Spend more time on social media thanks to property management software

If you are a property manager and cannot remember the last time you were on Facebook or Twitter and have just recently learned about Instagram and SnapChat, then chances are you need new property management software.

By streamlining many of the day-to-day processes, you will become more efficient and therefore be able to spend more time scrolling through your friends’ posts on the various sights. You could also catch up on cat videos on YouTube. The choice is yours.


One of the biggest benefits that online property management software has is its ability to improve communication between you and the tenants you are in charge of. Many of the programs available today have the ability to create and manage documents such as online applications and lease agreements. Therefore, you will no longer have to sift through files or piles of paper to find what you are looking for. You can simply put in your search terms and it will come to you in seconds.


In addition, these products also enable you to set up tenant portals that are accessible through your company website. These portals enable rent payers to do so online. This will make it so that there are less late payments, especially if they set up the auto pay feature and simply have the money taken out of their accounts each month without having to do anything on their end.


On your end, you can see who has paid and who is late with the click of a mouse. The software can then send out reminder emails. You can have it set up to go out on a certain date automatically to those who are late or you can go in and do it yourself. This also helps you to keep track of income and expenditure items.


Tenant portals also enable residents to submit maintenance requests online. If something needs to be fixed they can use their smartphones to let you know while sitting on the bus on the way to work or while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Then you can decide who will do the work and monitor when and how it is done from wherever you may be. Commercial property management software makes it so that work orders are a thing of the past.


In order to be successful, the property management software that you use needs to be cloud-based and mobile friendly. This will enable you to access the information you need from wherever you are with whatever technology you have on hand. It will also allow your tenants to access the portal from their mobile devices, as well. This is important because many recent studies show that more people access the web through phones and tablets than traditional PCs. If you or your tenants cannot get onto the site or portal, then what is the use of having it?!


Be sure to fully vet any company that you do business with and ask for a free trial before signing a contract.