact that a patient does not need to be matched with a donor in order to receive a new cornea. In fact, doctors say that because the cornea is made immunologically privileged tissue, it is highly unlikely that a patient’s body will reject the transplant the way they do other body part transplants such as hearts and livers. The healing process, however, may take longer than another type of procedure like cataract surgery for example. The cornea, on average, takes more time to heal and may require the patient to wear an eye covering such as an eye patch for a while afterwards. A doctor will also likely prescribe eye drops for the patient, which will help keep the eye moist and lubricated, while also flushing it out and preventing infection, bacteria or any other complications.

Following a cornea surgery, the patient’s vision will begin to improve but they will also need to monitor it closely for any possible signs of infection, tissue rejection or loss of vision. If any of these things occur, which would likely be accompanied by discomfort or blurred vision, the patient should call their doctor immediately, who can prescribe drops that contain steroids to help correct the problem. In a very small percentage of cases, the surgery may need to be redone.

Overall, however, the success rate for this treatment is very high and many patients report no issues following surgery. In fact, many have improved vision that lasts for the rest of their life and is much better than having an injury or eye trauma that causes them to lose their sight.

Though it can seem a little off putting to think about initially, cornea surgery is a medical marvel that can provide patients with damaged corneas a new chance at vision.

business leadersThe business world, in any industry, is highly competitive. With the technology boom in full swing, people are sharing ideas faster than ever and are able to scale their business models much larger and faster than businesses of the past. Some of these businesses become successful and grow too quickly because of the power and speed of the internet, but it is not sustainable and they do not have the leadership to keep it going. These types of flash in the pan businesses tend to fizzle out quickly. The businesses with staying power, however, last due to superior leadership. Here are a few of the qualities of successful business leaders.

  1. They care- Business leaders who care are always the most successful. They take their business to heart and treat it as such. When people care deeply about something, they will do anything to nurture it and help it succeed. For business leaders, it cannot always be about the money, but the product, the company culture and the impact the company is having not only in its market and industry, but in the world. When these things are prioritized, Colorado Succeeds.
  2. They are always learning- Business leaders are never afraid to learn more about what they don’t know. Their knowledge is their strength and they always want to improve upon it so as never to feel like they are behind the curve. Learning takes time, patience and dedication and many people do not want to take the time to learn something new because it seems overwhelming.  A good leader knows that always learning can only improve their business and are often education leaders in the community as well.
  3. They can take criticism- A good leader has become a good leader because they have learned from their mistakes. All leaders once had mentors who critiqued them and helped them to shape their skills. If they were not able to take this criticism, they may have quit before they reached their full potential and that would imply that they are not willing to change and put aside their feelings for the good of something larger, such as the business itself.
  4. They never settle- A successful business leader will never decide something is “good enough” because a good business leader knows that something could always be better. Perfection does not exist but it does not stop a good business leader from striving for it.
  5. They have a long term vision- While business leaders are good tacticians who can make things happen, perhaps the more important role they have is to see the big picture and be able to shape a business with an eye towards the future. A long term strategic plan is one of the most crucial ways a leader can show their ability.

To lead a business means having the correct balance of traits that can not only lead others but continue to elevate the business and shape it for future growth and success. Successful business leaders will have a combination of all the above tactics and it will contribute to their overall success.

magnetic strips

Scheduling. As anyone in charge of scheduling for a company or business knows, it can be a stressful, frustrating endeavor. The more employees there are, the harder it is to create schedules that take into account the schedules of employees, the needs of the business from day to day and accounts for possible emergencies, no shows or call outs. This is particularly important when running a restaurant and scheduling servers, hosts, hostesses, bar backs, bussers and bartenders. In order for a restaurant to run smoothly, the staff needs to be efficient and effective at their jobs. The issue with these types of jobs though, is that the schedule changes often, usually weekly. Many people who schedule know that it takes numerous spreadsheets, calendars, wasted paper, sticky notes and drafts to get a schedule right. Not to mention after it is done, chances are someone will call out or need to change something and they the scheduler will have to start the process all over again.

