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First-time adventurers need to be outfitted with the proper equipment in order for the trek to be successful. There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for the camping gear you will need to survive in the wilderness. Whether you are going for one night, one week, or one month, you need to be prepared.

First, decide where you are going and how long you will be “roughing it.” These two factors will help to determine exactly what you need when it comes to camping supplies. The longer you are gone, the more you will need to look into portability, packability, and weight. Moreover, you also have to take into account the weather conditions that you will encounter while you are out in the wild. It may be warm during the day and cold at night. In addition, if you are climbing a mountain, in general, the higher the elevation, the cooler the temperature. You may start out in one climate and end up on another.

Regardless of where you decide to go and for how long, there are thousands of gadget and gizmos available and only you can decide what you will need. However, bear in mind that if you are including a hike to a campsite, then you will have to carry your stuff and will probably be better off with just the basic necessities. This is especially true if you are a newbie.  It is best to get acclimated to the activity before purchasing every device available.

Once you have a destination in mind, go out and purchase a good pair of boots. Your sneakers may be fine for a day trip, but you are going to want something waterproof if you will be gone longer than that. You need to buy these first so that you can work them in and get used to them. It is not a good idea to go hiking in new boots as blisters and chafing can result.

After you have selected your footwear, it is time to delve into the rest of your camping equipment.  Accommodations should come next and that means a tent. In order to find the right one for the climate in which you will be enjoying the comforts of nature. You can get one for three or four seasons. Three season tents are good for everything except the bitter cold. Four seasons can be used anywhere, anytime. However, before you leave the store, try to carry your choice. This is important if you will be hiking as it can get heavy quickly and lighter weight options may be available.

Be sure to also look at the different selections of sleeping bags and choose the one appropriate for your trip. Be sure that you carry a first aid kit and have a headlamp or flashlight for when the sun goes down. In addition, be sure to carry a paper map as cell service may not be available and a water filtration system if you will truly be out in the wilderness.

Cannabidiol, which is usually referred to as CBD, along with THC are the most common compounds found in the cannabis plant and are also the most widely studied. However, there are more than 60 compounds unique to this particular plant. While THC causes euphoria, CBD does not. Therefore, while marijuana is illegal under federal law but legal in some states, CBD can be made from medical marijuana plants or industrial hemp plants. Moreover, industrial hemp can be imported legally into the United States. This makes it easier to get CBD oil and other treatments without breaking the law.

Researchers have also discovered that CBD offers a natural barrier against the high that is associated with THC. Not only that, but it is also safe at high doses and is known to reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizures, combat psychosis, inflammatory, and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as kill tumor and cancer cells and aid in combating both anxiety and depression.

However, it is still considered a Schedule I narcotic in the United States. That being said, it is legal to sell CBD derived from processed hemp that has been imported from outside of the country. This can be done without a prescription. If the products are made from medical marijuana plants, the user must live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and have a prescription.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted researchers at the University of California at San Francisco permission to study the effects of purified CBD on children that have uncontrolled seizures or Dravet syndrome which is a condition that begins in early childhood and causes frequent, disabling seizures on a daily basis. Participants range in age from one to 18 and all suffer from symptoms that are resistant to more conventional treatments. Both the FDA and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are monitoring the research and, pending FDA approval, more institutions hope to take up the study.

This research began with a five-year-old whose successful treatment with organic hemp oil has led to a revolutionary change in medical marijuana laws across the country. In fact, there is a strain that is named after her. Previously referred to as “Hippie’s Disappointment” because of its extremely low concentration of THC, Charlotte’s Web was grown by the Stanley brothers in Colorado.

Hemp oil is extracted from the plant and can be taken orally through drops, pills, or tinctures. It can also be vaporized to smoke, or cooked into edibles. The levels of CBD can vary amongst plants and also tend to vary in the products sold.

Scientists and researchers are only just beginning to understand the potential that cannabidiol or CBD may have. With further study, it looks as if it might turn out to be the opposite of the much-maligned THC. However, modern medicine may also discover when the two compounds are used together, it holds the answer to many unsolved medical problems. Testing will continue as more and more states legalize medical marijuana.

Yoga teacher training is both time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it is important to do your research and find the right one as doing so is an effective way to deepen your understanding of yoga in order to make it so that you can share it with others. This will also enable you to move towards a career doing what you love. In fact, finding the right program can make all the difference between a mediocre experience and a life-changing one.

However, before you can research the various yoga instructor courses that are available, you must first decide the style of yoga you would like to learn about and teach. You want to make sure that it truly resonates with you as you will not only be learning it, you will be teaching it, as well. After all, you are a passionate learner who wants the best education.

Once you have decided on the type of yoga you are interested in teaching, the next thing you need to do is research so that you know you are going to learn from the best and most experienced teachers that are available. You can do this by going online and looking at the bios of the teachers on the roster of your local studio. They should list where they were trained. You can also look into where big-name teachers received their yoga certification, as well.

While it is important to learn from the best, you also have to take into account your finances and your other commitments. There are not too many people who can take a month off in order to pursue another career. Therefore, it is important to ask about the cost, if financing is available and the location of the facility, as well as its format. While there are programs that are 30-day intensive, there are also those that meet on nights and weekends. Additionally, there are those that have you travel to Thailand and those that are in your town.

Be sure to find out about what a typical learning session includes and what happens in each class. You also need to know how many other students will be in the class with you and the level of individual feedback provided. The way you are treated as a prospective trainee will reveal how you will likely be treated once you have enrolled. Moreover, if the teacher makes time to address your questions, that’s a good indication he or she will value you as an individual rather than just another number on the roster. Another thing that you need to find out is the level of expertise that is required to attend.

Finally, research into what recent graduates have to say. You can do this by asking them outright or by going to various social media sites and looking into it. Either way, they will be able to share their first-hand experience and give you a sense of whether or not the program delivers what it promises.



You have a ton of choices when it comes to area rugs. While you can narrow them down by budget, style, and size, there is one question that remains. That is what to have the fibers made from. There are plenty of synthetic choices. However, there is one clear winner, the natural choice of wool. It is most expensive and luxurious fiber and makes up only one percent of U.S. market. Wool fiber carpets are made from the hair of sheep. However, they can also be made from goats, llamas, and alpaca and is a sustainable resource.

Because they are made of a natural material, wool rugs outshine its man-made competitors in a number of ways. First, because sheep use wool to protect themselves, even after it is sheared, it retains many of those same properties. Therefore, wool rugs are extremely durable and can last for many years without showing signs of wear. This is true, even in high traffic areas.

Moreover, rugs made with wool fibers are water resistant and can absorb and hold approximately 1/3 of its weight in moisture and not even feel damp. The same quality that allows it to do so also enables it to be able to remain warm and recover from pressure points quickly. This is great if you ever feel like moving your furniture around in the room. It is also an excellent feature to have if you live in a cold climate during the winter months.

Purchasing a wool rug for a child’s bedroom or playroom is an excellent idea. It will maintain its appearance through all of the wear and tear, as well as the spills and sicknesses that come with children. Additionally, it is also naturally flame resistant without having to be treated with any extra chemicals that may be harmful to one’s health. Moreover, wool also serves as a natural humidifier and is known to resist dust mites.

If you experience sticker shock when you go to purchase a wool rug, bear in mind that you will quickly recoup that cost. Rugs made of this material last much longer than those made with synthetic fibers and all you need to do is vacuum once a week. In addition, they also hold stains at bay as they cannot penetrate the wool. Therefore, cleanup is easier, as well.

Another excellent feature of a wool rug is that it has coil springs that make it so that it is elastic in nature and can be stretched over 35% and still easily return back to its natural shape. Plus, due to the process that is used to dye wool rugs the colors are fade resistant. Therefore, unless you continuously expose the rug to direct sunlight on a continuous basis you should not experience any real fading.

This type of flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors. Regardless of whether the style of your home is modern or traditional, or even if you are looking for a handmade rug, you are sure to find one to your liking made with wool.

With all of the exposure to real time news stories, up to the minute updates any crimes that are being committed at any point all across the country, it is easy for a person to become disillusioned with the modern day populace. Trusting people is a weighty task, and it also makes us all vulnerable to deception and theft. That theft can be of our worldly possessions and our money, but it can also be of our faith in humankind.

It is always a good idea to carry a hefty amount of wariness with you when you go into the world, but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself and still allow yourself to have meaningful relationships with other people. PI services can perform background checks on pretty much any person alive, no matter where in the world they are located. They can help make sure that the person that you are about to put your trust in, or give access to your financial assets, is indeed a trustworthy person.  Private investigators can actually perform a wide variety of services, not just background checks. Here are a few of the services that you can seek out a private eye to conduct on your behalf:

  1. Child custody cases. If you are dealing with a difficult custody case with your child, then you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your child. Child custody cases can be very frustrating and very hard to win. In fact, if you are seeking out sole custody of your child, then you will likely to bring a very good reason to the courts in order to justify it. And you had better be able to back up that reason with cold hard evidence. Accusations alone will not be enough, but a private eye can help you to obtain the factual proof that you need in order to win your case.
  2. Employment history. When you work for a large corporation, you do not have to worry about going through the hassle of setting up a background check on every new employee. That is often a service that the corporation will already pay for and handle for you. However, have you ever wondered who exactly is doing those background checks? Many of them are being done by private investigator firms. Most of them will automatically check for the normal stuff, like past history of violating the law or jail time, or anything else on government record, but they do not check for the little things. For example, they do not verify that the social security number that they are running actually belongs to the person that gave it to you. Computer systems can not check against identity theft that is the job of a person to verify. You want an employee that is working for you in your small business to be who they say that they are, and that means using a private eye to check against these things.

