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Lori Jill Designs offers something to you that the leading commercial home decoration companies can’t offer you and that is Hunter Douglas window coverings. When you have a window that might be uniquely shaped due to the work of a visionary architect or have a style that no one else can replicate, you will need to lean on the services that can only be window treatments found at Lori Jill Designs. They have a unique staff of professional interior designers who will work to make sure you are getting the custom window treatments for your home that you want and deserve. This can include blinds, shades, shutters and many more. In addition they offer high quality window covering product such as the widely renowned Hunter Douglas line. Lori Jill Designs believes in offering you options. Their goal is to make sure you don’t ever leave feeling discouraged because you can’t find what you are looking for. In fact they will make for you exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to offering window treatments, they will also help you install them. We all know well the frustration of buying something new for our home and realizing once you have gotten all the way home that it is up to you to assemble your new product. With Lori Jill Designs you never have to worry about not knowing what to do with your long anticipated product. They will come in and make sure it is installed to your liking and installed properly. Having a set of blinds come crashing down on you because you didn’t install them right is never a fun experience.

Lori Jill Designs has been in the window treatments business for a long time. So long in fact that they are one of the leading providers in the area for Hunter Douglas window treatments. If you don’t know who Hunter Douglas is, that is totally okay. A break down is that Hunter Douglas is the best known and most trusted of all window treatment brands around. No other brand is boasted in the way that Hunter Douglas is. When people are looking for blinds, shades and shutters they are looking for Hunter Douglas brands if they are investing in a product that they intend to have in their homes for years and years to come.

The little things really bring a home together. You want to feel proud of your home and you can do that by making sure that the things you put in them are things that you are proud of.  When you go into Lori Jill Designs they will be be sure to help you find exactly what it is you are looking for to get your home the way you want it to be. Your accessories say a lot about you and make you happy. Get your Hunter Douglas shades and then your perfect carpet or laminate flooring in your house and it will make all of the difference. You can feel confident inviting people over and being comfortable in your own space.


Creating window coverings by yourself can be a great way to save money.  You can also create a custom look all your own.  With the internet at your fingertips, you can find plenty of inspiration.  As long as you know your way around a sewing machine and a hardware store, you are on your way.


There are a number of things to take into consideration when making and hanging window treatments. They include:


  1. What type of window coverings do you want? This includes material type and how you want them to pull the room together.  Are you eclectic or do you like everything to match?
  2. Make sure you measure correctly.  You do not want to get all done only to have curtains that are the wrong size.  This includes ensuring that you make the drapes the correct width as well as height.  Rule of thumb is that drapes should be two to two and a half times the width of the window.
  3. Hang the curtains in the right place to get the right look for the room. The higher the ceiling, the lower the drapes should be hung.  Where you hang them will change the look of the room.
  4. Iron or steam them before you hang them. Wrinkles will not come out the longer they hang.  Besides, you worked hard making them and they should look good.  Ironing will do that.

  1. Make sure that you have everything you need before you start.  Otherwise you will become a regular at the local hardware or home improvement store.  Decide what you are going to use to hang the window coverings.  Make sure it is the correct size for the job and will not only look nice, but will stay in place for a long time as well.
  2. Know what your walls are made of. Knowing whether your walls are concrete or plaster helps when hanging anything, including window treatments.  You will need a special drill bit if your walls are cement and if your walls are plaster, you will need anchors to secure the hanging object.
  3. Know yourself. If you are afraid of heights and the windows are up high or if you do not have the time, it may be a good idea to go to a store to purchase the window coverings and have a professional install them.  This also goes for when the job seems overwhelming due to the size and/or number of windows that need covering.


Whether or not you decide to do it yourself, one place to go for ideas is a showroom that has Hunter Douglas Blinds, Shades, Shutters as well as other coverings and treatments by the company.  Those that sell Hunter Douglas are knowledgeable about their products and eager to help with your window covering needs.  They will ensure that you get the right products you’re your home whether you are looking to cover one window or twenty.  Hunter Douglas showrooms often employee professional installers or can recommend several in the area that can help you.

While you probably could measure and hang window treatments on your own, it is not recommended.  It is a difficult job that requires a certain amount of skill and patience.  Furthermore, if you measure incorrectly for custom made window coverings it could be an expensive mistake.


First, you have to be honest to yourself about how handy you are.  If you do not know a screwdriver from a hammer, home improvement jobs should be left to the professionals.  This is true of all home improvement projects, not just hanging window treatments.  After all, you are trying to cover your windows, not make a new one by way of a new hole in the wall.


