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You are currently browsing the archive for the buy tradelines category. huge percentage of Americans buy tradelines each year. They spend countless hours talking with their banker or meeting with their financial adviser, going over their possible options and determining which one is right for them. At the end of the day, however, most people just don’t know all that much about this particular industry. They take the advice of the so-called “experts,” but they don’t actually know why they’re choosing one tradeline over another. The purpose of the following few paragraphs is to show you how to identify the best tradelines, i.e. the things you should be looking for. Before diving into all of that, it’s probably a good idea to go over just exactly what a tradeline is. In financial speak, a tradeline is simply anything that can be reported to a credit reporting agency to help them determine what your credit score is. This means that a tradeline could be a home mortgage, a line of credit, a loan for a car, and so many other things. The banks ask for these when they’re trying to determine how much money they’re going to be able to lend you. Based on your various tradelines, they’ll determine how much money they should give you to buy a new car or home. After reading that you might be wondering, how does a person buy one of these? It’s actually rather simple, and it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to improving a credit score. All people have to do is visit one of the many websites out there offering tradelines for sale, or they can talk to a relative who has a very strong line of credit. They simply ask to be added as an authorized user to a credit card in the person’s name, a card that’s been open for a long time and that is in very good standing. This means it’s a card with a high limit, a low balance, and a strong track record of being paid on time. By purchasing the rights to be on this credit card, a person essentially gets to take the good credit that that card has accumulated and put it under their name. The best part about this is that when people do this they aren’t liable to actually pay the bill and they can’t actually use the card. They’re simply paying for the right to be on the card as an authorized user so they can use the positive credit from the card on their own credit score. Why would people do this? Well, to boost their credit score, of course! When people are looking to have a higher credit score because they really need a loan to pay off their home or buy a new car, then jumping onto someone else’s credit doesn’t seem like a bad idea. It’s low risk and high reward for the person, as it will generally increase their credit score within two months. To learn more and see some options, visit BoostMyScore.NET today.