The process of purchasing window treatments can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of window treatments that you can choose from, from shutters, blinds, shades and drapes, and each option has within it a multitude of other choices that you will have to narrow down in before you can even start deciding what you are going to purchase.  There are price points to take into consideration, as well as if you need custom blinds or shades because your windows may be an irregular shape, or you just may decide that you want something that sets your home a little apart from the window treatments in the other homes around you.  Another thing that you have to take into account is how much the window treatments will function in an energy saving capacity.

Custom blinds are a great option for any room in the house. They not only complement pretty much any décor style, but they also can be a great help in helping your house reduce the amount of solar heat that is allowed into your home in the summer months, and also help prevent warm air from escaping the home in the cold winter months. Blinds are made with a series of slats that can be turned or adjusted in order to control the amount of light that is allowed in from outside. The slats can also help to control the amount of desired privacy on the inside of the home. In addition to having slats that can be moved around to change the light levels and the privacy in the any room of the home, the moveable slats can also help to make a home more energy efficient. If you have a west facing side of the home that is particularly vulnerable to getting uncomfortably warm in the afternoons and evenings, then that might be a good area of the home to consider using exterior blinds as well as interior ones. That can help block out the heat more completely and make the room a bearable place to be in the summer evenings.

Custom shades are also a wonderful choice for a home. Shades are similar to blinds in that they often have the ability to be raised and lowered using a cord, but one area where they can be different has to do with their slats: shades do not have slats. They may still function in the same way that blinds do, but when they are raised and lowered it looks more like an accordion. Instead of slats, they have a fabric system that folds or rolls or bunches in on itself when the shades are raised away from the windows.  Because these kinds of window treatments are often a solid surface of some kind of fabric, they will offer much more privacy than standard blinds would when they are lowered over the windows. They are also an energy efficient option for homeowners to help block out light and keep the rooms in your home at a comfortable temperature.

As you and your eyes age, different types of protein begin to clump together. This causes murkiness and thickness to affect the naturally clear lens in your eye and it starts to get cloudy. Many people have described this sensation as trying to look through a foggy window because those in need of cataract treatment perceive images as less sharp, crisp, and vivid.

This is due to the fact that the clumped protein that caused your cataracts prevents light from reaching your retina. Therefore, the light does not pass through your lens and it gets scattered, blurred, and distorted. This results in a gradual deterioration of your vision. In addition, colors will be subdued, and you may experience glare around lights. If you do not have it properly treated, cataracts can ultimately lead to blindness.

While most cataracts are caused by age, they can also be a result of trauma, heredity, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, cataracts can also occur as a result of eye disease, after the use of certain medications, or as a result of medical conditions such as diabetes. Moreover, cigarette smoking is also a major contributing factor in the need for cataract surgery.

Unfortunately, cataract surgery is the only way to correct cataracts. However, it is an outpatient procedure that usually lasts less than 30 minutes. During the procedure, your doctor will remove the natural lens in your eye, which the cataract has made cloudy and replace it with a new one, known as an intraocular lens (IOL).

The goal of cataract surgery is to correct the decreased vision that was caused by the cataract. However, it will not correct eye problems such as glaucoma, those brought on by diabetes, or age-related macular degeneration. In addition, most people still need to either wear glasses or contact lens after cataract surgery for either near and/or distance vision and astigmatism or have lasik eye surgery in order to correct these issues.

Prior to the procedure, you will undergo a complete eye exam. However, if you wear contact lenses, you must leave them out of your eyes for a period of at least three weeks before your preoperative eye examination and before your surgery. This is done because the contact lens rests on the cornea and distorts its shape and this can affect the accuracy of the doctor’s calculations needed in order for surgery to be successful.

Prior to the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic in the form of eye drops. Once your eye is numb, an incision is then made in the eye and the natural lens is removed and the IOL is placed inside your eye. Your eye will be examined the day after surgery and periodically after that. You will need to place drops in your eyes for approximately one month. However, you should be able to resume your normal activities within two or three days, and your eye will usually be stable within three to six weeks.

Private money lenders serve as an alternative to the traditional lending institutions, including big banks that people are so familiar with. These individuals lend their own capital to other investors and whose presence makes it possible for the average investor to run and maintain a sustainable career. This is due to the fact that there are strict requirements and timelines that are not conducive to the average real estate investor. Therefore, those with the appropriate funds could better serve investors than large institutions and now, private money lenders are a critical component to the real estate investment industry.

However, becoming a hard money lender is not a path just anyone can take. You need to ask yourself if you can afford to do so as having a little extra money in the bank does not mean that you should throw it at the first investor that comes your way. In fact, it is recommended that you do not become a private lender if you are not willing to take the time to understand the risks involved.

In addition to learning about the risks, there are a number of other steps that you need to take in order to be successful. First and foremost, you need a name for your business, as well as an address and phone number. These need to be submitted to the state so that no other organization can use the same name.

The next thing you need to do is speak to an attorney who is an expert in business and real estate. He or she can help you to determine the legal structure of you hard money lending business and the appropriate state of incorporation, as well as assist with tax issues, licensing and the different legal issues concerning residential and commercial lending. You can also have your attorney set up your employer identification number with the IRS.

The next step in becoming part of the hard money game is to draft your business plan and underwriting criteria. This should be based on the types of loans you will be making. You need to include such things as your loan to value parameters, minimum and maximum investment amounts, interest rates charged, property types such as manufacturing plants, office buildings, strip malls or apartment buildings, and payback periods. You need to think of your business plan as the roadmap that keeps your company on track.

You will also need to put together your financial projections. When you are investing your own money, you need to know the break-even points, projected monthly and annual income based on various interest rates charged, as well as your monthly expenses, legal costs and other overhead costs. Therefore, you will need to develop a balance sheet, income and cash flow statements, and a profit and loss statement.

Finally, purchase your domain name and have your website professionally done. Be sure to put an intake form on the site so that you can pre-qualify projects online. Be sure to request information including project type, loan requested, the length of the loan, the value of property, location, and other important factors based on your lending criteria. Congratulations, you are now ready to launch your business.

Whether you go to the dentist religiously or only when you are in pain, at some point you are going to need more than just a cavity filled. If your doctor mentioned dental implants to you, do not be scared. They are quite common and are a step up from bridges and dentures.

Dental implants are artificial teeth made of titanium metal and ceramic material. They are made to look like normal teeth and are fused to your jawbone. They not only stay put, they also look like real teeth, and never need to be replaced. In addition, no other teeth are involved in the process and there is no embarrassing or annoying clicking noise to contend with. In the US alone, more than 5.5 million of these procedures are done annually as a cosmetic dentistry procedure.


The dentist will take measurements and he or she may need to build up your jawbone before you can have implantation done. If it is not, then you may need a bone graft and have a bone from elsewhere or an artificial bone placed in your jaw. Moreover, you must be in good general health and have healthy gums in order to be a good candidate for dental implants. In addition, it is recommended that you not smoke as it can cause you to lose the implant.


The dental implant procedure is done in steps in your dentist office while you are under local anesthesia. As the doctor completes each phase, you will most likely experience some swelling and/or pain. You will probably be prescribed pain medication in order to help with any discomfort and you will have to eat a diet of soft, cold food and lukewarm soups for a day or two. You may also be prescribed an antibiotic in order to ward off an infection.

For a period that can last between two and six months, your jaw bone and the implant fixture will go through a process known as osseointegration. This is the term used for the time it takes for them to grow together. Once it is complete, the dentist will implant your artificial tooth. In the meantime, you will receive a temporary dental crown, bridge or denture to help you with chewing and speaking normally.


During the time of osseointegration, your gum tissue will cover the implant. Therefore, your dentist will need to add a healing collar. In addition, he or she will also have to take impressions in order to be able to make your new tooth. At that point, fixtures are then connected to the implants, in order to create a secure attachment for your new teeth.


Once the process is complete, you need to be sure to brush all of your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily in order to keep the gum tissue healthy. You also have to be careful when cleaning around your implants and remember to keep all dentist appointments, especially for professional cleanings.



According to the dictionary, a gutter is a shallow trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater. They are essential because they are responsible for routing runoff from the roof away from your home. When they are installed properly, gutters help to keep basements and crawl spaces dry, preserve topsoil, and protect siding from backsplash stain and rot.  In addition, they also shield windows and doors from water infiltration and damage.

There are two different types of gutters, section and seamless. Sectional gutters generally come in pieces that are approximately twenty feet long and are cut to size.  They need to either be snapped together with silicon gaskets or you will have to weld the sections together if you need them to be longer than twenty feet. All sectional systems have end caps, corner pieces and drop outlets for connecting to downspouts.

Seamless gutters are those that are extruded from metal coils to fit the exact length needed for each part of the system. They are superior to their sectional counterparts because they minimize leaks. This is due to the fact that they do not have ridges along the bottom of the gutter that can cause small amounts of water to back up and give debris plenty of opportunities to form a blockage. They also have a more uniform look as they only join at the inside and outside corners and at the downspout outlets. Seamless gutters can be made of aluminum, galvanized steel or copper and are made to custom lengths on site using a seamless gutter machine.

It is not economical to purchase a gutter machine for one job. Therefore, you will need to hire a contractor that is already in possession of one. He or she will be able to not only cut them to size, but, also, make them out of the material you choose and the style that you choose. Furthermore, if you hire the right roofing contractor with the right machine, then he or she will also be able to emboss gutter art and truly make your home or business unique. In order to create gutter art, there is an attachment that is needed.

