There is a huge demand for cobberdog puppies right now, a demand so high that many people are left searching desperately for a place where they can get a cobberdog. The obvious question is; why are cobberdogs so popular and why are they so hard to find. Here we will explore the reason why it isn’t easy to find a cobberdog these days.

Sites like, www.highlandaustralianlabradoodles.com, receive around a thousand requests per week for their cobberdog puppies, and that is just one site that offers the animals. Altogether, there are around fifty large cobberdog breeders in the country today, and almost every one of them has a waiting list for their animals. The biggest reason why cobberdogs are so hard to find today is that they are an extremely popular breed. Among the rare breeds, there is more demand for cobberdogs than any other rarae breeds, and as the animals become more and more popular in this country, the demand continues to grow. Recently the dogs have started to become more popular thanks to the fact that the breed has been used in a number of recent Hollywood films. Indeed, the cobberdog is often referred to as the film star dog, thanks to its popularity in the movie pictures. As demand for the animal grows, the number of cobberdogs on the market gets thinner and thinner.

Highlands Australian cobberdogs are also harder to find than other breeds because the animals are not as easy to breed as other types of dogs. Some kinds of dogs, poodles for instance, are very easy to breed. An adult Poodle can give birth to puppies every other year, and there may be as many as a dozen puppies in a litter. Australian cobberdog puppies are much harder to come by, as an adult cobberdog may only give birth to puppies once in her lifetime, and when she does so there may be as few as two puppies. The cobberdog is not the kind of breed that produces puppies left and right, and that is a big reason why they are hard to find these days. Breeders have started to develop methods for making cobberdogs reproduce more often, but the science is slow and it is unlikely that there will be any major changes in the breeding of cobberdogs in the next few years.

Finally, in order for a breeder to sell cobberdogs he or she must go through an immense process of documentation. Rare and valuable breeds such as the cobberdog, have much tighter restrictions for sale than other types of animals. A person that wants to sell cobberdogs legally must actually get a license from a breeder’s association. Each time a new cobberdog is born the breeder has to complete a lengthy process of documentation which will allow for the puppies future owners to trace where the animal came from. Cobberdogs without the proper paperwork are harder to sell, and they don’t fetch the high price of a cobberdog with papers. The tremendous amount of work that goes into documenting a cobberdog is another reason why there are so few breedersa, and such high demand.