Streamline your referral process with a new agency software solution

Your agency software problems are no more when you hire on with Avyst, a leader in insurance agency software solutions.  They offer a streamlined approach for your referral network that allows for flawless transactions and a high rate of policy binding.  So how does it work?  This is an outline of their referral workflow.  See how it can make your agency run smoother.

Step one – capture new referrals.  Obviously the first and most important step is to bring in the referral to get more information.  The Avyst software solution will deliver a set of intelligent questions to accurately gain the right information while keeping the questions and answers to a minimum.  Keeping the referral happy is key at this stage so you don’t want to scare them off with an overload of questions.  The answers will be used to develop a quote on the spot and will also be stored for later analysis.

Step two – update referral partners and agents automatically each time a file is opened.  There is usually a period of waiting while the referral likely visits with other agencies to get quotes.  During this time they may get into further contact with your agency or they may not.  If they do, any more information gathered will automatically be stored and integrated.  Referral sources and relevant agents will also be notified automatically through the software dashboard.

Step three –  interview and qualify the applicant.  Finally when the referral chooses to become more invested in your agency, your Avyst software will easily put them through the steps of qualification.  Once fully qualified and checked out, they will be sent on to the correct forms.

Step four – forms completion.  Everything is digital these days, and each form that is insurance softwarecompleted by a referral must be send off to the correct department.  Certain forms need to be pushed onto third parties and some need to stay in house.  Avyst software does all of the guess work for you and you will never have to file or send a form on your own again.  With so many referrals coming in, it would be impossible to keep track of.  The correct forms that need to be completed will be forwarded to the referral and when complete will be send to the right source.

Step five – provide proposal.  Once all necessities and legalities are accounted for, an official policy proposal is generated and provided to the referral by Avyst software.  All numbers, names, and specifics are automatically filled into the proposal which is then forwarded on by this agency smart software.

Step six – close and bind the business.  The last phase of a referral track that is executed by Avyst insurance solutions is the closing.  From start to finish the referral is kept on track with the software.  All necessary steps are taken all without an agent needed to micromanage the situations, and everyone stays happy.  The referral is given their final documents to sign and once done, their policy begins automatically and immediately.  With Avyst, your entire track is taken care of.