In addition to enquiring about the gutter machines that roofing contractors possess, you also need to enquire into their years of service to the community, as well as their licensing and the insurance that they hold. Moreover, it is also a good idea to look for online reviews and to check to see their standings with the Better Business Bureau. Be aware that you will never find a contractor that does not have any complaints against them. Instead, of looking for the perfect contractor, it is better to look to see how problems were resolved.

It is best to get at least three estimates when you are having any kind of work done at your home. The general recommendation is to choose the estimate that is in the middle. However, you also need to go with your gut and determine which one you think is right for the job.

Many homeowners have fallen into the trap of mistakenly thinking that the roof of their home is bullet proof. The roofing on your home has the duty of protecting you from all of the elements that mother nature can throw your way, but it is not an infallible object. The rooftop of your home will protect you and your loved ones for many years, but only if you make sure that you are keeping up with the regular maintenance that it requires in order to work as it is intended to work.

The regular maintenance or repairs that a roof requires can include replacing lose roof shingles, repairing and replacing the underlay or the installation in order to prevent the roofing from failing and allowing leaks to start inside the home. If you fail to keep up on any part of the regular maintenance of your roofing, then you will likely find that a leak has begun at some place in your

roofing. If you find a leak, or even suspect that one has begun at a place in your home, then you should immediately take the following steps in order to locate and treat the leak in order tp stop the water from entering your home and also to minimize the damage that the lead will cause if it is allowed to continue to flow.

When you find a leak in your home, if you are unsure about what the extent is of the damage that has been caused, then you should call a roof repair company to come out to your home so that they can evaluate the extent of the damage that has occurred. They will likely get up on your roof to see if they can locate the damaged roof tiles that are allowing water to enter the home and they will also get up into your attic space so that they can see if the insulation is damaged to the point that it needs to be replaced.

Before you make your first call to your roofer, you might want to do a little poking around on your own first so that you can make sure that you are giving the roofer as much information as you can when you are scheduling an appointment. If you are able to determine and communicate to the roofer how bad the leak and the damage from it is, then they can decide if you need an emergency visit from the roofer or if you can schedule an appointment with them during their regular business hours. This of course can save you money if you are able to tell if the leak is not that bad or if it is just getting started.


If you are able to get up on your roof on your own, then it is a good idea to see if you can get close enough to the damaged spot to examine how bad it is. If you are unsure where the leak is, you can even bring your garden hose up there and turn it on to see where the water is entering the home.

Are you still thinking about renting out space in a shared office space? Stop thinking and get moving! Here are just a few of the benefits that you will have when you work in a shared office:

Convenient access – Many people do not have the luxury of picking where their office is located. Instead they must accept whatever commute they are handed when they get a job. But when you are working for yourself, one of the best perks is that you can choose the location of your office. You want an office that is easy to access for yourself, but more importantly, you need an office space that is easy for your clients to access! Office Evolution shared office space in Burlington is situated just off of I-95, so it is in a location that is very easy to get to from a variety of areas, including: Boston, Lexington, Lowell, Wilmington, Billerica, Woburn, Winchester and Bedford as well as the surrounding areas. When you are easy to get to, you make it that much easier for potential clients to make the decision to do business with you.

Private –  The office spaces at Office evolution offer security and privacy in a setting that promotes productivity as well as networking. All of the offices are fully furnished before you show up, so all that you will need to bring in order to get to work is your laptop! Secure WiFi is available for you so that you can immediately start conducting business.

Flexible office service and amenities – A coworking space by definition is an area where you can come and work around other small business owners or telecommuters. You have your choice of working spaces so that you can select the type of environment that is going to be the best fit for you. The best space for you might be at a community table in a shared office space, or you may prefer to work on your own in a private office. There is also a business lounge that is available for you to take a break from work and enjoy the company of other people that work just as hard as you do. The amenities are varied by location, but one amenity that you will get no matter which location you go to is the ability to rent out space on a flexible basis. Perhaps you only need an office space for a few hours every month, or for just three days of the week? You can rent space for at little as 15 minutes at a time and for up to 12 months at a time!

Conference rooms – A professional office space that is complete with presentation technology in place is a great way to close deals with important clients. if you need to have a meeting, you can do it at Office Evolution and be proud of the area that you work out of.

Great for small businesses – Small businesses are taking over the way the business world works. Shared office spaces are excellent ways for a small business to conduct their day to day business with all the same professionalism that you would see in a large company.

It is recommended that children have their eyes checked at birth, 6 months of age, 3 years old, and before entering kindergarten. Adults should see an eye doctor once between the ages of 20 and 30 and twice while you are in your 30s. Once you turn 40, it depends on your health and at 65, you should make an appointment at least once every year or two.

However, you will need eye care more often if you have health conditions or a family history of vision problems likes glaucoma, macular degeneration, or corneal diseases. In addition, you should also make an appointment if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Blurry vision or focus problems – If you suffer from sudden blurry vision or focus problems, it can be a sign of a larger health issue and should always be taken seriously. Moreover, if the blurry vision comes and goes or is limited to one eye, you should schedule an exam as soon as possible.
  • Visual disturbances – If you have a sudden onset of any visual disturbances including floaters, flashes of light, or obstruction of vision, it could be a sign of a serious, vision-threatening disorder such as a retinal detachment, retinal tear, or retinal hole. It is best that you seek medical attention as soon as possible, or even head to the emergency room.
  • Gradual Blurring of Vision – Whether you notice that you have to bring things closer to your face to read them or you have to move them further away, it is probably time to get an eye exam.
  • Headaches — If you are experiencing re-occurring headaches, it may be a sign of a vision problem as changes in vision take place slowly and are often undetectable.
  • Eye pain or eye strain — If you experience ongoing eye pain for more than a few days or if you have ongoing eye pain when you move your eyes if you know it is not from the amount of sleep your getting, seasonal allergies, a cold or the flu, it is a good idea to get it checked out as it may be a sign of an eye infection or more serious health condition. It could also be a warning sign that your vision has changed. Therefore, you should get it checked out.
  • Squinting — Frequent squinting is a classic sign that it is time for an eye exam. The act of squinting helps to reduce extraneous light from entering the eye and, therefore, improves vision.  This is often one of the first signs in children that they may need eyeglasses, especially if it is coupled with an eye turn which is also known as lazy eye.
  • Sensitivity to light — A sudden onset of sensitivity to light can be a sign that you need an eye exam as light sensitivity is a symptom of several disorders and eye diseases.
  • Eye Infection– If you experience swelling of the eyelids, itchiness, redness, a discoloration of the whites of your eyes, and/or have a discharge coming from your eyes, you may have an eye infection. Schedule an appointment with your optometrist or ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

If you are looking to increase the appraisal value of your home, or perhaps you just want a more functional and pleasing kitchen, then one of the first updates that you should consider are your home kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets can immediately give away the age of your home and can make the whole room look dated, even when you make the effort to update the major kitchen appliances regularly. There are several types of updates that you can do on your own in order to give your cabinets a fresh look. We spoke with a local cabinet hardware distributor to get an idea the kinds of updates that you can do on your own as well as the ones that are best left up to a professional installer.

Great Do It Yourself Projects for Kitchen Cabinets:

  • If you want to give an immediate and affordable facelift to your kitchen and dining area, then consider painting the fronts of your kitchen cabinets. This is affordable and a fairly easy process. In order to prevent fingerprints in your paint and other types of smudges, make sure that you remove the doors of the cabinets first before painting. This way you can guarantee that the paint is dry before the doors are handled. This is a great option if your cabinets are in good shape and free from dents or dings.
  • Update your kitchen hardware. It is the little things that tend to make a big difference in a kitchen update, so do not overlook the importance of drawer pulls and knobs or handles that are up to date. If you are looking for a way to update your kitchen but do not want to spend the extra money on new hardware, then you can always remove it completely. This will keep the kitchen cabinet faces looking streamlined and chic.
  • Add or update the lighting hardware in the kitchen. Kitchen light fixtures can be a great addition to a kitchen area; after all, you will always need to have light in your kitchen! Under cabinet lighting is also very popular right now, and easy to install without the assistance of a professional. If you want to go a step further and actually add new lighting into the ceiling of your kitchen, then you may want to consider bringing in the professionals for that.

Great Projects for the Kitchen Professional:

  • If you decide that your old kitchen cabinets simply have to go, then you will want to enlist the help of a professional to remove the old cabinets and install the new ones. New cabinets are great if your old ones are damaged or just too outdated to be corrected with superficial remedies. Some contractors can also update your backsplash as well, so you can have entirely new wall in the kitchen space when it is complete.
  • Add updated lighting. Do not play around with electricity or live wires if you are not an electrician, but new lighting or track lighting installations are a great way to make a kitchen look larger.

Healthy prepared meals are those that have the right quantities of foods from all food groups and help those that consume them lead a healthy life. While many define diet as a regimen for losing weight, its true meaning is the food eaten in the course of a certain period of time. A good diet includes a nutritional lifestyle and promotes good health. It also should include all of the food groups because one single group cannot provide everything needed for good health. The five main food groups are whole grains, fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy, and fat & sugar.

When ordering from a healthy meal delivery business, be sure that you have at least three ounces of whole grains per day. Whole grains have the bran and the germs attached and are important because whole grains are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Whole grain products include breads, pastas, and cereals, 100% whole wheat, brown rice, bulger, corn, buckwheat, oats, spelt and wild rice.

