Invisalign for Children

Invisalign is an innovative way to correct your children’s teeth without the need for wire braces. This breakthrough method allows them to straighten their teeth and correct dental imperfections just like classic braces, but it also gives the wearer the flexibility to be able to remove the Invisalign whenever it is inconvenient to have it, much like an old retainer.  Also, many people can now get their Invisalign directly through their regular dentist, so there is no need to schedule additional costly visits through a specialist. There are several steps that a good dental office will want to go over with you in detail if you decide to try Invisalign for yourself or for your child. Here is a basic outline of what you can expect before your first visit with the dentist.

  • First of all, your family dentist will examine you or your child’s teeth. They will likely take x-rays and indentations which allow the office to create a three dimensional  model of your child’s teeth. This allows the dentist to evaluate what parts of the mouth are crowded and whether or not Invisalign would be beneficial. They can then use this information to create a treatment plan in order to track which teeth should be moving and what the mouth will look like after a certain period of time has passed with the Invisalign. The dentist will likely request frequent follow up visits where they will repeat this process so that they can make sure that everything is moving the way that it should be.
  • The dentist will use the indentations they took of the teeth to have the Invisalign manufactured and sent directly to your home. At this point you or your child can start wearing them immediately if your dentist has given you the go ahead.
  • As the teeth slowly begin to shift into the correct position, your current set of Invisalign will need to be replaced. About every two to three weeks, a new set will be sent to your home and you will want to stop using your current set and replace them with the new set. This allows you to feel minimal discomfort while your teeth are realigning themselves into the correct place in the mouth.

One of the best features of Invisalign is that they are practically invisible. They can also be worn during almost any activity, and the more that they are worn, the quicker and more effective they will be! Most dentists will recommend that you where them for at least twenty hours a day, so keep in mind that you will want to keep them in while you sleep and eat, etc. for maximum effectiveness. If you wear them for a lesser amount of time, then it may take longer for your teeth to move into the correct alignment. Your dentist will also have you come in periodically for checkups so that they can measure the progress that your teeth are making and answer any questions that you may have along the way.