What if there were an easier way to do this though? What if there was a way that required no paper, no spreadsheets, no printing and reason to redo the schedule over and over? This is not too good to be true. It is real and it can be done through the use of label magnets. Label magnets can stick to a whiteboard or walk in refrigerator or freezer door or even chef prep table. Any magnetic friendly surface you have in your restaurant will work. All you need to do is create a large, one time use calendar and magnetic labels for the names of all your employees including servers, bartenders, bussers, hosts, and bar backs. You can even include kitchen staff if you want. You can color code the names or add codes to the magnets, but then, once these steps are done, all you have to do is stick the names in their slot on the schedule with the freedom to move them around as necessary until the schedule is complete. Then, all staff has to do is snap a quick picture on their smartphones so they can have their mobile schedule with them at all times. This also prevents you from having to email out a schedule every week, even though you could also take a picture of the magnetic board and email it out as well.

When the next week comes around, all you have to do is move the names into new slots and try different combinations until you have perfected the schedule for the next week. This process is made easy by simple magnetic strips that are a cheap, durable, long lasting and efficient way of doing scheduling. Anyone who has done scheduling, especially in a restaurant knows, the easier a task is and the faster it takes to complete it, the better. The restaurant business is fast paced and it is important to be able to focus on customer service and food, because those are the most important aspects that keep a restaurant going and keep customers coming back.

solar panel

The planet is crowded with more people than ever, with current estimates coming in at about seven billion. That means more cars, more buses, more trains and more planes emitting carbon dioxide and wreaking havoc on our ozone layer. That means more housing and more businesses, all in need of energy. Our energy grids are in danger of becoming overworked. Clean energy is key to meeting the demand as our population continues to grow. They best way to do this is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and harness the power of natural, renewable resources like water, wind and sun to fill in the gaps. Here are the benefits of converting to solar power.

  1. Solar energy is plentiful. The sun is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. This powerful resource can provide energy for billions of people without any alterations to its current state. The sun cannot become overloaded and shut down like current energy grids, making it a safer and more reliable choice.
  2. Advancements in technology are bringing prices down. It has been stated that a barrier to alternative energy sources was that it was cost prohibitive to manufacture, install and maintain. Recent technological developments, however, have made creation and installation of solar panel systems easier and less expensive. In addition to the money spent to combat the effects of harmful fossil fuel use, solar power is the clear choice in regards to both longevity and sustainability.
  3. More jobs are available in the industry. With so many advancements in the ease of creation and installation of solar power systems, there are more jobs available in the industry, not only in research and development, but in technology, construction, and maintenance. With the demand of solar continuing to increase, job growth is projected to increase proportionally.
  4. Solar grids are easy to expand. Whether installed for business or residential purposes, solar panel systems can start small and be built onto, rather than having to replace them outright every time need changes. Those who are interested in beginning a solar powered lifestyle can get started with only a small investment. If they choose to convert more of their needs through a solar panel system, they can simply enhance their existing grid. This is both cost effective and low stress for home and business owners alike. Trusted experts like those at Golden Solar can help create customizable solar solutions.
  5. Solar panels are built to last. Generally, solar panels come with a 20+ year warranty with reports of some even being able to withstand bombs. This means less money spent on maintenance and repairs, which equals an excellent return on investment.

There are many other reasons to consider solar energy for a business or residence. In order to protect the earth and provide for future generations, thoughtful solutions to energy issues must be resolved. Renewable, clean energy is a highly-studied, scientifically supported way of combating energy issues and ensuring a better future for the planet. Considering switching to solar power is not only a benefit to the user, but to the planet as a whole.

pest control

It can be both scary and stomach-turning to have your home infested by a pest. In fact, with the increase of building and construction in both city and rural areas, animals and insects are being forced out of their natural habitats into smaller and smaller areas.This makes infestations not necessarily inevitable, but a lot more probable. Regardless of what kind of pest finds its way into your house, it’s generally not a good idea to take matters into your own hands. Some pests can be dangerous, aggressive or even carriers of germs or disease. In these cases, it’s smart to leave the work to pest exterminators, who can safely rid your home of the pest. While there are many different pests, these are a few that should prompt you to call specialists.