Another thing to be sure your meal delivery includes is both fruits and vegetables. They are important because they have a high vitamin, mineral and fiber content and these nutrients are vital for your body to function well. In addition, several studies have shown that eating fruit and vegetables can help to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Moreover, many health specialists recommend that everyone consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. A portion could be one large fresh fruit, such as an apple, mango, or a banana, or three heaped tablespoons of vegetables. It could also include one glass of 100% fruit or vegetable juice.

All healthy meals, delivered or prepared, need to have protein. It is essential for the building and repairing of tissue in the body. In addition, protein-rich foods also have minerals the body needs, including iron, magnesium, and zinc, as well as B vitamins. Proteins should make up between 20 to 25 % of your daily nutritional intake and come in the form of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, nuts, quoin, and soy. However, when eating meat, be sure that the fat is trimmed and drained away after cooking. You should also remove the skin from poultry. Fish rich in omega oils, such as trout, fresh tuna, sardines, mackerel, and salmon should be consumed twice a week and it is better to grill, roast or microwave meats and fish, rather than frying them.

If you order from a meal delivery service for all of your meals each day, be sure that there is some dairy. Dairy products are important because they are a good source of calcium which is important for healthy bones and teeth. Dairy products include milk, yogurts, cheese, and some soy dairy products. When eating dairy, be sure it is of the low-fat variety.

Finally, while you should have some unsaturated fats like vegetable oils and oily fish in your diet, you should keep saturated fats and sugars to a minimum. This includes cream, margarine and fried foods which can significantly increase your risk of developing heart disease. Sugary foods and drinks, like some sodas and sweets, should be kept to a minimum because they are high in calories and bad for your teeth.

If you are going to replace your current window treatments, your best bet is to go with either blinds or shades for your windows.  There are many options when it comes to these two types of window coverings and if you want to spruce them up, then you can add a valance, curtains, or drapes.

When it comes to window coverings, you cannot go wrong with blinds.  You can choose how much light to let in with just a tilt in the slats and there are several different materials that blinds are made from. These include vinyl, aluminum, faux wood (or textured vinyl) and real wood.


Vinyl blinds are the least expensive type of blinds and while wood blinds are the most expensive choice, they are not recommended for kitchens or bathrooms since the moisture and temperatures can cause them to warp.



Regardless of the type of material you choose, you also have to decide whether you want vertical or horizontal slats.  Vertical blinds are generally for sliding glass doors, picture windows, and windows that are short and wide.  Horizontal blinds help to create the illusion of bigger windows and more space in apartments and small rooms.


Blinds are great because they can be easily wiped clean and usually only need to be dusted weekly.  If need be, vinyl shades can be taken down and hand washed, while shades made out of fabrics will need to be professionally cleaned.


When it comes to blinds, another option is insulated blinds.  While more expensive than regular blinds, they help to conserve energy while also filtering or blocking light.  This may help to reduce your monthly utility bill.


If you have small children, you may want to enquire with your Hunter Douglas blinds salesperson about cordless blinds.  The cords of some blinds have become asphyxiation hazards.  If cordless is not an option, there are kits available to ensure your children do not get entwined.


There are six major types of blinds.  Each type is stylish and versatile and allows you to create different looks and moods.  They are warmer and softer than blinds, but are a bit more difficult to clean.


When it comes to shades, there are six types that you can choose from. They include woven wood or bamboo shades which are best for sunny areas because they filter out the sun and give the room a natural look. There are also tight weaves like twill and micro suede which are best for bedrooms because they are nontranslucent and offer optimal privacy.


Roman shades are the dressiest and are best for your living and dining rooms.  They can be set to billow out like a balloon as they have soft, wide pleats that fold flat when you raise the cord. Honeycomb or cellular shades are the most energy efficient shades available.  They have horizontal rows of air pockets that help to keep the warm air out in the summer and in during the winter.


Finally, there are a blackout shades which are best for bedrooms and family rooms because they keep out 100% of the light that tries to get in.  However, they are more expensive than regular shades.



If you are currently in the search for a new vendor to supply insurance agency software solutions, the first things you have to look at are industry experience, platform, options available, and financial stability.

Once you have a shortlist, you are ready to take the next step and do a request for information. When doing so, be sure to include your business goals and objectives especially as they relate to the transformation effort.

You should also include an inventory of your company’s technical capabilities as well as those needed for the software so that the two can work together during the transformation. Additionally, you may want to consider including several scenarios that you believe are of high priority as these will better illustrate what you are looking to accomplish with the use of their software.

Furthermore, instead of asking simple questions that can be answered “yes or no,” structure your questions so that the vendors have to explain in detail how they would configure their system to support your different business scenarios. This will encourage the agency software vendors to explain how their software helps you achieve what you want.

As your requests are returned, be sure that they include cross-business representation. This will ensure to you that the vendor team includes members of key functional areas, which includes underwriting, actuarial, customer service, claims operations, sales, marketing, and IT.

You should also look to be sure that the vendor pre-defines, up front; who has the authority to make decisions, and who will simply be providing input into the decision-making process, as well as which areas each participant has influence over.

You should then be able to take all of this information from each vendor and create a scoring criterion that objectively assesses each vendor’s responses. It will also identify their strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to your company. However, in order for this to be a truly objective process, you need to ensure that your vendor selection team is in agreement on what the priority areas are as well as how they each weight beforehand.

This should enable you to narrow down the list of insurance software solution vendors to two or three. If that is indeed the case, it is then time to call each of them in for a demonstration. This should include the core software system capabilities of each vendor as well as provide further confidence to both you and the vendor that you have made the right choice.

One vendor that you should be sure to include is AVYST. They have everything you are looking for and more. They would be more than happy to be a part of your decision-making process and move you forward to the next step of implementation. Each of their four suites of software can be prioritized to your company’s needs. They are ready and willing to answer any and all questions that you may have and will set up a demonstration when you are ready for the next step.



There are a lot of different carpet cleaners out there, and many claim to be the best. Unfortunately many people believe that sometimes the only way for you to truly find out who is the best is to try out the different services for yourself. But that can be an expensive and disheartening process. Instead, do your research ahead of time to find out who is going to offer you the best and most effective cleaning experience at the best value.  After much comparison and research, we have found that one of the best options available is Sweet’s Chem Dry. They offer a fantastic product that has been proven to be effective as well as reasonable priced. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner that offers exceptional customer service and can treat and get rid of even the toughest stains, than look no further than Sweet’s Chem Dry. Here’s what makes them so fantastic:

  1. When you use a Chem Dry carpet cleaning service, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint. The Chem Dry process is a safe and environmentally friendly process. They never use harsh chemicals that will damage the environment, and their process is often more effective than companies that do use dangerous chemicals!
  2. It is quick.  The chem dry cleaning process is a low moisture process. That means that they use less than half the amount of water to clean your carpets in your home than other carpet cleaning methods. This is not only great for your water bill, but it is quick drying. In most cases your carpets are ready for you to walk on by the time the Chem Dry staff drives away from your home! This means that you no longer have to plan your life around your carpet cleaner and the days that you have to stay off of the carpet while you wait for it to dry.
  3. We all know that children and pets are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to getting the carpets dirty, so they are also some of a carpet cleaning company’s biggest customers. However, many companies use cleaning solutions that are toxic if ingested or inhaled.  That does not make for a very friendly environment for your little ones to crawl around on, of for your pets to nap on, does it? That is why Sweet’s Chem Dry is so popular with families or homes with pets. They understand that you want to get back to your normal life after they leave your home as quickly as possible, and if you have to worry about keeping your tots and pets off of the carpet for fear of toxic fumes, that is going to interfere with your life.
  4. Many pet owners have experienced the frustration of paying to have a pet stain removed from their carpets, only to see that exact same stain resurface a few weeks later. The chem dry process effectively removes stains from carpets to that you will NEVER see them again.

If you have reached a point in your marriage where you feel that you can no longer go forward in the marriage, then you are likely going to need a divorce attorney to help you through the process of achieving that divorce. Choosing the right divorce attorney is going to be a vital part of making sure that your interests as well as the interests of your children are properly represented in court. In order to make sure you have the very best divorce attorney out there, follow the following steps:

  • First, seek out the names of divorce attorneys that are local to your area. You want to make sure that you select someone that is very familiar with the family laws in your state.  Ask for recommendations from people that you know that are professionals that come into contact with lawyers. They will likely have had some experience that will enable them to give you a recommendation. Even if they do not know of any good divorce lawyers, they might know of other reputable lawyers that they can steer towards you, and those lawyers in turn might be able to give you a solid recommendation.
  • Once you have some recommendations from professionals that may work with lawyers, you should also seek out recommendations from other people that have used a divorce attorney.  If you have a friend or family member that has been divorced in the past, chances are good that they also used a divorce attorney and will be able to give you some pointers on who they would recommend.
  • Consider meeting with more than one lawyer before you make a decision. Some lawyers will offer a free first consultation, while others will bill a flat fee for it. It is generally recommended that you meet with at least one of each. You should only consider going forward with a lawyer that will take the time in that first initial consultation to actually review your case and will give you their opinion on what they think your options are going forward. Sometimes attorney’s that offer a free first consultation will spend the majority of the meeting treating it like a sales pitch and will not take any time to review the facts in your individual case.  Make sure that any attorney that you decide to use gives you a clear outline of how they want to move forward and has made an effort to look at the details of your particular case before making suggestions to you.
  • Give honest consideration to their compatibility with your personality. Going through a divorce is an extremely stressful  experience, so you want to make sure that the expert that you choose to walk down that path with is someone that you are going to feel comfortable with when you are not at your best. When you are in need of support, is that particular person’s style going to be a comfort to you, or are they going to add to your stress levels?

