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Invisalign is an innovative way to correct your children’s teeth without the need for wire braces. This breakthrough method allows them to straighten their teeth and correct dental imperfections just like classic braces, but it also gives the wearer the flexibility to be able to remove the Invisalign whenever it is inconvenient to have it, much like an old retainer.  Also, many people can now get their Invisalign directly through their regular dentist, so there is no need to schedule additional costly visits through a specialist. There are several steps that a good dental office will want to go over with you in detail if you decide to try Invisalign for yourself or for your child. Here is a basic outline of what you can expect before your first visit with the dentist.

  • First of all, your family dentist will examine you or your child’s teeth. They will likely take x-rays and indentations which allow the office to create a three dimensional  model of your child’s teeth. This allows the dentist to evaluate what parts of the mouth are crowded and whether or not Invisalign would be beneficial. They can then use this information to create a treatment plan in order to track which teeth should be moving and what the mouth will look like after a certain period of time has passed with the Invisalign. The dentist will likely request frequent follow up visits where they will repeat this process so that they can make sure that everything is moving the way that it should be.
  • The dentist will use the indentations they took of the teeth to have the Invisalign manufactured and sent directly to your home. At this point you or your child can start wearing them immediately if your dentist has given you the go ahead.
  • As the teeth slowly begin to shift into the correct position, your current set of Invisalign will need to be replaced. About every two to three weeks, a new set will be sent to your home and you will want to stop using your current set and replace them with the new set. This allows you to feel minimal discomfort while your teeth are realigning themselves into the correct place in the mouth.

One of the best features of Invisalign is that they are practically invisible. They can also be worn during almost any activity, and the more that they are worn, the quicker and more effective they will be! Most dentists will recommend that you where them for at least twenty hours a day, so keep in mind that you will want to keep them in while you sleep and eat, etc. for maximum effectiveness. If you wear them for a lesser amount of time, then it may take longer for your teeth to move into the correct alignment. Your dentist will also have you come in periodically for checkups so that they can measure the progress that your teeth are making and answer any questions that you may have along the way.

Invisalign is a new way that you can utilize in order to straighten your teeth. This is a more advanced approach then using the traditional wire braces. With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth without facing the self consciousness and embarrassment of having a mouth full of metal. With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth while alleviating all of the things that may plague you with traditional braces. These can include food restrictions and trouble cleaning your teeth. With all of the benefits of using Invisalign, there is no need to use traditional braces. Here are the top five reasons why you should use Invisalign to straighten your teeth: Invisalign

1. They are clear. Invisalign uses a system that involves clear plastic removable aligners that are fit specifically for your teeth. With Invisalign aligners, you do not have to be self conscious any longer as your aligners are nearly invisible! Through the use of clear aligners, you are straightening your teeth with nearly invisible aligners in your mouth.

2. They are comfortable. Invisalign is also designed to provide you with a comfort that is not available with traditional braces. This is due to the fact that Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are designed to be smooth and comfortable. This is especially helpful since they are also removable and easily cleanable. The smooth plastic aligners are designed and constructed on an individual basis so that your individual aligners will fit your teeth perfectly and will be comfortable while they are working to straighten your smile!

3. They are removable. Another great reason to use Invisalign to straighten your teeth is that you can remove them at any time. Through the use of removable aligners, you have the option to take them out whenever you want. Obviously, for them to work, you want to leave them in at all times but since they are removable, you can take them out for cleaning as well as for sleeping. This gives you a much easier and faster cleaning at the end of every day, rather then trying to pick food out of your wire braces.

4. You will have no food restrictions. You will also have no food restrictions when you use Invisalign as your teeth straightening method. This means that you can eat whatever you want! The list of restricted foods runs long with traditional wire braces as you cannot and do not want to eat anything that can become stuck in your teeth. This creates for a painful and time consuming teeth cleaning process. However, with Invisalign, you can simply remove your plastic aligners whenever you want in order to clean them out. You also will not get food stuck in your aligners so can enjoy those caramel apples and taffy at any time!

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons as to why Invisalign may be right for you. If you are interested in having your teeth straightened, then call your local dental office today, such as the dental professionals at Riverfront Dental.

5. You don’t have to be self conscious!


My daughter is generally a brave little girl. She will be the first one to jump on a roller coaster or to slide down the biggest water slide at the park but when it comes to visiting any sort of kids dentist she clams up and gets really scared. It’s actually quite odd because her behavior and a dentist office is the exact opposite of how she is the most times outside of it and I can’t figure out why. In desperation I decided that changing a preferment might be the best thing and it could possibly lead her to open up and be more relaxed. I say “in desperation” because things have become pretty dire. As the days approaching regular cleaning visits would take down her anxiety about going to the dentist would get worse and worse. On the day we were supposed to go getting her in the car was like trying to get a cat into a bath. She literally ran away from me one time and that’s when I knew something had to change. At the time we were seeing a really great dentist who serviced our entire family but I knew that going to a kids dentist was the solution so I started doing some research.