  1. Bed bug- Bed bugs are a shiver-inducing pest that feed on human blood and are usually found in mattresses, sheets, and box springs, hence their name. While there are a few ways to rid yourself of these critters alone–wash anything that could be infested in scalding hot water and dry at the hottest temperature setting followed by dry-brushing mattresses and box springs– it’s a long process and often doesn’t leave you feeling confident that you’ve rid yourself of the pests. Utilizing professional bed bug exterminators will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.
  2. Rodents- Many people have a fear of mice and rats. They are carriers of disease and can sometimes even become aggressive and bite. Plus, the tell-tale bite marks in food are often highly unsettling. Rats, generally thought of as a more city-dwelling pest, are larger than mice and are attracted to garbage. A good way to keep them at bay is to make sure you don’t have trash piled up anywhere in or outside your home. Rats also like places they can hide like attics, basements and garages, so keep these areas clean as well. Mice, generally thought to be found in more rural areas near fields, are attracted to food like bread, crackers and cereal. If you have mice, you’ll be able to see tiny bite marks, usually through bags of bread or boxes of cereal. Rodents can be difficult to deal with on your own, so call a professional to handle this issue.
  3. Termites- Termite infestations are estimated to cost homeowners billions of dollars every year. Termite infestations can go undetected inside walls or in the foundation of a home for years, so as soon as you see any signs of termites, call a professional like Salvant Pest Control. You’ll want to see if the issue has been going on longer than you thought and has caused more damage than you imagined.
  4. Bees/wasps- Bees and wasps are a no-brainer. They are dangerous and many people have, or fear that they have an allergy to being stung. If you find a bee or wasp nest in or around your home, call a professional immediately so that they can safely rid you of these pests without harming you or your family.
  5. Cockroaches- We’ve all heard the rumors that cockroaches will be the only creature to survive a nuclear bomb, so this reputation alone should prompt you to call a specialist when needing to get rid of a cockroach problem. Cockroaches carry germs and disease and can make families feel like their homes are dirty. Cockroaches give people quite a fright, both for the fact that they are fast and they can grow rather large. If dealing with cockroaches makes you a little ill, it’s best to let the professionals handle this.

As mentioned, there are lots of different pests, but don’t be alarmed because there are many people who are trained to help you get rid of them safely and effectively.

24 hour gym

If you are lucky enough to have found a 24 hour gym you love, you have taken a meaningful step in your journey to get fit. Joining a 24 hour gym means you are committed to finding time in your day to work out, whether that be at 1 in the morning or 1 in the afternoon. Those who make room in their lives for fitness are often more successful at reaching their fitness goals and often see results much faster. For those who give themselves a small window, such as from 6AM-7AM before work, as designated fitness time, they are more likely to find excuses to skip the appointment they’ve made with themselves. When you commit to a fitness club with total accessibility, you have offered yourself 23 additional opportunities to work out for an hour.

Another great thing about a 24 hour gym is that you can avoid the usual gym rush, generally right before or after a standard work day. During peak times, it can be difficult to get access to machines you want, group training classes can be crowded and personal trainer’s schedules may be booked. All of these elements can contribute to you getting a less than stellar workout. Of course, if this is the only time your schedule allows you to work out, you should absolutely still go, just know it may be more frustrating than you are expecting.

For those who are able to go to the gym at off peak hours, they will likely get a better, more peaceful workout. They will have full access to the machines they want and they will be able to stay on them longer as there won’t be a line of impatient gym goers trying to intimidate them into hurrying up. Instead, they can take their time and focus on proper form, as well as extend their workout for maximum calorie burn. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a full 45 minutes on a treadmill without feeling rushed?

Off peak gym hours also mean a clean facility. Generally, gym staff will deep clean between rushes, meaning that if you are there before or after a rush, you’ll have unlimited fresh towels, full bottles of soap, mouthwash and shampoo, sparkling showers and freshly sanitized machines.

Personal trainers may also have more availability in these off peak hours, meaning they will have more time to focus on you and your fitness goals without distraction. Please note, though, that some trainers will not be available at 2AM or the like without setting it up in advance.

If you are still looking for a good 24 hour gym that fits your price range and offers you all the amenities you want, consider options like Fitness 4 Less, which provides state of the art equipment, friendly staff, personal training and group training, all in a setting that allows you to come in at your own convenience.

Once you have found a time slot that works in your schedule, you’ll soon be on your way to achieving the body you’ve always wanted, whether you shape it at noon or at midnight.

I love what I do for a living, and I try not to take it for granted. I know there are a lot of people out there who hate their jobs, despise going into work everyday and lose sleep over dreading another day in the futile, rat race of life. I think that’s a terrible way to live, I think that everyone needs to follow their passion and do something that makes them happy, whether it’s profitable or not. Stress is the biggest killer in the world and working jobs that suck, can literally suck the life out of you over the course of a long, boring career. But, you don’t have to let that happen, I personally found at a young age that I loved motorcycles, but it took me a while to learn that I could make a living selling and servicing them instead of the dead-end stuff I’d eventually grown accustomed to. I think about the days I wasted away in a call center, regurgitating the same, disingenuous, stupid apologies to customers on behalf of a company that didn’t care about me. Now, regardless I was  learning valuable skills and I was able to make some commission on an occasional sale or two. My father-in-law actually hooked me up with this job, I told him I was handy with a wrench and I had a serious interest in Harley Davidson and Honda motorcycles, the next thing I knew I was telling my boss I was through and was working on and selling bikes the next day.Honda motorcycle