If you are a business person that lives and works in an urban area, then you have most likely already started to notice the increase of shared office spaces that seem to be popping up all over the city. Did you know that a shared office space is a place where business professionals can come in to work in a professional environment that allows people from all types of professions to work in a communal space? Many professionals are finding that the cost and convenience of a shared office space is actually capable of saving their companies thousands of dollars in operating costs.  These work areas are extremely flexible and a workspace in one can be rented out for as little as 15 minutes at a time.

These virtual office spaces open up the doors for companies when it comes to their hiring practices. A business is now no longer limited to hiring talent that is in their immediate area. They also do not have to figure in the added cost of relocation if they decide that the best talent is not within a commutable radius.  Instead, they can hire the right person for the job no matter what their location and the employee can telecommute into work. In an executive business lounge, an employee has the ability to work in a classy office environment that offers everything that they will need to complete their business duties from wherever they may be. They have access to high speed Wi-Fi, fax machines and printers, conference rooms complete with projectors, and even a kitchen area that is stocked with the essentials. In short, they have everything they need just as they would if they were coming into a central office every day, but it could be hundreds of miles away.

Office spaces such as these are convenient for the business as well, since they can save money on opening a branch office location when it is not really needed. This is also a great option for a small business owner or startup company that is looking to increase their productivity while saving money. They will not be required to put down a large fee for a long term lease on an office (which they then have to furnish and staff.) Instead, they can take advantage of an office that is completely set up and ready to be used. They even already have trained administrative staff and receptionists on site! So skip all of the leg work, and instead walk into an environment that is ready to receive you and promote productivity.

For the small business owner, these spaces can be especially appealing because of all of the virtual office amenities that they offer. In addition to traditional front desk and reception services, they offer live telephone answering and warm transfers, and mailing services. You can list a physical business address on your website and have all of your correspondences sent to your secure box at your shared office. They can even sign for packages.

Congratulations on your new home ownership! Owning a house is an amazing experience, and you likely want to do everything that you can to keep up on any repairs to keep it in good shape for many years to come.  When you purchased your home, you likely had a roof inspection done as part of your purchase, so you are starting off knowing exactly what kind of shape your roof is in. The key to saving yourself hundreds of dollars on expensive roofing repairs is to keep up the maintenance of your roof by replacing old and worn shingles as they age with new ones. This will help to prevent leaks and also extend the amount of time in between complete roof replacements. A few handy tips for beginners to roof maintenance are:

  1. Stay safe. Do not climb up on your roof during poor weather. If it is snowy or icy, just stay away until it melts.
  2. Do not use a ladder that is too short. Sure, you may be able to get yourself up on the roof using that wobbly painter’s ladder, but getting down may be a different story.
  3. Do not try to go it alone. Have a partner or friend there to secure your ladder while you are up on your roof and pass you the tools that you need. If for any reason you do injure yourself while you are up there, you will want someone else there as well. There is also no shame in using a harness or rope to secure yourself while you are up there.
  4. Use the right tools. If you are going to be nailing in new shingles, make sure that you are using the right kinds of nails in order to ensure a good and secure fit.

Now that safety is covered, let’s go through the steps of replacing a roofing shingle:

  1. Identify worn out shingles. Look for ones that are torn, cracked or losing the granules on them.
  2. Remove the old shingle. It can be tempting to just nail the new shingle over the top of the old one for “extra protection” but roofing contractors warn against doing this. It can actually cause the new shingles to not lay flat and wear out even faster. Take the extra time to pull out the old shingle first.
  3. Make sure that the new shingles match the old ones. You want your roof to look like one uniform structure, even though it is made up of many individual pieces of shingles. If your roofer did not leave any extra shingles at the house when the last roof replacement was done, then you may be able to find extras at a hardwood store or even by contacting your roofing contractor. You can also try contacting outlet providers that work with building materials.
  4. Four nails. Do not skimp when it comes to actually attaching the shingle to your roof. Use at least four nails, one in every corner and more if you feel the need.

If you are a property manager and cannot remember the last time you were on Facebook or Twitter and have just recently learned about Instagram and SnapChat, then chances are you need new property management software.

By streamlining many of the day-to-day processes, you will become more efficient and therefore be able to spend more time scrolling through your friends’ posts on the various sights. You could also catch up on cat videos on YouTube. The choice is yours.


One of the biggest benefits that online property management software has is its ability to improve communication between you and the tenants you are in charge of. Many of the programs available today have the ability to create and manage documents such as online applications and lease agreements. Therefore, you will no longer have to sift through files or piles of paper to find what you are looking for. You can simply put in your search terms and it will come to you in seconds.


In addition, these products also enable you to set up tenant portals that are accessible through your company website. These portals enable rent payers to do so online. This will make it so that there are less late payments, especially if they set up the auto pay feature and simply have the money taken out of their accounts each month without having to do anything on their end.


On your end, you can see who has paid and who is late with the click of a mouse. The software can then send out reminder emails. You can have it set up to go out on a certain date automatically to those who are late or you can go in and do it yourself. This also helps you to keep track of income and expenditure items.


Tenant portals also enable residents to submit maintenance requests online. If something needs to be fixed they can use their smartphones to let you know while sitting on the bus on the way to work or while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Then you can decide who will do the work and monitor when and how it is done from wherever you may be. Commercial property management software makes it so that work orders are a thing of the past.


In order to be successful, the property management software that you use needs to be cloud-based and mobile friendly. This will enable you to access the information you need from wherever you are with whatever technology you have on hand. It will also allow your tenants to access the portal from their mobile devices, as well. This is important because many recent studies show that more people access the web through phones and tablets than traditional PCs. If you or your tenants cannot get onto the site or portal, then what is the use of having it?!


Be sure to fully vet any company that you do business with and ask for a free trial before signing a contract.

There is no doubt that technology has come quite a ways in the past ten years. Even though home theater systems are nothing new, the quality of the picture and sound has become so advanced that you might even think that it is a better experience than you would have if you went to a movie theater to watch the movie! But did you know that there is somewhat a science to designing the perfect home theater systems? Most people think that you need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment in order to get the kind of high quality movie experience that rivals the one you would get in the movie theater, but the truth is that there is a large range of options available for creating a home theater system. And not only that, but there is a large range of price tags to go along with that, so no matter what your budget is, if you work with a good company like Quality Audio Video, they can help you to create a home theater that has all the essentials of a good theater and still stay within your budget.

When it comes down to it, creating a home theater is based on only 3 different things. You will need: an HDTV, a receiver, speakers, and optionally a sound bar (and of course all of the cables and cords needed to connect them all together.) If you have purchased an HDTV in the last couple of years, then you can skip the step of getting a new one. Keep in mind that you can have the best speakers available on the market and it will not matter to your guests at all if they do not have a good picture to look at. Some people skip the TV completely and instead get a projection screen TV. The choice is yours, but make sure that it is good enough quality that you will actually want to watch it.

The second step is to get the right speakers. Just like with TV’s, there is a wide range of options available across a spectrum of budget ranges, so this is a good time to lean on your home theater expert to help you select your  speakers. Sometimes getting just two good speakers will create a sound effect that is just as good as if you had 5 speakers. So make sure that you think about the space that the theater is going to be located in your home so that you know that you are getting the right speakers.

Your third item that is absolutely necessary for a home theater system is the receiver. This may actually be the area that you may end up putting most of your budget into, because you want to make sure that you have a receiver that is straightforward and easy to operate. It is safe to say that the receiver is going to be the most important part of your home theater, so make sure that you choose wisely.

According to the professional organization of investor relations officers, National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), the definition of investor relations is defined as “a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company’s securities achieving fair valuation”


The goal of IR is the improved understanding of the company among investors and analysts. The communication travels from the corporations to investors and back from investors to the corporation.  Moreover, feedback from investors is actively sought and shareholder research is conducted. Then, the feedback is analyzed at the highest level of the organizational hierarchy and is used as a part of both the decision-making and strategic planning processes.


The goal is not high value of stock, but fair value of stock because overvaluation can be as bad as undervaluation.  It can lead to a sudden drop in price and to increased price and volume volatility when additional information becomes available.

IR professionals view information about corporate strategy as the most important and most frequently communicated. This includes financial indicators that provide information about past performance and that focuses on the future earning potential of a company.  Therefore, this information is valued quite highly by investors.  However, information on top-management is the most important for the financial community when making decisions about buying or selling a stock.  This information is most often communicated in one-on-one meetings.


On the other hand, the public relations is responsible for promoting the company’s products and services to industry analysts, media, customers, partners, prospects, and employees.  PR success is measured by the number and quality of articles that are secured for the company.  The PR firm also monitors the latest industry trends and uses the information to position company experts as thought leaders with the media.


The two can and should work together, but often do not.  If they do collaborate, it would strengthen and clarify the company’s message while also increasing visibility.  This would result in more sales and stronger partnerships.  Furthermore, if PR executives advised the IR staff on trends and sent fact and quotes from team experts beforehand, then the investor relations team could confidently respond to shareholder calls following an industry event.


Additionally, each group would benefit by knowing the other’s key dates to ensure content is available for multiple purposes.  While PR agencies focus on press releases, trade shows, presentations at events and awards, their Investor relations counterparts look toward quarterly results, scripting earnings calls and end-of-year 10K releases.


By being aware of what the PR professionals are doing, Investor-relations staffers could use the materials for items that would be of interest to their key audiences.  One example is that large investors put a great deal of value on awards. If this information was sent to the investor relations team, they could promote it during their next discussion.  This would generate greater interest from prospects and investors and reduce overlapping effort that is expended by both teams.


