DIY Window Coverings


Creating window coverings by yourself can be a great way to save money.  You can also create a custom look all your own.  With the internet at your fingertips, you can find plenty of inspiration.  As long as you know your way around a sewing machine and a hardware store, you are on your way.


There are a number of things to take into consideration when making and hanging window treatments. They include:


  1. What type of window coverings do you want? This includes material type and how you want them to pull the room together.  Are you eclectic or do you like everything to match?
  2. Make sure you measure correctly.  You do not want to get all done only to have curtains that are the wrong size.  This includes ensuring that you make the drapes the correct width as well as height.  Rule of thumb is that drapes should be two to two and a half times the width of the window.
  3. Hang the curtains in the right place to get the right look for the room. The higher the ceiling, the lower the drapes should be hung.  Where you hang them will change the look of the room.
  4. Iron or steam them before you hang them. Wrinkles will not come out the longer they hang.  Besides, you worked hard making them and they should look good.  Ironing will do that.

  1. Make sure that you have everything you need before you start.  Otherwise you will become a regular at the local hardware or home improvement store.  Decide what you are going to use to hang the window coverings.  Make sure it is the correct size for the job and will not only look nice, but will stay in place for a long time as well.
  2. Know what your walls are made of. Knowing whether your walls are concrete or plaster helps when hanging anything, including window treatments.  You will need a special drill bit if your walls are cement and if your walls are plaster, you will need anchors to secure the hanging object.
  3. Know yourself. If you are afraid of heights and the windows are up high or if you do not have the time, it may be a good idea to go to a store to purchase the window coverings and have a professional install them.  This also goes for when the job seems overwhelming due to the size and/or number of windows that need covering.


Whether or not you decide to do it yourself, one place to go for ideas is a showroom that has Hunter Douglas Blinds, Shades, Shutters as well as other coverings and treatments by the company.  Those that sell Hunter Douglas are knowledgeable about their products and eager to help with your window covering needs.  They will ensure that you get the right products you’re your home whether you are looking to cover one window or twenty.  Hunter Douglas showrooms often employee professional installers or can recommend several in the area that can help you.