The next thing to take into consideration is the size and location of the windows being covered.  They could be difficult to reach or have complicated arches.  You made need scaffolding or a tall ladder to reach the windows needing coverings.  Moreover, if you are covering many windows, the job could become tedious and overwhelming.  It can also become time consuming to those that are not up on the most efficient ways to get the job done and have never done it before.


Another thing to take into consideration is if you are not the handy type or are not in construction by trade, you may not be familiar with all of the hardware and machinery required for the job.  You will need specific brackets, screws, clips, supports, anchors, pulleys and the equipment to install them such as hammers, nails, screwdrivers and the like.  You need to ensure that you have it all before you begin, or you will spend most of your time traveling to and from the local hardware or home improvement store.  You also need to ensure that you have the correct sizes and shapes, as well.


The material you are working with needs to be taken into consideration as well.  This includes not only what the window coverings are made of, but also what the walls are made of as well.  It is generally recommended that the lighter the fabric, the lighter the hardware, unless you are working with concrete walls.  You will need special machinery to get through the cement if that is the case in your home.  If your walls are plaster, then you need anchors to support whatever you hang on the walls.

Furthermore, with as expensive as window treatments are, professional installation is recommended.  No one wants to spend a ton of money on expensive drapes or blinds only to have the hung wrong, crooked or lopsided.  Hiring a handyman or professional installer, you ensure that your investment looks its best and stays in place.  By hiring a professional, you can avoid injury and get the most out of your purchase.


Stores that sell Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters often employ installers or can recommend a few to you.  After all, why spend a lot of money on expensive window coverings and then skimp on installation.

What a great feeling when you have finally finished shopping for your window treatments, and have everything ready to revamp the home with some fun new window coverings. Choosing the right window covering is the hardest part of the task, with all the options that exist out there today, and afterwards the instillation is a breeze. There are however, a few considerations which should be made before you start putting up your window coverings. Below we briefly cover the bases of what you should know when it comes time to put up the new window coverings in your home.

You may be the kind of person who loves to do all home improvement jobs on their own, but you should be aware that some types of window covering instillation are best left to the pros. A screwdriver, a small ladder and some gloves may be the only things that you need to put up most kinds of window coverings; however there are situations where the job may seem easier than it actually is. One thing that may be a good indication that your window covering installment is better left to a pro is; your are installing the window covering into the actual house. Direct installment of the window treatment into the structure of the house may seem easy, but if you don’t know where to fasten the window covering, you might cause real damage to the home. The most common window covering which is fastened to the house itself is the outdoor window shutter. Window shutters usually require long heavy screws that are made to go into the foundation boards of the home. The danger when installing these heavy duty screws is that you can miss your board and hit water lines, electrical passageways and even create holes in your home that can create places for air to get in. If you are using anything more than small nails or screws on your instillation, then you should consult a professional. A good thing about buying from a well known window covering supplier is that they offer advice for instillation, and services in the case that you will need help. is a good place to start looking for instillation information online.

Another thing that should be kept in mind with window instillation is that it needs to be done according to the indications given, as window covering that are installed without taking these directions into the process can have real problems later on. For instance, blinds always come with instructions that they be installed at a perfectly level slant, if they are not then opening and closing the blinds starts to become a real struggle. The window treatment makers have created the directions for installment for a reason; they should always be followed to the letter to avoid problems.

The last tip for the home improvement master is to always use the materials given. Don’t replace a missing screw or bolt with an old one that you just happen to have lying around the house. If you ever come up short of material that was supposed to accompany your window covering for installment, take the product back to the dealer and ask for the missing parts to be replaced.


Let us help guide you to the perfect new window treatments for your home. This simple guide, informed by the experts at Direct Buy Blinds, will help you in your search.

1) Blinds: blinds are horizontal pieces of material, which are often held together by string or other materials. Blinds are a great way to control the amount of light let into a room. Blinds can sometimes be not as attractive as other window treatments, so you can incorporate some curtains along with them to cover up the unattractive elements. One great application for Blinds is on a sliding glass door. Blinds are an easy way to cover a larger surface like a sliding door. This can also work well in rooms where you want to have drapes, but also retain privacy. Having shades beneath drapes gives you the best of both worlds: the elegance of the drapes coupled with the privacy and the light control of the shades.

2) Shutters: Shutters can add elegance and a modern look to your home. Often made of wood, shutters are large coverings that are mounted on the wall to cover up a window. Shutters work wonderfully on windows with an arched top: They will cover the part of the window that you need to create a sense of privacy, but allow the light to shine through the arched shape above. Shutters themselves also let in light, but not as much as shades or blinds or shades do. Shutters can be used in a home along with shads and/or blinds, but should be used on windows that you are not depending on quite as much for light. They are best for windows where you are trying to achieve a sense of privacy from the outside world.