Invisalign is an innovative way to correct your children’s teeth without the need for wire braces. This breakthrough method allows them to straighten their teeth and correct dental imperfections just like classic braces, but it also gives the wearer the flexibility to be able to remove the Invisalign whenever it is inconvenient to have it, much like an old retainer.  Also, many people can now get their Invisalign directly through their regular dentist, so there is no need to schedule additional costly visits through a specialist. There are several steps that a good dental office will want to go over with you in detail if you decide to try Invisalign for yourself or for your child. Here is a basic outline of what you can expect before your first visit with the dentist.

  • First of all, your family dentist will examine you or your child’s teeth. They will likely take x-rays and indentations which allow the office to create a three dimensional  model of your child’s teeth. This allows the dentist to evaluate what parts of the mouth are crowded and whether or not Invisalign would be beneficial. They can then use this information to create a treatment plan in order to track which teeth should be moving and what the mouth will look like after a certain period of time has passed with the Invisalign. The dentist will likely request frequent follow up visits where they will repeat this process so that they can make sure that everything is moving the way that it should be.
  • The dentist will use the indentations they took of the teeth to have the Invisalign manufactured and sent directly to your home. At this point you or your child can start wearing them immediately if your dentist has given you the go ahead.
  • As the teeth slowly begin to shift into the correct position, your current set of Invisalign will need to be replaced. About every two to three weeks, a new set will be sent to your home and you will want to stop using your current set and replace them with the new set. This allows you to feel minimal discomfort while your teeth are realigning themselves into the correct place in the mouth.

One of the best features of Invisalign is that they are practically invisible. They can also be worn during almost any activity, and the more that they are worn, the quicker and more effective they will be! Most dentists will recommend that you where them for at least twenty hours a day, so keep in mind that you will want to keep them in while you sleep and eat, etc. for maximum effectiveness. If you wear them for a lesser amount of time, then it may take longer for your teeth to move into the correct alignment. Your dentist will also have you come in periodically for checkups so that they can measure the progress that your teeth are making and answer any questions that you may have along the way.

When it comes to shopping or looking for a service provider, more and more people are going online first than ever before. Approximately 80% of American consumers are going online and using a search engine in order to locate a business or make purchasing decisions, so the wise decision for any person that owns a business is to make sure that they are establishing a reputable online presence so that they can take part that pool of potential customers. Whether you are the owner of a small retail business, or if you provide a service such as carpet care, if you do not have a professional carpet care web design in place, then you are likely leaving business on the table.

A complete marketing plan should include a well-designed web design and a carpet cleaning SEO marketing strategy that will bring potential clients to that website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the technique that many marketing companies employ in order to make sure that a website is brought to the front page of the search results when an online keyword search is conducted. If you have ever used a search engine before, then you have experienced the often overwhelming number of results that can come back from a keyword search, often in the tens of thousands.  Most consumers will usually select a website from the list of results that are on the front page. In fact, many consumers never even click beyond that first page of search results, so it can often be vital to the success of a company that their website is listed on the very first page of the search engine results.

This is where the Carpet Care Gurus come into the picture. They can utilize SEO in order to make sure that a business’s website is pulled into the top search results when a relevant keyword is entered in the search engine. The Gurus are composed of a team of people that are experts in the carpet care industry, so they are able to easily identify and focus on the keywords that are going to bring the most relevant traffic to your site. The traffic, which is the number of unique visitors that click on a link that bring them to your website, is then directed to your site where you have an opportunity to win their business. Keep in mind that not every potential client that visits your website is going to turn into an actual client, but the more people that visit your site means that a larger number of people could turn into clients. Think of it just like you would think of old print ads: the larger the audience that sees your advertisement, the more likely you will be to win over clients.  That is why it is so important to make sure that you have a great web design in place.  That is your first impression on a potential client, so you want to make sure that you are putting you best foot forward.

Instagram, the social media site that has people share photos and videos boasts over 150 million accounts.  Some of those are your patients and some of your patients that have Instagram accounts have already shared their experience with their friends.  Those friends can become your clients if you properly use the site for dentist marketing.   In order to take advantage of the site, you are reminded of a number of things.  First and foremost, posts with pictures get more engagement than those with just text.  This means that pictures get more likes and shares, which, in turn, means that more people will see them than just your friends.  Friends of friends will also see them.   Another important fact to remember when using Instagram for dental marketing is that you should add a hashtag to every post.  This will enable more people to see it than just your friends.  Many Instagram users search for posts by hashtag.  Therefore, if they search for the ones that you commonly use, your most recent post will come up even if they are not connected to you in any way. Patients and prospective patients want to see what goes on behind the scenes.  The best pictures involve your staff, and yourself, in action, as well as the equipment you use.  You can, with permission, also post pictures of patients smiling after they complete their visit with you.  After all, people love to see pictures of themselves, friends, and family.  So you know those will be shared.   However, keep your posts upbeat.  Leave the bloody pictures to the horror movies.  Many people are afraid of the dentist and this may make them even more nervous.  Even if they are not afraid, pictures mid-procedure may be a turn-off.   You also need to keep the posts fun.  That is what social media started out as and is supposed to be.  Do not make posting to Instagram another chore that you and your staff have to complete.  Another positive to posting to Instagram is that you can link that account to your Facebook account and have the picture or video posted in both places at once.   Another thing you do to incorporate Instagram into your dentist marketing plan is to run a photo sharing contest.  Choose a hashtag and have people post pictures using it.  Then, pick one at random and award them a prize.  This is a great way to get your patients involved.   Other tips include limiting the number of posts to only a few a day, always reply to comments that are posted, as well as all tags, and print out some of the photos and put them on the walls in your office.  This could lead to more followers as they may see the picture, find out you have an Instagram account and then ask to follow you.   Whatever you decide to post, it is best to promote creatively and sparingly, if at all.  Also, leave the words to Twitter and Facebook and limit both filters and hashtags.
With more and more states passing laws that legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, the number of dispensaries and cannabis delivery services is ever increasing.  This makes it more and more difficult for your business to stand out from the crowd in order to improve your bottom line. Advertising becomes even more difficult because businesses that deal with marijuana, including weed delivery services, cannot advertise in traditional newspapers, on radio stations, on social media, or on Google.  This leaves these types of businesses with limited options. One of those options is the various newspapers, blogs, and websites that cater to keeping people informed and up-to-date on the industry.  However, this is where everyone else is also advertising their business, as well.  Therefore, creative measures will need to be taken.  These include having “sales” and using creative artwork, just to name a few. Be sure to include not only your phone number for contact, but your web address and social media accounts, as well.  In addition, you need to keep track of where a client found out about your business, so you know what is working and what needs to be changed to attract more attention and potential clients. Another great way to increase business for your marijuana delivery service is to ensure that your website is optimized and up-to-date.  You can add your own blog, as well.  It can inform people on new products that are available and give them overall advice on the best way to use what they have. Additionally, your blog can bring more people to your site.  Not only can you share your blog on social media, but others can share it, as well.  While you are not allowed to advertise on the various social media platforms, you are able to have a page and/or a group where you can post information and links. The more people that visit both your site and your social media presences, the higher up you go in the search engine results.  Again, while you cannot pay for an advertisement to appear on Google or another search engine, you can be listed in their results.  The higher you are on the results, the more likely people are to click through to your site and possibly become customers. Research shows that most people do not go past the third link listed in the results.  Those that do, usually do not get past the first page of results.  Therefore, anything you can do to improve your standings will get more customers. The review site Yelp is another great tool for both getting customers and improving your standings in search engine results.  It is in your best interest to have people review your business on this site and or on the Google review page, as well.  It may be beneficial to offer incentives to those clients who refer their friends to you or your website and review your services online because more and more people are turning to the web to check out various businesses before they spend money there, regardless of the industry.

Before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to advertise your car care business, you need to ensure that it will work and attract new customers and convince old clients to come back for much-needed repairs.  In order to do so, there are a number of factors to consider when creating effective auto repair advertising.


First and foremost, your advertising needs to be different.  All too often the auto repair advertising that is sent out by direct mail, placed in the newspaper or via a commercial on the TV or radio all seems to look the same.  You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.


One way to show that you are better than all the other car repair businesses in the area is to find out what your competition is doing and do it better and for less money.  Another way to stand out from the crowd is to label yourself an expert.  Find what you are best at and let the world know through your auto repair marketing.


Another thing that is important when it comes to effective auto repair advertising is that it be easy to understand.  Put as much of the ad as possible in laymen’s terms.  Many of the people who come into your shop are not car repair savvy.  If they were, they would do the job themselves.  Therefore, your ads need to be as clear as possible.

In addition, to clarity and being different, your auto repair advertising needs to be persuasive, yet unbiased.  If you are unsure how to accomplish this, then you may want to hire a professional writer.  Your ads should not have too many gimmicks, but should convince those reading, seeing, or hearing them to have their car serviced by you.


One way to convince people to use your auto repair shop is to include a savings of some sort.  It could be a buy one get one deal or a coupon for a certain percentage off their next service appointment.  You have to decide what will work best for your business and your customers.


In order to be successful, auto repair marketing should be targeted at a specific audience.  Find a certain kind of person and gear the advertising toward them.  It could be based on location, age, gender and/or who own a certain kind of car.  If it is not targeted toward someone, it will not help anyone.


Auto repair advertising is significant and should result in your business’s growth and development.  It is recommended that regardless of the type of advertising used that you keep track of how well it is working.  This way you will be able to repeat what works and replace what does not.


