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Ultimate home control is when you get to the point where you can control everything in your home with just the ease of a click of a button, no matter where you are. While this might seem like some sort of far out possibility, with how much the home automation industry has moved and developed in the last number of years, being able to have this level of control over your home and all of the things inside of it is actually not that difficult to do. A number of companies out there such as AV Connect in Austin, Texas, specialize in trying to make this dream a reality.

Since so many of the things that we have in our home are set up on some sort of atomized system, it is actually not that difficult to imagine that they can all be set up to respond to one device. Instead of having a million remote controls floating around your home, with home automation systems you can control everything in your home, your home security system, your thermostat, music player, TV and media center, lights, fans, fireplace and even your window coverings like your blinds or shades, all with a click of a button on your phone, tablet or sometimes even on your iPod if you have the iTouch. There are so many devices that you can hook up to your home automation system that there is of course a pretty good chance that you always have at least one of them in your pocket or in your bag with you at any time. Since the whole thing is signaled by either Bluetooth or online, you can control all of these things in your home no matter if you are right there in front of the thing or if you are at work or even if you are across the country at a meeting. This way you will always know that you turned the lights off, have the security system set. If you have your home alarm system hooked up with your home automation system, you can even have it so that if your home alarm ever goes off for any reason including a possible break in or a fire, you will be immediately notified by a push notification. While there still might not be anything that you can do, there are some cases where knowing as soon as possible might be able to help you change the series of events following an event such as that. If you choose to set up your home thermostat to your home automation system, you can turn your heating and cooling system off if you are going to be gone for a few days and then right before your arrival back home you can remotely turn it back on and set it to the perfect temperature so that by the time you get home, your house will already be heated or cooled to your liking. There is so much that you can do with your home automation system and none of it is terribly difficult or expensive to do.