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of the funk that we’re in, it’s obviously nice to have a helping hand. For me, loading up the dirt bike onto the trailer and hitching it to my truck and going to the mountains is the easiest way for me to snap out of it. It’s hard finding friends at this age who like to ride, maybe it’s a young man’s game but I love hitting the jumps. I’ve stayed in pretty good shape so I’m able to keep up with the youngsters pretty well. We all look the same when we have our helmets on anyway so I don’t think anyone’s taking it too easy on me either way. I knew I had to work tomorrow but I didn’t feel upset about it, I’d honestly rather be out here, but I at least got to deal with motorcycles if I wasn’t able to be out riding them. I wound around the track for the last time as the sun set and took a moment to appreciate my new, happy and inspired direction in life. I wouldn’t ever again allow myself to live life feeling anything other than the way I feel when I’m on my Harley, cruising at 60 miles an hour down the highway on a hot, summer night, loving every breath I take. I wake up everyday feeling good, and not because I know I have Lucky Charms and a fresh gallon of milk in the fridge, but because I have a job that I love and a rewarding career.

Being a pilot is no small task, and therefore the process needed to become a pilot is no small task. Find the best school for flight training in order to achieve your A320 type rating, which is one step in the longer journey in becoming a pilot. Some might say that it is the biggest step in becoming a pilot. One’s rating tells an airline for which type of plane they are certified. There are a number of different kinds of type rating. So the first step in becoming a pilot is to do research on what kind of flying you would want to do. Once you have determined the kind of flying that you want to do, there is likely going to be a standard type of plane that is used for this kind of flying. Once you have determined what kind of flying that you want to do and the kind of plane that is used for that kind of flying, the next natural step is to determine which kind of type rating you need to fly those planes. If you want to fly in small, commercial planes, a 737 type rating, the kind of type rating that allows you to fly the large Boeing planes, will not do you very much good. The next step in the process of obtaining the proper education and training is locating the right school. This can be harder than you might expect. If you are a young person, it is possible that you will have more flexibility. 737 type ratingBut if you already have a job and are seeking flight training part-time, you will have to find a school that can accommodate your schedule. If you are on a constrained budget you will need to find a flight school that is affordable. And for any kind of pilot, you need to find a prestigious school that will make you competitive once you have exited your program and start looking for a job. It can be hard to combine all of these. If you are serious about your goal of becoming a pilot and getting your type rating is not just a goal in and of itself, then I think that you should be more preoccupied with the last feature: the rigor of the program. This will eventually pay off. How do you know if you have found a good program? Look for rankings. This is the easiest and most straightforward quantification of a school’s rigor. Do research on the instructors. What are their backgrounds? Are they going to give you a high level of instruction? Will they be able to write influential letters of recommendation when you are applying for positions at a major airline? If possible, try to get numbers of the rate of employment of graduates from this institution. If your predecessors are not getting jobs from airlines, you may not want to consider yourself exceptional. Getting a high level of instruction is the first step in completing your goal of becoming a pilot, and a good school can provide that instruction.


Are you looking for other quilting hobbyists in your area? Though it might seem as though quilting has become a pastime, many people are beginning to find interest in it once again. The best place to find a quilting hobbyist is a fabric store in Denver. However, not just any fabric store will suffice – you must go to a quilting supplies store specifically. You need to know that the company you intend to visit will be able to provide you with not only supplies, but the supplies and the opportunities that are rarely allotted to quilting enthusiasts. You deserve to have the best and you deserve to find the best, widest selection of people available to you. For additional information about Denver stores, open your local yellow pages and see what quilting stores are available. If you need a particularly good start, begin going to Snappy Quilts. They are one of the highest-rated quilting companies in Denver and Colorado. They will be able to provide you with all the tools necessary and you will be able to meet other quilting hobbyists just like yourself to share your masterpieces with. Being a hobbyist is fun, but having others who are interested in the same hobby as yourself is even more fun and you must ensure that you have all of the necessary tools available. You might be able to learn new tools and services when you find other hobbyists like yourself with quilting. Don’t give up – go to Snappy Quilts today and see who else is looking for a fellow hobbyist friend.

Choose Snappy Quilts

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