Finally, you could do all of the best advertising in the world, however, it will not get you any more customers if it is not backed up by stellar customer service.  This includes being happy to see people, being patient and answering questions and following up with a thank-you for their business.


Creating window coverings by yourself can be a great way to save money.  You can also create a custom look all your own.  With the internet at your fingertips, you can find plenty of inspiration.  As long as you know your way around a sewing machine and a hardware store, you are on your way.


There are a number of things to take into consideration when making and hanging window treatments. They include:


  1. What type of window coverings do you want? This includes material type and how you want them to pull the room together.  Are you eclectic or do you like everything to match?
  2. Make sure you measure correctly.  You do not want to get all done only to have curtains that are the wrong size.  This includes ensuring that you make the drapes the correct width as well as height.  Rule of thumb is that drapes should be two to two and a half times the width of the window.
  3. Hang the curtains in the right place to get the right look for the room. The higher the ceiling, the lower the drapes should be hung.  Where you hang them will change the look of the room.
  4. Iron or steam them before you hang them. Wrinkles will not come out the longer they hang.  Besides, you worked hard making them and they should look good.  Ironing will do that.

  1. Make sure that you have everything you need before you start.  Otherwise you will become a regular at the local hardware or home improvement store.  Decide what you are going to use to hang the window coverings.  Make sure it is the correct size for the job and will not only look nice, but will stay in place for a long time as well.
  2. Know what your walls are made of. Knowing whether your walls are concrete or plaster helps when hanging anything, including window treatments.  You will need a special drill bit if your walls are cement and if your walls are plaster, you will need anchors to secure the hanging object.
  3. Know yourself. If you are afraid of heights and the windows are up high or if you do not have the time, it may be a good idea to go to a store to purchase the window coverings and have a professional install them.  This also goes for when the job seems overwhelming due to the size and/or number of windows that need covering.


Whether or not you decide to do it yourself, one place to go for ideas is a showroom that has Hunter Douglas Blinds, Shades, Shutters as well as other coverings and treatments by the company.  Those that sell Hunter Douglas are knowledgeable about their products and eager to help with your window covering needs.  They will ensure that you get the right products you’re your home whether you are looking to cover one window or twenty.  Hunter Douglas showrooms often employee professional installers or can recommend several in the area that can help you.

While you probably could measure and hang window treatments on your own, it is not recommended.  It is a difficult job that requires a certain amount of skill and patience.  Furthermore, if you measure incorrectly for custom made window coverings it could be an expensive mistake.


First, you have to be honest to yourself about how handy you are.  If you do not know a screwdriver from a hammer, home improvement jobs should be left to the professionals.  This is true of all home improvement projects, not just hanging window treatments.  After all, you are trying to cover your windows, not make a new one by way of a new hole in the wall.


The next thing to take into consideration is the size and location of the windows being covered.  They could be difficult to reach or have complicated arches.  You made need scaffolding or a tall ladder to reach the windows needing coverings.  Moreover, if you are covering many windows, the job could become tedious and overwhelming.  It can also become time consuming to those that are not up on the most efficient ways to get the job done and have never done it before.


Another thing to take into consideration is if you are not the handy type or are not in construction by trade, you may not be familiar with all of the hardware and machinery required for the job.  You will need specific brackets, screws, clips, supports, anchors, pulleys and the equipment to install them such as hammers, nails, screwdrivers and the like.  You need to ensure that you have it all before you begin, or you will spend most of your time traveling to and from the local hardware or home improvement store.  You also need to ensure that you have the correct sizes and shapes, as well.


The material you are working with needs to be taken into consideration as well.  This includes not only what the window coverings are made of, but also what the walls are made of as well.  It is generally recommended that the lighter the fabric, the lighter the hardware, unless you are working with concrete walls.  You will need special machinery to get through the cement if that is the case in your home.  If your walls are plaster, then you need anchors to support whatever you hang on the walls.

Furthermore, with as expensive as window treatments are, professional installation is recommended.  No one wants to spend a ton of money on expensive drapes or blinds only to have the hung wrong, crooked or lopsided.  Hiring a handyman or professional installer, you ensure that your investment looks its best and stays in place.  By hiring a professional, you can avoid injury and get the most out of your purchase.


Stores that sell Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters often employ installers or can recommend a few to you.  After all, why spend a lot of money on expensive window coverings and then skimp on installation.

While many of us in the developed western world do not see many first hand areas where we can help to invest in and improve the environment and the climate work that is being done in other parts of the world, we can still find organizations and opportunities to support these endeavors. There are many things that need to be considered before sending money however, so below is a compiled list of things that you should be aware of before you decide that this is the organization to support.

The first thing that you really need to look into is just what work the organization is doing around the world. For example, if I was looking into supporting Rimba Raya reserve in Indonesia, I would look to see just what they are accomplishing in that area. This particular organization is working to ensure the natural habitat for the local species of orangutan is not decimated with deforestation, and they are also providing clean water and job opportunities for the local communities. rimba rayaThey can quantify what they are providing and prove it, which is the mark of a successful organization and one that you would want to be considering for your support.

Another area that you need to look into is what their certifications are. For the same example, Rimba Raya reserve in Indonesia, the organization is certified with the REDD, VCS, and CCBA certifications. That means that there are other, outside governing bodies that have taken a thorough look at the business model and plan of the organization, and they have audited everything that they are doing and trying to do, and have found that they meet the high and strict standards that are required for those certifications. This is important, because it means that they have been vetted in the international community, and that means that they are actually doing what they have promised to do. When there are certifications or other titles attached to the organization and their work, it is a very good indicator that they can be trusted with your money and your support, and that they in fact need it to continue doing the good work they are doing around the world.

Finally, it is really important to look into what the community surrounding the reserve or organization thinks of their work in the region. For Rimba Raya, the local communities are able to enjoy a steady stream of income generating work opportunities. They now have access to clean drinking water, and clean burning efficient stoves for cooking. These two things alone have highly elevated the quality of life in the region, and enabled the people to be healthy and strong enough to continue their efforts to build a healthy economy and income generating business opportunities. The reserve has successfully planted income generating crops in a manner that does not negatively affect the local and natural plants, which has created a permanent income stream for the local community. In the end, it is this type of future that is important to support, and these types of organizations that are in a place to do the most and the best with your support.

As a young, single woman, on great way to help other and also earn a small fee is to get into egg donation. While this is quite a bit more work and time commitment than doing blood or plasma donation, there is a very real feeling of satisfaction when you are helping another woman or a couple start a family. When women are unable to get pregnant for whatever reason, when they want to be pregnant and can’t it must be a very terrible feelings. Anything that we can do to help those women is a blessing in my opinion, and I think that it is a great cause to get in to. Egg donation does take a lot of time and energy, because there are appointments that you must go to as well as check ups with the doctor and medicine that will help to ensure that the right number of eggs are produced. Then, when it is time to collect and donate the eggs, there is a procedure where they will use mild sedation and retrieve the eggs. Once they have them, they will use IVF to fertilize the eggs with the sperm from the donor family or couple. egg donationAfter the eggs are fertilized, they will be implanted into the woman who is going to carry the baby. This can take several different rounds in order for the woman to become pregnant, but in the end there is usually a very high success rate for getting pregnant. And it as all because a woman decided to donate her eggs to that couple.

On the extreme end of that spectrum is becoming a surrogate mother. This is where instead of donating just your eggs, you actually carry the baby to term for the couple, so that they are able to have a baby, even when the woman is unable to carry the baby to term. There can be so many different reasons why a woman is unable to carry a baby to term, and in that situation there is nearly no greater altruistic move than for another woman to carry the baby for her. In the end, the result is a child for a couple that want a child, and the surrogate mother is able to give that to the family. There is quite a bit of compensation that goes into being a surrogate, and for that reason there is also a lot of legal paperwork that must be signed and legal fees that must be paid. But as with egg donation, the surrogate will get all the expenses of the pregnancy covered, and will also often be paid a fee for the essential use of her womb. While this may not be for everyone, as it is a bit more intense and time consuming than simply donating eggs, it is something that is really helpful and necessary for those women who are unable to become pregnant and who want to have a family of their own. Because of this, it is something that so many would consider doing.

These last few years, I have had quite a bit of trouble with my teeth, and I finally started going in to see a periodontist.  He has really been able to stop the progression of the tooth decay and gum disease that I have been experiencing, but he hasn’t been able to completely alter the course it has already taken. I have been going to the dentist on a regular or semi regular basis, and I didn’t realize at the time that there was a much larger issue that was going unaddressed. My gums were getting steadily worse, and they were beginning to recede, which was about to start having an impact on my teeth. I did not want to be someone who put off getting the right help for my gums and then ended up losing my teeth. So, I decided that I need to start seeing a periodontist. He actually told me that the same gum disease that I was dealing with in my mouth was the leading cause of adult tooth loss, so this was not something that was uncommon. But I was going to need to work hard to reverse the trend that had already begun and get my mouth back to being healthy and my gums back to being strong and growing instead of receding. One of the main things was regular visits to the periodontist office, but also a lot of flossing and cleaning my teeth throughout the day. Every time I remember to floss after a meal I am helping my teeth get better and my gum disease to disappear. periodontist

There has also been a lot of mouth wash and several other products that he has given me to use. The main purpose at this point is to get rid of the gum disease and to have my gums come back healthy and strong. Otherwise, I am possibly going to have to do a gum graft, where they take some gum tissue from the top of my mouth and move it to the place that needs it, near my teeth. This will be necessary if I can’t get the gum disease to reverse and begin to get back to healthy gums. But the periodontist is confident that we are going to be able to get my teeth back into healthy shape. I just left it alone for too long, thinking that it wasn’t as bad as it was, or that it would just heal up and go away. But that isn’t what happened, and so now here I am, making regular visits to the periodontist office, and ensuring that I take a lot of time to floss and brush and swish out my mouth so that I can stop the disease that I allowed to grow for so long in my gums. But I think that my regular visits are the best bet in making this better, and so that is where I am focusing my time and effort at this point. I don’t want to lose my teeth.