My research led me to the website for Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry and I read about their philosophy and about their clinic. The more I read the more I was impressed at how they catered their entire office towards children and they even have special certification to work with. Not to mention that their entire dental office is filled with state-of-the-art equipment designed to fit a child’s mouth better than and adults. When I added it all up and consider the amount of services they offer it seems like a great solution so I scheduled an appointment to come in and speak with them. I know that sometime in the future my kids will need braces so it was important to me that I was comfortable enough with the clinic that we could stay there for as long as possible. As it turns out you can take children there as early as 12 months and they can stay a patient of theirs into their early teen years. They offer braces such as Invisalign which maybe far down the road but is something I will consider for them both. I know that I wish my mom and dad had gotten me braces and since these new clear braces have it the market it would be so much nicer for them to wear then the traditional metal ones.
After our visit with Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry was over I spoke honestly with my children and asked them what they thought. They both said it was a great place and that they wanted to go back and change it to our family dentist. We took a vote and decided that we would then make Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry the place where we would go from then on. They made such a great effort towards using their worry and anxiety that I feel comfortable the kids will always enjoy their experiences here.

As the son of a banker, I am hardwired—I am gradually learning—to think in terms of investments. It is hard for me not to think long term. I think of this, of course, when it comes to managing my money. But I become truly neurotic when I cannot help but think about investments when someone mentions invisalign braces. The thing about braces is that I really do think that they are well thought of as an investment.  Let me make my case.

Let’s think of the easiest example of investments: the stock market. The whole idea is that you give up something now with the hope of getting what you initially put into it and even more in the future. You must do without in the present in order to reap double in the future. But can it still then be an investment if there is no cash involved? Of course. In all transactions—I would argue—cash is always just part of what is involved. Time and opportunity cost always factor in. And because of this choosing to go to the orthodontist still fits the bill of an investment, and I think that it is a particularly good example of one. You invest money, but you also invest time and discomfort. What do you get in the future? You get great looking teeth and wonderful dental health.


Braces are not just about looking good. They are about sustained dental health that follows you into your adulthood. This can either be a helpful guardian angel or a haunting specter, depending upon how you go about this earlier investment. So what do you need to think about in order to make your braces experience be a good one that you are grateful for not just in the immediate but in the future? Start with finding a good orthodontist. A good orthodontist will make the present enjoyable despite clasping on metal brackets and wires. (Though it should be mentioned that these somewhat uncomfortable braces are being replace with comfortable and transparent invisalign braces.) So this takes care of the present day needs. But a good orthodontist will also be able to take care of the future stuff too. It is just enough to just have a friendly orthodontist. You want a medical professional that is trained and skilled in such a way to practice medical dentistry on your teeth with laser-like precision. This is the future payoff. You want someone that can assure you that in thirty years, your teeth are still going to be in great shape and that you will not have to worry about having jaw problems. This is an ideal expectation, of course. Give the doctor some credit. Thirty years is an awfully long time, and future dental problems may not be his or her problem. But this is should be the goal out in the distance. And why? Again, it is because your dental health will follow you into the future. It is a commonplace practice with sustained effects for the future.

Cleaning teeth with braces can be a challenging task. Undergoing a teeth straightening procedure is only the first step in correcting teeth imperfections. Your orthodontist may provide cleaning and maintenance services when you visit their office but you should be responsible for said tasks when you leave the clinic.

The orthodontist would provide their patients with a list of recommended foods and what to avoid.  They would also be instructing the patients on proper care of the dental braces and offering tips to improve oral hygiene. Make sure that you remember and follow these instructions they provide to limit risks of tooth decay or other conditions.



When you first clean your teeth with your new braces, you might find it to be quite a tricky errand. You can definitely make use of certain brushing, rinsing, and flossing techniques. With regards brushing, you can still follow the general rules but you have to go beyond the usual in order to avoid plaque build-up. These traditional dental braces have wires and brackets that are difficult to get around using the common toothbrush. Your orthodontist may suggest that you acquire a proxabrush or interdental toothbrush. These are types of toothbrushes that have thinner tips compared to the regular models. These thinner tips allow the brush to clean the spaces in between the wires.

Rinsing on the other hand is probably the easiest step to keeping your mouth clean and therefore eliminating the risks of tooth decay. However, this is also the step in oral hygiene that most people tend to pass off. If you have braces, you should not underestimate the benefits of rinsing with a trusted mouthwash brand. By rinsing, you get rid of food particles, especially those miniature ones that stick to your tongues or palates, which could cause plaque. You can ask your orthodontist to recommend a brand or a particular type of mouthwash.

