Entrepreneurs across the country love their coworking space.

http://www.officeevolution.com/locations/holladayThe world of coworking has grown as fast as just about any industry in the country over the past decade. It’s become rather trendy and hip to work in one of these places where various entrepreneurs and tech savvy individuals are able to work side-by-side with one another, feeding off each other’s energy and even swapping services when the time and price is right. In fact, coworking spaces have become so popular that recent stories in various publications have shown that many well-established companies are starting to move some of their employees into such spaces. They’re hoping that some of that young energy can rub off on their company and help them stay relevant in a changing and diverse business landscape.

Despite these changes, entrepreneurs across the country continue to love their coworking space. It’s rather easy to see when you look at the number of coworking spaces that exist this year compared to last year. New companies are constantly entering the fold and their spaces are filling up just about as quickly as they can build them. It makes sense. Entrepreneurs are looking for ways to get around other creative and intelligent people. They know that if they work by themselves in their apartment it could become rather easy for them to get stale, and it could be hard for them to stay motivated throughout the day. By renting a space around a bunch of other intelligent, ambitious, creative, and energetic people they virtually guarantee that their quality and dedication to their work will only increase. When you’re in that kind of environment working hard just rubs off on you.

It also makes sense that so many people are choosing these types of office space because they are able to get them at a much more affordable price because everyone shares a bunch of the common rooms. Rather than renting out an entire section of a building with your own office space and kitchen, sharing these amenities and services lowers the cost for everyone. On top of that, sharing services with the businesses that work around mean that you can offer them something in return for them doing something for you. That obviously saves you money as well.

Another reason why entrepreneurs are so keen on these spaces is that they enable them to get great ideas from other people. Conversations that they have with other people over a cup of coffee and at lunch can be enough to spark something in their own mind, a thought that can help their company in the long run. If you’re thinking about moving your business to a coworking space, the only advice that you should heed is that you need to find a space that works for you. Not all coworking spaces are the same, so make sure you find one where you’re comfortable and where you like the space enough to spend 40 hours a week there. If you live in Holladay, Office Evolution Cottonwood is exactly the one you should be considering. With great services and excellent rates, you can’t beat their coworking space in the area.