HGTV or DIY Network? The Toughest Battle on TV

The most popular cable networks these days seem to be the ones that revolve around DIY home improvements and the like. When channel surfing, the two biggest options one has to choose from is to watch HGTV or DIY Network. Which is your favorite? Arguments can be made for both of these great channels as each of them has some unique and entertaining programming.

HGTV Argument

When someone mentions home renovation or flipping a house, who do you automatically think of? I’m guessing the first people to pop into your mind would be Chip and JoAnna Gaines and their Magnolia Market, right? Maybe Drew and Jonathon Scott and their Property Brothers franchise? Or maybe it’s the hit show Love it Or List It? HGTV does not run short on talent or programming ideas. They might be the masters of blending all of their shows, too. They took House Hunters and spun it into Island Hunters, Tiny House Hunters and House Hunters International. They took Property Brothers and turned it into a reality show. And they even took Flip or Flop and created more franchises, in different cities, with all different hosts. HGTV really has cornered the market and their re-run game is exceptional. You can usually turn on HGTV at any point through the day and find something you haven’t seen.

DIY Network Arugument

DIY Network’s main difference from HGTV is that it isn’t as readily available on cable packages as HGTV. I used to have DirecTV and this channel was left off my package (maybe I’m just cheap?). When I made the switch to SlingTV I was gifted the ability to now choose between the two DIY channels. Nicole Curtis’ Rehab Addict is probably one of the favorite shows for viewers. It’s one of their more popular shows and was a flagship franchise for the network. Another show that has been gaining steam is the Texas Flip ‘n Move. This show is unique as it is special to DIY Network, meaning that HGTV hasn’t gotten in on the flip and move movement currently sweeping Texas. Instead they are stuck in 2016 with the Tiny House movement. To each their own, right? Another awesome show that DIY Network has is The Vanilla Ice Project. Yes, that Vanilla Ice! And here’s the thing. THE SHOW IS AWESOME. It really is. Watch for a marathon because it’s the best thing since binge watching Netflix. Vanilla Ice and Chill?

Whichever network you pick as your favorite, you will undoubtedly still be switching between the two. Also, you might learn a thing or two!I’ve added a formal dining room, full bath and remodeled a kitchen and I owe it all to HGTV and DIY Network…and my wife’s “vision”.

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