How to advertise your medical marijuana delivery service

With more and more states passing laws that legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, the number of dispensaries and cannabis delivery services is ever increasing.  This makes it more and more difficult for your business to stand out from the crowd in order to improve your bottom line. Advertising becomes even more difficult because businesses that deal with marijuana, including weed delivery services, cannot advertise in traditional newspapers, on radio stations, on social media, or on Google.  This leaves these types of businesses with limited options. One of those options is the various newspapers, blogs, and websites that cater to keeping people informed and up-to-date on the industry.  However, this is where everyone else is also advertising their business, as well.  Therefore, creative measures will need to be taken.  These include having “sales” and using creative artwork, just to name a few. Be sure to include not only your phone number for contact, but your web address and social media accounts, as well.  In addition, you need to keep track of where a client found out about your business, so you know what is working and what needs to be changed to attract more attention and potential clients. Another great way to increase business for your marijuana delivery service is to ensure that your website is optimized and up-to-date.  You can add your own blog, as well.  It can inform people on new products that are available and give them overall advice on the best way to use what they have. Additionally, your blog can bring more people to your site.  Not only can you share your blog on social media, but others can share it, as well.  While you are not allowed to advertise on the various social media platforms, you are able to have a page and/or a group where you can post information and links. The more people that visit both your site and your social media presences, the higher up you go in the search engine results.  Again, while you cannot pay for an advertisement to appear on Google or another search engine, you can be listed in their results.  The higher you are on the results, the more likely people are to click through to your site and possibly become customers. Research shows that most people do not go past the third link listed in the results.  Those that do, usually do not get past the first page of results.  Therefore, anything you can do to improve your standings will get more customers. The review site Yelp is another great tool for both getting customers and improving your standings in search engine results.  It is in your best interest to have people review your business on this site and or on the Google review page, as well.  It may be beneficial to offer incentives to those clients who refer their friends to you or your website and review your services online because more and more people are turning to the web to check out various businesses before they spend money there, regardless of the industry.