The recreational marijuana industry is less than two decades old in this country, and already it has become one of the largest industries in the nation. In an economic report which was issued late this year, the cannabis industry was named the fifteenth largest new job creator in the nation. There are so many new developments taking place in the cannabis industry that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. In this article we will be using information gathered from major cannabis distribution companies such as, www.diamondtreeclub.com, and others, in order to detail some of the new things happening in the recreational cannabis industry.

Probably the biggest development to happen so far this year has been the amazing number of new products which have been introduced to the market. The most popular of all of the new cannabis products has been edible marijuana items. There are now thousands of different marijuana products that can be eaten, ranging from edible gummy bears to cannabis mints. Since the current trend is moving away from smoking cannabis, the use of edible marijuana products is only going to get more popular. There are even shops out there today that no longer sell cannabis in its plant form, but only in edible products. One recreational cannabis dispensary in Oregon has stated that in 2018 they will cultivate more than ten tons of cannabis that they will use exclusively for cannabis edibles. Edible marijuana seems to be the marijuana of the future, and since it is a healthier way to enjoy cannabis, most everyone is in favor of the change.

Recreational marijuana has become such big business that there are dozens of companies from other industries which are now trying to get into the cannabis business. Most big companies didn’t pay cannabis growers much mind when they first got started, but with record sales that just keep going up and up, everyone is paying close attention today. The largest beverage company in the USA is reported to have made a multi-million dollar offer to buy one of the largest cannabis producers in the country, an offer which was turned down. There is a strong culture of sticking together in the cannabis industry, and there is also a sense of cannabis being a product that helps people live better, more natural lives and this attitude has made it hard for companies from the outside to get involved with the industry. It seems for now at least that the current cannabis leaders will be the ones to lead the cannabis industry into the future.

Another important development that happened this year in the cannabis industry was the expansion of cannabis production across the country. Cannabis growers used to be concentrated mostly in the western parts of the country, and almost never in cities. Today even in places like Chicago and New York, there are large scale production plants operating fulltime. The laws continue to become more and more relaxed concerning cannabis production and sale, and within the next decade there probably won’t be any major city in the country which doesn’t have its own production plant.