There is a group of tax audit professionals who take over our conference room every year for about a week. It is always interesting to see them work, because they seem to be so focused on getting the job done and the numbers right that they never seem to look up from their documents. They are always able to get through what we give them, and they can make sense of all of our financial paperwork in a way that none of us on staff here really can. That is why it is so important for us to have them come in every year, because we don’t have a unit of accountants, and we don’t have anyone on staff who an ensure that every month all the accounting paper work is done correctly and done right. So, we put ourselves through this audit every time that tax season comes around, because we can’t file our taxes properly without the work that we hire them to do. So they know that the work they do is incredibly important to us, and they come in for a week and focus and get the really big job done in record time. This is the joy of being able to hire tax audit professionals, and that is why I am always pushing for it, every single year. There have been years when the board didn’t want to pay the money for the contract to bring them back in again. But it will always save us money in the long run, because they prevent us from getting an audit or turning in our tax documents that may be incorrect and flagged for review. tax audit professional

We need to get some of them on staff permanently, that is always my goal and my argument. Because I understand that the tax audit professional is the one who really cares that our documents and our finances are in order, and they are going to work really hard and stay totally focused until that job is done correctly. There is not another person in our office who can take care of that, or who can handle that responsibility. I don’t think that any of us really understand them or the way that they think. We are all creatives here, and we don’t think in linear ways. But the tax audit professionals who come in every year for that week are the ones who really keep this firm afloat, and we should do more to better understand them and where they are coming from. If we could understand them and think more like them, then maybe we would be able to avoid this type of problem that we always face every year, when we recognize that our tax documents are coming due and they are not in the proper shape to submit. They have to be perfect, and so that is why we hire the tax audit professionals to come in and make sure they are correct before they are filed. It is the only way that we can ensure we are doing the right thing.

When we first booked our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, we figured that we would just spend some time after the trip exploring the country on our own. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to do any of the other activities on offer, we just hadn’t spent the necessary amount of time to research what we wanted to do and what was offered in the area.  So we just booked the Kilimanjaro climb and figured we would come back to the rest of the trip planning later. But then things happened and life got in the way, and we never really did make it around to doing our own research on other parts of the country that we wanted to visit, or other companies that we may want to book a safari with. And then it was down to the time we were getting ready to leave, and we were going through the packing list that AMGA Mountain Guides sent us, and doing the shopping for all of those items that we didn’t already own. And we realized that we only had the climb booked at this point, and we had no idea what we were going to be doing for the rest of our trip.  So, we called up AMGA Mountain Guides and added the additional safari to the end of our climb, and that saved us the need to do some research and find other companies that would take a reservation so late in the game.  We have always wanted to do the safari, and were planning on doing one while we were in Tanzania, but we just hadn’t spent the time to get it all sorted out and nailed down. But now that we have added it to the end of our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, we don’t have to worry about anything until the last week that we are in country. And at that point, I think we will have a really good idea of what we want to see while we are there, and we’ll have some great recommendations from all the other travelers and guides that we are going to meet while we are on the climb and the safari. We may just be ready to go spend some nights in the city and see what the city life is like in Tanzania, or we may want to just hang out at the base of the mountain. I know that it is going to be an incredible climb, and maybe we’ll just want to hang out in the area with the AMGA Mountain Guides who led us on our trek. We are okay with the fact that we haven’t planned that part of the trip yet, because we added the safari to the end of the Kilimanjaro climb, and that was really the part that we wanted to make sure we get done while we are there, and so that is all we were really concerned with. Now we don’t have to worry, and we can just go wherever we feel like going at the time.

climb kilimanjaro

There has been a lot of damage done to our back yard over the course of the summer, and we can’t figure out exactly what it is that is causing all the damage.  So we decided the other day to install some security cameras in our back yard to see if we can keep an eye on whatever it is that is happening back there. We each have our theories, but this system is hopefully going to put all that to shame and show us exactly what is going on back there. It has never happened when we aren’t home, but it does happen when we are gone and it is dark out.  I’m thinking that it may be raccoons that are playing back there, ripping plants out of the ground and throwing the trash from the garbage can everywhere. He thinks that it is the teen age kids who live next door, just bored and trying to have some fun at the neighbors expense.  Well, we were able to find a great deal on these security cameras, and they are really simple to install and not too noticeable.  We already have some lights back there and that hasn’t really sopped anything, which must be why it happens when we aren’t there to see it since the lights are on.  So he put up the cameras the other day just after the sun went down, trying not to draw any attention to himself so that if it were the teens next door they wouldn’t be clued in to the fact that we got ourselves security cameras to catch them. We haven’t been gone from the house at night yet this week, so we haven’t really gotten to test the theory yet, but we have tested the security cameras just on whatever happens to be out there. They easily pair with your phone and your tv, and so you can just choose when you want to turn them on and view and when you don’t. If you turn them on, you can just see whatever is streaming from the cameras on the phone screen, so you know immediately what is happening, as it is happening.  Security cameras are hopefully going to be what solves this little mystery for us, because we don’t want to leave at night without knowing what is out there, and we don’t want to fix the back yard with the clean up and replanting and such, until we can ensure that it won’t keep happening. The next step may be to install them in the house, so that we can always have a record of what happens when we are gone, and if someone ever did break in we would have the footage right away, because it goes instantly to the cloud and is saved there. It wouldn’t even matter if someone broke in and stole the cameras, we would still have the images and footage of that break in from being saved on the cloud. So that is where we will go next, after we solve this mystery.

security cameras

We have decided to try out London for our vacation this year, as we have never really spent any time in England other than to fly through the airport on our way to other locations. But this year, we are going to spend a week there, just getting to know the city and exploring and trying to discover all the fun parts about it.  We are usually much more partial to the hot locations, and we like to stay on the beach generally. But this year were were just looking for a change, and so we came up with the idea to take advantage of some points we had a book ourselves a luxury vacation apartment right in the heart of the city. We have never really done the vacation rental by owner thing, because we generally just really like to be in hotels where they have room service and we can just head down to the bar or restaurant whenever we want.  I am a sucker for pools and beaches, and those are usually found in the hotels and not in the private apartments or homes that are for rent by owner.  But, for this trip we are trying something new. Because of the exchange rate for London, looking for the types of accommodations that we usually stay in was just not as practical as it usually is. The hotels were just so expensive for the full week that we wanted to be there, and so we started looking into the luxury vacation apartments that are listed on so many different web sites, and we found that we were going to be able to stay in the same level of accommodation as we would have in a hotel, but for much cheaper. Since we are going to be there in the colder part of the year, and there is no beach near by, then the idea of a pool wasn’t as promising.  Instead, we decided that we would just enjoy being in the heart of the city. We would be able to get a really nice place to stay in that is right down town, and we could just spend our time walking around and seeing the sights and eating out in little local restaurants.  Its definitely going to be the first time we have had a vacation like this, but I think that the luxury vacation apartment is going to make it just perfect for us. No turn down service at the end of the day, but who really needs that when we are in a luxury place that is all our own and we are in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the world.  I really think that this may show us a new way to travel and a new way to vacation, and maybe we will end up just doing these types of rentals from now on. Hotels are always a good idea for shorter business trips, but for vacations we may end up liking the rentals much better.

luxury vacation apartments

As a company, we have been trying to incorporate a GPS asset tracking system across out fleet for several years now. It has been slow work, as there are several different departments that are involved in making the decision and in determining where the money will come from and how we will manage the change. Going from a great idea to actually seeing it implemented is often very long and time consuming, but in the end we were finally able to push through all the steps and phases and get the new system installed and up and running.  These GPS asset tracking systems can be somewhat expensive if you have a very large fleet of resources that you are needing to track, like we are. And so in the beginning, after having the idea that a GPS asset tracking system would really help us to cut down on costs and replacements, we had to start with gathering current information.  So we began to gather data and make it readable for all the upper level administrators and executives who make the decisions.  This process took nearly a year as we had to install a system of reporting and accountability that was not previously there. We had to request and then teach all the drivers and operators to keep better track of when their machines were in use or their vehicles on the road. And then we had to gather and compile all the data that they would submit until we had enough to show leadership.  After that annual meeting, it was agreed by them all that there were several areas of waste that we costing the company a lot of money, and they could be managed and eliminated with the purchase and installation of a GPS asset tracking system.  So then the process began of doing the research on these types of systems and then gathering all of our internal requirements for such a system. With this large of a purchase, it had to go out for bid and vendors had to submit their proposals. So we needed to know exactly what we wanted. After the requirements were gathered and vetted, and we had written the request for proposal, we were ready to release it and it had been another year. After the vendors put in their bids, we assembled a committee to read the proposals and pick the best one for our needs and our price range.  Then after that contract was signed, we actually started the project of installing the system on all of our assets, getting the data base and website that runs and manages all the data up and running, hiring and training employees who would run and manage the system, and then training and changing the values and perceptions of our assets and resources to change their way of operating to save the company money. IN the end, the GPS asset tracking system is going to save us a lot of money, but it was a very long and complicated process to get it up and running.


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