In comparison to rinsing, flossing may be a very complicated assignment. When you look at a person with braces, you may wonder how it could be possible with all the wires and brackets covering the teeth. Still, even if it looks like a very difficult thing to do, flossing is a very important teeth cleaning process that should not be taken for granted. With the orthodontic contraptions on your mouth, it is very likely for food particles to get trapped in the system. Floss threaders help to address the difficulties of cleaning teeth with braces, implants, bridges, and crowns. You can buy these dental floss threaders at convenience stores.

If you have Invisalign or removable braces, the task of brushing, rinsing or flossing may be made easier. You can simply remove the clear plastic aligners from your teeth and begin your usual cleaning techniques. The important factor to ensure that the teeth and the Invisalign aligners are clean is the patient’s attitude towards proper oral care.

In addition to these techniques, schedule regular visits to your orthodontist. These experts are the go-to persons for all your concerns regarding your braces and your overall dental hygiene.

I took her home after dinner, walked her to her door, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, then returned to my car. I really wanted to give her a kiss on the lips but it was all too nerve wracking, getting back into the dating scene after being married for 15 years was like welcoming anxiety attacks into my life. I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life though but it was really hard opening up and trying to get to know people on a personal level. I really didn’t feel all that good about my teeth either so that definitely didn’t help matters either because I rarely smiled and, I was pretty sure that women liked men who smiled. I never had braces growing up like my older brother and sister did, they got good grades and I didn’t so my parents making me feel self-conscience for the rest of my life was my punishment. I was finally making good money, I got a big promotion after my divorce was final and things were working out pretty well for me in a professional sense, so if I could just get my personal life in order, life would be grand.braces

I really wanted to get my teeth fixed and I had recently heard about an alternative to braces called invisalign so I started to look into it. It was basically a series of slightly adjusted, clear forms that you wear on your teeth almost all the time, they were designed to gradually straighten out your teeth over time as you progressed through the forms. This was a popular choice among adults because they often consider braces to be cumbersome and too costly in comparison. Nothing was capable of getting your teeth straighter than braces though so invisalign could only do so much. I felt that my teeth were pretty crooked and that I’d maybe need braces to ultimately get the result I was looking for, plus, I already felt self-conscience about my smile so how much worse could that feeling get if I happened to have braces. Either way, I figured that I needed to schedule an appointment with a dentist or an orthodontist in order to find out exactly what I was looking for.

It wasn’t common for someone my age to get braces but then again, there were a lot of things about me and my life that weren’t common. My boss says that I’m different, I don’t know what that means exactly but if he’s going to pay me more money because I am then he’s not going to hear any arguments from me. As long as he doesn’t change the dental plan on me then he’s definitely not going to hear any guff coming from my direction. I did most of my work with our clients over the phone or email so getting braces wouldn’t negatively impact my ability to deal with anyone, and I already felt comfortable with everyone around the office so I wasn’t worried about how they would react or treat me.

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I have written before about how my mother used to work in a dental office and as a result, I was able to get braces for free, yes for free.  It was one of those things that really helped out my family.  Coming from a solidly middle class family, we did not have a ton of extra money, but were still able to go out and enjoy some of the things in the community.  We occasionally took trips, and that is something that I look fondly on now, but for the most part we were pretty frugal with our money.  This is the part where my mother comes in.  She worked as a dental hygienist at a dentists’ office, there were two of them and that is not a grammatical error, and had a good relationship with people in the office.  When it came time for me to look at different options to put on my teeth, one of the things that they first wanted to check out was if I did in fact need braces.  As it turns out, I was pretty lucky.  I grew up having to watch as my younger cousin suffered through rounds and rounds of braces.  His teeth were in such shambles that he had to wear headgear when he went to bed at night.  I was fortunately not in that place at all and was able to get away with being able to wear braces for only around nine months.  Anyway, when they started to look at my teeth, they quickly realized that the big issue was that I had a single tooth that was rotated about ninety degrees.  How that came in like that I do not know, but that was really the big issue with my teeth.  I guess that I did have a small overbite, but aside from that I was in pretty good shape.  With that in mind, I guess that my orthodontist and my mother had a conversation which allowed for me to get braces and treatment for free. They did not charge us a cent and for a middle class family that meant a lot.  The great thing about getting braces is that it allows you quite a bit of freedom.  One of the first things that someone notices about a stranger is the quality of their teeth.  If they do not have good teeth, then the stranger will recognize this and probably not be friends or hire the person.  I guess that I am being pretty out there with that statement, but for the most part I see the validity.  Nevertheless, after going through the treatment with the braces, we realized that I see needed a bit more of treatment with a retainer.  This was to make sure that my teeth did not move from the positions they were set in with the braces.  Instead of going the traditional route with a retainer, the orthodontist gave me a pack of Invisalign braces that allowed for me to go about my daily routine without much of a change.