Be Careful Using P2P Buying and Selling Apps

There is always a risk when using buying and selling apps to initiate a transaction with someone you don’t know. Ever since the inception of the Want Ads, people have been unloading their belongings to others. With the creation of Craigslist and other online buying and selling apps, this has made preying on innocent people even easier for those criminals.

The buy and sell app LetGo has made headlines lately as it has been used as a tool for armed robbery in Florida. Two teens used the app to lure people into transactions, then they brandished a gun and made off with the items.

One robbery resulted in the teens getting away with a Sony Playstation, another with an iPhone. A third robbery netted the boys shoes and jacket, but because they linked their LetGo app to their other social media accounts — and because the third transaction occured on the street in which they live — they were apprehended by law enforcement.

Instances like these have happened in Ohio and Delaware lately too. In Ohio, a man was set to meet a woman to sell her his iPhone, but instead was met by three men who jumped him and punched him repeatedly. The altercation happened at a public place, in broad daylight.

You can never be too careful

Next time you go to make some purchase through one of these apps, trust your intuition and agree on a well-lit, safe public place. I know the local police station where I live has a designated spot for internet sales in their parking lot that is survielled 24/7. That is the perfect place to meet. Maybe a police station near you offers that as well!

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