How Can I Build That Table I Want?

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture you have to have for your living room, but you just can’t fathom spending $500 on it? Follow along below to learn how to build my own coffee table.

That happened to me when my now-wife was perusing Wayfair or Joss & Main one evening and came across a coffee table that would just pull the whole room together. Her words, not mine.

I was on board and really liked it. I also agreed with her about how awesome it would look in the living room. Then I saw the price and immediately started backpeddling. That’s when I decided to go out on a limb and make a bold suggestion.

How about I make it?

To this point in my life, I had amassed a few power tools and done some light demo/reno work. Mostly as an assistant to my more construction savvy friends. But I

had the tools and idea, so I got to work.

The first thing you need to find is some good work to build with. We were looking to make something more rustic, so wood I found in the roof trusses of my garage sufficed. It had been painted once, a long time ago, so it was damn near perfect. This was going to be the top of my table.

Next, I found some old 4×4 posts from when my fence got installed. I cut those down to 18″ for the legs! To get the same rustic, washed out look of the coffee table, I sanded and painted white. Then sanded it lightly again. Then applied ebony stain and wiped off immediately. Also in one motion with both hands. This gives it the dirty, old look!

I had the top, apron (cut from the boards I found too) and legs. Now I needed wood for a bottom shelf. Remember the fence posts? Well there was fence planks too! Jackpot. I cut the fence planks to the length I needed, then followed the same process I did to weather the legs.

I threw a couple screws in the table and voila. It was done and I was the hero. I saved us almost $500 and all this project cost me was a box of screws. So basically, I should have my own show on HGTV.

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