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When building a home or just simply doing a roof repair, it a decision to make whether to hire a professional roofer or will just do-it-your own. By doing it your own, it will definitely give savings upfront. Since you did it on your own, you can never be sure on the quality of your own work.  It can sometimes fail especially on this kind of do-it-your own because it takes experience to do it securely. The roof protects your valuables and family from any types of weather and sacrificing the quality of the shelter you can provide is not good. Hiring a professional roofer can give a lot of benefits to you.

Professional and Proper Training

Installing or repairing roofs can be very risky. If you are trained well or has less experience, it increases the rate of getting into an accident or acquiring injuries. This can be more costly for homeowners than just directly hiring a professional to do it.


roofing company

professional roofer

Roofers from a reputable roofing company are professional and definitely have proper training. They acquire this from years of experience. Roofing companies maintains standards giving homeowners security that their roofs are installed the professional and proper way. Going for a professional roofer, you can also gather professional and credible advices and tips on how to take care of your roof which can possible keep your roof in good condition. Keep a good and handy do-it-your own maintenance tips.

They use the Right and Quality material

Professional roofers definitely uses the right and quality material. Credible roofing companies has list of suppliers making sure the materials they use are of value for your money and in good condition and of high quality. Aside from that, they also have safe materials to use in installing your roofs avoiding accidents or for anyone from getting harm.

Saves time and Cost Effective

Roofing companies works in a very timely manner. Delays in installing roofs can be very inconvenient for homeowners. These can also be a very bad marketing review for the roofing company.

Though hiring a professional requires you to pay upfront but it definitely gives you a lot of savings. Do-it-your own will require you to buy equipments, that you may not use after installing your roof. You may not have all the time to dedicate on installing your roof whereas if you hire a professional, they can do it in a timely manner making the job to be done faster. Do-it-your own chances are, you may do it incorrectly and might cause unforeseen delays on finishing it up. Doing it incorrectly may require you to spend more because not only you will be hiring a professional to do it, you might be also be spending for additional cost for any repairs and materials may not be recycled anymore. Hiring professional roofers, they are partnered with suppliers; hence they have warranties on materials they are using.

These are a few benefits that you can carefully put in mind in considering whether to hire a professional roofer to install your roof or take the risks of do-it-your own installation.


http://www.genesistotalexteriors.comWhen you decide what kind of roof to select for your home, you are making a big decision. After all, selecting a roof not only allows you to make a sensible choice in terms of aesthetics and beauty, but you make a choice that echoes into the rest of the time you live in that home in terms of energy savings, insulation, and long term durability. For these reasons, you need a roofing company that you can trust at your side to help you select the material that makes the most sense for you and for your home needs. Genesis Roofing makes the decisions for roofing easier, as you no longer have to worry that the details will not fall into place. When you have them by your side to advise you on your choices, you know that you will make the smartest decision. This is especially an important factor to take into account if you want to select a non traditional or modern material to make your roofing dreams a reality. There are many new materials that are used in the roofing process that can make your life easier down the road, whether that is via longevity of the roofing material or due to better insulation techniques. Some examples of new types of roofing shingles include the following.

The metal shake or shingle is a great new option when picking a roofing material.  While they have a higher cost than other shingle materials, they also have a much longer life than other materials. This makes the additional cost early on worthwhile long term. Copper is also a material that tends to be good for roof construction. Again, the principle to always keep in mind, then, is that a higher initial cost may end up resulting in lower costs down the road. This kind of cost benefit analysis is important in any aspect of life or construction, including roofing.

Ceramic tiles are also a great option when creating a new design for your roof. Ceramic tiles are most certainly expensive to begin with. However, ceramic tiles last more than one hundred years, beating out almost every other kind of roofing material with the exception of slate roofs, which can last up to four hundred years. Ceramic tiles come in many different shapes and sizes. Imbrex and tegula style ceramic tiles date back to Roman and Greek times and are a beautiful stylistic option. Monk and Nun tiles are similar to Imbrex and Tegula tiles, though the style essentially utilizes two Imbrex tiles. Other types of ceramic tiles are typical of the countries in which they originated, such as Dutch tiles and British Ceramic Tile.

Membrane roofing is another exciting development in the roofing world. Membrane roofing is accomplished by fusing together large sheets. The fusion occurs at the joints in order to crete a continuous surface. Membrane roofing has many different iterations, including liquid roofing, asphalt roll roofing, bituminous water proofing, and thermoplastics. Regardless of the type of roofing material you decide to utilize, make sure you use a trustworthy roofing company to make your roofing dreams come true!

When it comes to my home, I try to do as much of the work to keep it up and running properly as possible. If things are broken, I usually try to fix it before I bother calling a professional; I am just that kind of person. It not only keeps my costs down for home repair, but I get to learn a lot in the process about things that I would have never learned about otherwise. Some things I of course keep for the professionals and won’t bother doing myself, usually the kind of things people go to school for a number of years for. The only thing that I don’t do myself (but I know that I should) is cleaning the gutters. I used to do it myself but every time I climb up on that roof I freak out. When I was younger I could kind of handle the freaking out but now that I am older, the memory of when my leg went numb for a minute and I fell down keeps replaying in my mind like it was on a loop. Overall I am pretty healthy and I trust my legs to get me around but the idea that the one time my legs decide to give out that I could be on the top of my house just terrifies me. It is just way too dangerous. At first I was just able to come have my brother or a boyfriend if I had one at the time to come over and do it for me and afterwards I would shower them with thanks and free beer and pizza. My brother eventually moved away though and it has been awhile since I have had a boyfriend who I could make clean things for me. I skipped having anyone clean my gutters for the first year or so and when my friend found out he informed me that while my roof would probably survive one year, to push it any further would probably be a bad and possibly decision. Denver roofing companySo that is why for the past few years every spring and fall when I am supposed to go up there and clean out my gutters myself, I sit back and call a Denver roofing company and have them come do it. I found a roof repair company I have been using for a while now and I like them quite a bit. Every time I decide that it is that time of year to have the gutters cleaned again, I call them up and later that week they send out a team to quickly do it for me. I would have never thought that roofing repair companies would also clean gutters but a friend told me that a few do so I guess I got lucky. If I didn’t have them to do it I don’t know who I would be able to call. Honestly, I would probably just let the leaves rot up there and hope for the best.