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Being able to make something that you can be proud of can be such a fulfilling and wonderful experience. If you are able to make something that you can then share with your friends and family it is even better. This is one of the reasons that I think that making your own personalized essential oil infused lotions is a great craft to get into. It is rather easy and expensive and then you always have something that you can share with your friends and family that they will love.

essentail oils There are a few different ways that you can make essential oil infused body lotions but for the most part the general idea is always the same. Essential oils are generally not difficult to find but it is important that you buy high quality essential oils from a respected retailer like Plant Therapy. Since you are putting these things on your body it is important to know that the essential oils that you are using are not diluted with any kind of unknown or questionable substances. Part of the best part of making your own essential oil infused lotions is to experiment around a little bit and to choose the kind of essential oils that you really like. This is why I think it is better to get a few different kinds of essential oils that you will like and try them all out instead of just going with one or two different scents.

After you have picked out your essential oils it is time to find the right lotion to mix it with. Whatever you like is up to you but I find that plain, gentle and scentless lotions are the best way to go. Generally that part is not so important and up to you though. Once you have your lotions ready it is time to go!

Start small when it comes to the amount of essential oils that you mix in with the lotion and then if you want more you can always add more. The difficult part about mixing your own essential oil infused lotions is the mixing part. This can be made easier or more difficult depending on the kind of bottle your lotion comes in. I always find it is easier to dump out all of the lotion into a big bowl, add the organic essential oils, mix it up in the bowl and then putting it back into the bottle works a lot better than anything else. It is a bit of work but at least at the end of it all your lotion and the essential oils are actually mixed up. If you are going to be giving your essential oil infused body lotions away to friends or family members, it can also be nice to buy special little jars for the lotions. This way it looks nicer, more personalized, and you don’t have to worry about trying to get all of the lotion back in the bottle again. Pretty much great and easier all around.


People are starting to lean more and more on the essential oil trend as a way to utilize holistic medicine to solve some of their most pressing problems.  The great thing is that there are so many different oils out there that they have one for pretty much every ailment that comes along.  The only question that remains for a lot of people is what works to get the oil into the air.  That is where the oil diffusers come into place. Oil diffusers help to emit the oil, in particle form, into the air so that people can breath in the oil and experience the desired effects.

oil diffuserThere are many different oil diffusers on the market. There are the diffusers that are cheaper and those that are more expensive.  On the cheaper side of things, there is the SpaScenter Aromatherapy diffuser.  According to the Plant Therapy website, “SpaScenter will please even the most demanding aromatherapists. It has been specifically designed to provide the most efficient diffusion of essential oils in their purest form through cold evaporation. 10 to 15 drops of essential oil are applied to the reusable aroma pad. The desired intensity of essential oil diffusion is adjustable by choosing the appropriate fan speed. This professional aromatherapy diffuser delivers instant effectiveness, exceptional efficiency and fully adjustable essential oil diffusion. It is an essential model in any Aromatherapy products range. SpaScenter is already exported to 30 countries and is appreciated by clinicians, specialists and consumers. Includes: Diffuser, adapter and 5 reusable aroma pads.”

This can be compared to a more expensive unit that is available on the same website. On the Plant Therapy website, you can also find one that is called the “Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser.”  Here is the description of that unit:

“The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser (aka Aroma-Ace) is a powerful, compact, and easy to use essential oil diffuser system for Aromatherapy. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser has built in on/off timers and output volume control for easy adjustment. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is Made in the USA. Each Unit includes 2 (TWO) Quick Change Atomizer Attachments! This makes changing essential oils a breeze. No pouring, no mess, just put your bottle directly on the Atomizer, then with a flick of the wrist… presto!

The wonderful aroma of your favorite essential oil will permeate the air. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is a new, state of the art essential oil diffuser for Aromatherapy. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is designed to easily and conveniently bring spa quality therapeutic Aromatherapy to your home, office, hotel room, or anywhere that you wish. The Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is the first of a new generation of essential oil diffusers that will lead in innovation and design for years to come.

This is the same diffuser that is sold by both Young Living and doTERRA. It comes from the same factory, they just add their brand to it. It is the absolute highest quality diffuser on the market.”

As you can see there is a wide margin between the two products, so find something that works well for you and stick to it!

                Frankincense oil, derived from the French ‘franc encens’, literally ‘high-quality incense’, has a long and rich history that goes far beyond being one of the three gifts given to Jesus at his birth as depicted in the Bible. To start, it is not an essential oil at all. It is a resin, tapped from many difference species of the genus Boswellia. The resin ‘tears’ are collected from the trees several times a year, with the last tapping considered to be of the highest quality due to its depth of scent having had time to develop over the summer. The oil form can be derived from this resin through a process of steam distillation. While the resin in considered to have a somewhat earthier scent, the oils are known to be much fresher in their odor. When picking which form to use, either resin or oil, the subtle differences in their respective scents are something to take into account. Depending on your preferred use, ‘earthy’ might be considered superior to ‘fresh’, or vice versa.

Much like the Silk Road of trade connecting Europe and Asia, frankincense had its own highly developed trade routes throughout the ancient world. The center of trade for this resin was in the Arabian Peninsula and Northern Africa, where the trees grow best despite often hostile environmental conditions (a certain species of the tree has been known to take root in solid rock).

Despite—or perhaps because—of its obviously important associated with the birth of Jesus, the Holy Roman Catholic Church banned the burning of frankincense in public services in the early years of the church. Trade and use of the resin/oil declined remarkably in Europe until it was reintroduced during the Crusades by Frankish crusaders (hence its popular name, frankincense). Its use is shown to be integral to the early peoples in the Bible; it was thought to be synonymous with one of the sacred names of God, it was one of the key ingredients in the mix of oils/resins used to scent the sanctuary of the temple in Jerusalem, and was thought to be an emblem of prayer and devotion.

Frankincense was used for many intensely spiritual and religious purposes far beyond that of within the bounds of early Christianity; depictions of its use and trade are found in many old tombs and temples in Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, including a temple dedicated to the ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut. It was also used for a variety of medical purposes; an aide to digestion, skin care, female hormone regulation, arthritis, wound healing, and purification of the air.

Today, several detailed medical studies have been established to show scientific evidence one way or another of the true medical uses of frankincense; while the results of these studies are still pending, frankincense is still a popular choice for use in oil nebulizers to treat asthma and arthritis, or aide in prayers and meditations. There have been no shown ill effects of using the resin in this way.