3) Standard shades: Shades come in a variety of colors and materials and are the best choice for people who want to have more creativity and options available in their selection of window treatments. Shades are usually one solid piece of materials that pulls down from the top of the window. Shades come in many styles, here are a few of the more popular styles of shades.

  • Pleated shades: Pleated shades are made with some type of material that is pleated. When you pull them up, they become more pleated and bunch up, when you let them down, they stretch themselves out.
  • Rolling shades: Rolling shades add a neat effect to any room. When opened, they are rolled up and sit rolled at the top of your window. When you pull them down, they unroll in order to cover the entire window.

5) Drapes: For people who simply want to add artistic flair to a room, consider adding drapes. Drapes are pieces of fabric, which hang from a bar and come in any range of color, patters, or material. Drapes can also add privacy, as they can be opened or closed. Many people like to incorporate drapes alongside another window treatment option for extra privacy and extra insulation. An example of this is having a set of pleated shades, and then having a bar with curtains. The shades can remain open until you need them.

Does your home feel too dark and need a serious kick of light or are you more concerned about the huge glare on your television every time you want to watch day time television? The amount of light that comes into your home is something that can be relatively important depending on your daily habits and needs but when it comes to choosing what kind of window coverings will best suit your needs, many people end up not giving it enough thought and consideration. In hopes to help change that even just a little bit, here are the two most important questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine the perfect window coverings for every room of your home.

window coveringsFirst of all, you need to decide on what level of light control you want. Generally the two main options are either black out window treatments or light filtering window treatment. The two are fairly self explanatory I think. Black out window treatments are used in order to completely block out any light that might enter your home. This is particularly useful in the bedroom or any room where you might want to watch a movie in complete darkness. The best kinds of window coverings to obtain this goal is either thick blinds or specifically blackout shades that are both thick and do not have any gaps that would let light in.

If you would rather have the possibility for some light to get in the room you might be happier with light filtering shades. These kinds of window coverings still allow for some natural light but still protect your privacy by making it so that people can not look into your windows. This kind of window covering is best fitted for something like a kitchen or dining room. The kinds of window coverings that are generally used for light filtering are light, thinner blinds that are possibly opaque or transparent or blinds that have thicker gaps between the panels.

The second big question that you can ask yourself to figure out what kind of window coverings will work best for your needs is to figure out if you want operable slats in your window coverings or not. This is really something that most people never consider but it is in fact one of the more important deciding factors in the right choice for window coverings. It is important because if you have something like cellar shades, it allows a full view inside your home while the window covering is raised. If you live on a busy street or are particularly concerned with your privacy this might be something that does not work well for you. While it does not bother a lot of people if someone can see inside their house from the street, other people will feel a lot better with something like wooden blinds that still allow some light in but obstruct the view inside the house. Depending on how much privacy you want there are loads of options along the scale so you can find something that works best for you.


If you or your company are looking for the perfect window treatments to fit with your home or business, it can be incredibly helpful to get a little bit of guidance and direction for a professional at the window treatment store. The men and women who work as sales representatives for the window treatment companies know all of the little determining factors and things to look out for and pay attention to when you are looking at which kind of window treatment would work best for your home or company. If you have not spent a lot of time thinking about window treatments you might think that it would be a rather simple decision. Once you look into it though and see just how many options you actually have you might see start to see the value of getting a little bit of guidance.

window treatment  window treatments there are two main factors that are the largest determinants in what kind of window treatment will work best for your home or business. Style is the first and is probably a little bit more important if you are looking for window treatments for your home since most people don’t care quite as much how well decorated their office is or if all of the carpets match the drapes and all of it matches any sort of accent color of the desks. At home though things like this are taken into consideration and depending on what kind of style you generally have in your home as well as what colors are most often used in that particular room can play a major part in which kind of window treatments will work best.

The other large determining factor of choosing which window treatments will work best for your home or office is the functionality of the window treatments. This can mean a lot of things but the biggest pieces of functionality are usually how much light the window treatments allows in or how much light it is able to block, depending on your wants and needs as well as how much sunlight naturally comes in through the windows. Other factors to consider along with the functionality is to think about if having window treatments that are “green,” meaning that they do a lot to regulate the temperature inside the building and cut down the costs of heating and cooling. The window itself can do far more in order to keep in the desired air and keep your costs low but window coverings can also make a difference.

Along with these factors are dozens more specific determinants that will allow you to find the best possible window treatments for your home or office. If you are not sure exactly which kind of window treatment would best fit your needs, there are almost always professional designers at the shop that sells window treatments who can help you out with both the aesthetical aspects of window treatments as well as finding something to best fit your needs of functionality.